Friday, March 1, 2013

Seeing Green

Lately, I have been loving green.

I got home from work last night and saw a package waiting for me on the table.

I ordered some numbers on-line from BHLDN and some art supplies from Paper Source so I thought the box was from one of them.

But, I was wrong.

I had forgotten that I had won a Giveaway from Primp and, in the package was this sweet little green heart basket.

With the weekend ahead, I stopped at one of my favorite shops, American Home and Garden

for a bit of shopping therapy and some ideas on how to display my sweet little basket.

It seems like months since I have been in the shop.

My friend Kathee of Chateau et Jardin writes on her blog about the many changes in the shop.

Jennifer Grey of The Old Painted Cottage just opened a booth in the shop.

As usual, AH&G was filled with wonderful eye candy and green was everywhere.

I love the green cabinet with the number tags and wish I had a place for the great little green ironing board.

I have a little wooden box that I want to paint and it might just end of with a number painted across it.

The little green desk is so cute, but alas no space.

Nor is there space for the green butcher block or dresser.

A vintage garden chair reminded me of a chair my dad used to sit in out in our garden when I was a child.

One long table made from a door and two sewing machine bases would be wonderful in a creative work space.

Chippy green shutters would be totally fun, but our walls are filled with Steve's art which leaves no place for the shutters.

I love, love, love the cast iron sink filled with ivy.

It would look great hanging on the exterior wall of the house in the garden.

Until Steve's shoulder is out of a sling, no house projects will be happening.

A table which mounts to the wall and  just two legs to hold it up would fit right into my hallway.

There were so many things to look at, but I had two limitations on my shopping -

I only had change for a half hour on the parking meter


I was in Steve's little car so I couldn't buy anything big.

I settled on three simple things

The number knobs are for a little box I will paint soon.

The parsley stake will go in the garden tomorrow.

And I have no idea what the green piece is (for flowers? ) nor do I have an idea what I will do with it.

But, I thought my little green basket needed a friend.

As I was finishing my purchase I saw the woman behind me was buying a cloche and remembered that I have been wanting one.

I took one last stroll through the store to see if I could find a small cloche, but no luck.

One of the shopkeepers said she has a small one at home and will bring it in tomorrow.

Do I dare go back tomorrow with all that green calling to me?


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  1. I love green--especially a limey-fun green, like the one in the crayola box that was called "Spring Green." That was the one that got used up first. This summer I have some very cool things that will be made for my booth, and you can bet that there is green involved!

  2. The last photo is a frog. You place it in the bottom of a vase or any container and it holds your flower stems up right. Love your new treasures:)

  3. great finds of green yes what Dawn said it is a florist tool

  4. I love the parsely sign. It will be perfect in your garden!

  5. Thank you for taking us on this wonderful shopping spree. There's nothing here I wouldn't want in my own the green inspiration. Those shutters are perfect! I think you need the cloche:-)

  6. AHHH I'm on overload! I so love everything in that shop! The shutters would be going home with me for sure! You must go back!!!!

  7. So much fabulous eye candy!! Your little green piece is a vintage flower frog, used for arranging flowers in a container. Today they're used for wherever the imagination takes you. You sure exercised wonderful self control. Of course a smaller vehicle will do that! :-)
    Mary Alice

  8. What a wonderful win!Such eye candy too! Love that table those chippy legs are perfection!

  9. Wow! I'm drooling (and envious!) I love green, too, and I see SO many fantastic treasures!

  10. great finds.. what a fantastic shop! love all the green.

  11. Oh my what a beautiful shop! Thanks for showing all the green. Green is my personal favorite...for wearing I love the citron/ (what I call...electric looks energized and radioactive!)
    but in my house... I like it a little bit the green in your pictures. I just finished painting a few pieces this color and am working on a new space for my computer.... I love green!

    take care, Pat

  12. What a fun place to shop! So much temptation!

  13. Great shop, I'm loving green to, I think it's just everyone wanting spring to hurry up:) I also love the knobs you bought, can't wait to see them on your next project!

  14. Wow what a great shop. That shop has a lot of wonderful treasures!!! I love the old chippy white table that attaches to the wall. I would love that in my home!!! What a great place you have to shop.

  15. Carol you doll ~you!!!! Thank you for posting such a beautiful post on American Home & Garden! We adore you!!! I love green neutral and goes with everything. Thank you for linking my blog too! YOU'RE the BEST!! xoxok
    PS the green square holey thingy is for flowers...holding up the stems..enjoy!

  16. Such a beautiful post on the store, thank you Carol! And I so appreciate the link love! Happy Sunday to you : D


  17. I share your love of green! I would love you to visit and see the little round table I did with a lace fabric stencil in green!

    Beautiful post. Love all the gorgeous goodies in that shop!


  18. I'm with you. I love the green. What a nice prize you won! I love your heart shaped basket!

  19. Oh, that shop is filled with green goodness! Now don't let a small car stop you. You wouldn't believe what we've hauled on the kayak racks on top of our Matrix! (4 hours in extreme winds with a fireplace on top was probably not a good plan, but we got it home in one piece.) I'm getting ready to paint an old cupboard green, so I loved seeing all the different shades of green in these vintage pieces. Thanks for taking us along!

  20. I would love to visit that store one day! The drawer knobs are beautiful.


  21. There are some lovely pieces in that store. And your green blog background is so cheerful!

  22. Now I will have to plan a trip through the antiques stores soon! ;)

    I LOVE that delicate green desk, and that gorgeous green dresser! Thanks so much for contributing to Thursday's Inspiration! xoxo

  23. Although I love most colors, green (all shades) has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. I love all of the items shown here, especially the green things. :)

  24. What a fabulous shop! Thanks for taking us on a shopping trip, and for leaving that adorable green desk because I need it!! Seriously, if I was not all the way over here on the east coast I would be zipping in there right now to bring it home!! This is why shops should always allow photography. The blog world is the greatest free advertising place! And what about that cute little lamp behind the green lawn chair??? I'm hearing California calling. Visiting you from Little Red House--so glad to have found you. Linda

  25. Carol,
    Oh, what l o v e l y Green!!!
    YES!!! Go back tomorrow. . .and take a t r u c k!!!
    Thank you for taking us along on your tour of the Shop!