Tuesday, January 15, 2013

With a Little Help From Others

Yesterday I was home from work due to an allergic reaction to some medication.

The only thing that made it bearable was Pinterest.

I had no energy so I sat with my laptop looking from one Pinterest board to another.

I was on a mission to find ideas for table runners and came across so many great ideas.

These are just two of the plethora of grain sack table runners that can be found on Pinterest.

This simple runner is from Creative Cain Cabin.


This one I traced back to a  Tumblr account.


The reason I was looking for table runner ideas was that I found white canvas fabric in the attic over the weekend and I thought I might be able to use it for a table runner.

As part of my self imposed "January spending freeze" I need ideas that do not require me to  spend money.

I had to stay late at school today because a few of my students wanted to film a movie in my room.

They didn't need me, just my room for filming.

I used the time to paint my table runner.

I had not taken the best brush to school so it turned out a little splotchy in some areas, but I decided that was okay.

I was going to sew the edges, but I decided I wanted to fringe them.

That was the most time consuming part.

Painting took minutes, but the fringing took nearly an hour.

The long sides were easy to fringe, but the short ends (thank goodness it was the short ends) did not pull quickly and evenly.

I set it on the table.

And then hunted for something instead of flowers ( which are scarce in my garden this time of year ) to add to the runner.

I settled on a dish full of hearts and red candles.

The runner is a little wider than I wanted, but my fingers refused to fringe anymore.

 I set the table for Valentine's Day to see if I liked the width.

It works for me.

Each time I walked through the dining room tonight, I smiled at my simple no-sew project.

With a little inspiration from others

and NO money,

I created a new look for the table.

And the best part?

 I have another strip of fabric the same size.

Up next?

A heart runner.

There are still two weeks left in January so I have to continue to find "free" ideas.

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  1. SOMEBODY get my eyes checked... I thought that was a dish full of strawberries when I saw it...so then I read; and I know I read it right, but the whole time I was thinking if she's allergic to strawberries why does she have them out on the table? duh!!! But then you said 'hearts'...so I scroll back up, sure enough, you said 'medication'.

    That's what I get for skim reading with my glasses off!!!

    Glad you're better. Sounds like the 'no spend'month is working out some creative energy, I like it!
    The table runner looks so cool.
    I've been wanting to make one--- paints stripes and all!
    take care, Pat

  2. gorgeous! it turned out great.
    i'm inspired :)

  3. Love your table runner! Thanks for finding me. I'm following you too now and look forward to reading your posts! Love your garden too! Best wishes, Julie

  4. Good Morning Carol, I love your 'no spend' idea. It's amazing how creative we can be with what we already have around us and you have proved that. What a great idea to paint your table runner, my instinct would have been to sew the centre panels. Thank you, I will have to keep the painting idea in mind.
    Glad to hear you are better, take care.
    Best Wishes, Daphne

  5. That turned out great, how creative you are. Thanks for linking up at the Cabin, funny how one of your pics is from my site:)

  6. Carol, your runner is perfect, and I love the whole table setting! Love the idea of your little red hearts in a silver dish.
    Mary Alice

  7. Good Morning Carol, I love your runner . . . best of all it was free. Your home has such a crisp clean feel to it. I just love your primary colors.

    I'll have to check out your past posts to see if you have any photos posted of your altered books. This is my second attempt, the first one was many years ago. It was one that I made for a gift to my best friend back in Indiana. We have been friends for 50 years so it was filled with memories. I miss working with students and wish that I lived close enough to volunteer and help with your alter book project :)
    Again, I want to say how impressed I am with your blog, your home, your creativity and your husbands paintings.
    Have a great day.
    Connie :)

  8. What a great look and with not a penny spent!
    Sarah x

  9. Well, that adorable table runner turned out perfect. And I love that you didn't spend any money! The table setting is very cute also. I must browse through your blog you look like someone I would come back to visit often. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. I so appreciate it. Have a wonderful day and I hope you are feeling much better. Karie

  10. Hi there... I saw your blog on a friends BLOG and so happy that I stopped by .. I LOVE IT HERRE .. THUS your newest follower.. And I love anything by the sea.. What I love about blogging is the sweet new friends that we meet along the way that loves what we love. Felt very inspired here . Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.. YOUR place is amazing. Have a blessed rest of the week . STOP by my blog if you get a chance .. WOULD love to have you ...................

  11. This turned out so pretty. I keep thinking about making a runner for my round (oval with the leaf) table but I can't decide what to do and wonder if it will always just be slipping out of place with a round table.

    I LOVE your blog btw...so cheerful and colorful!

  12. OMG Carol~ you are so talented and crafty!! I love this runner and the fringe looks beautiful!! Thanks for coming to visit me on my blog...I hope to see you soon...xok

  13. I love the runner! You are so talented! What a wonderful project!


  14. Bravo! Your new runner looks charming on your table! Yes, we are back home but loved hanging in your neighborhood for a couple of days. Thursday was gorgeous!

  15. I love your table runner. It's terrific! I can spend hours and hours on Pinterest. Isn't it wonderful?

  16. I love it! I made one a while back out of drop cloth and have used it a ton. I left it plain but have been wanting one with a stripe. I thought of making one and doing just what you did. Then the other day vintage grain sack fabric came up on decor steals. I ordered some, but you couldn't choose a color. So hoping I get red. If not, I will be copying you. It turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. Sure hope you're feeling better!

  17. Your table runner is wonderful. You are so creative and very inspiring. Love the setting with the hearts and dishes.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I'll be back to view your GYB post too.
    It has been a joy to meet you last year and I am following you as well.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. Wow! I love that look and the fact that you painted it on...that is outstanding! I must try this!!

  19. Hi, just hopping back to let you know that I am featuring you at Share Your Cup.