Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Had To Have It

I have 2 speeds - on and off.

I rarely sit and do nothing.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday and I arrived 25 minutes early. 

I did not want to sit around for 25 minutes.

So, I stopped in at Tuesday Morning, just around the corner from my dentist.

 I promised a group of students that I would teach a bookmaking class and I wanted to pick up some supplies.

I saw a chair and loved the color, but I was good and didn't even take it down off the shelf.

It wasn't expensive.

It was actually cheap.

But, I kept asking myself "do I really need it?"

The answer was no, but I wanted it.

I Had To Have It.

So, after the dentist, I headed right back to Tuesday Morning.

And, I bought the chair.

A little metal chair with amazing patina.

Our little cottage is exactly that - little.

Where should I put the chair?

In the kitchen?

Next to the fireplace holding flowers?

Or decorated for Valentine's Day with the key to my heart?

In the garden?

I chose the most practical spot.

It is sitting next to my workspace and if I sit on the pillow, it is the perfect height.

And, it is the perfect color.

Steve's only question was, "how much?"

I got what I wanted for $29.

I am going back tomorrow to buy its sister.


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  1. Hold the boat! Your darn right your going back to pick up its sister! That chair is fantastic! What a steal! I think I like it about every place you put it!!

  2. That is absolutely darling! What a bonus that you can move it to so many different places as the mood strikes.


  3. Hello there,
    I've had such a wonderful time peeking into your blog...thanks to the GYB party invitation.
    I'm currently living in Melbourne Australia but I'm an Expat Brit whose been wondering the globe for the last 24 years!
    I adore that chair and I don't think I would have been able to resist it either! The colour is exquisite and what a bargin for that price!
    Your posts are so visual and a real treat for the eyes...I'm going to have a great time going back through your posts.
    If you hurry to my place I have a 'Giveaway' and I'd love to see you there.
    Have a fantastic day :D

    Neesie ♥

  4. That chair has so many decorative uses. Your final choice is very utilitarian in addition to being charming ~ my favorite kind of art.

  5. The colors are great and it looks like it works in lots of places. Yay!

    I think I need to start shopping at Tuesday Mornings. I keep hearing people rave about it and the things they find there.

  6. I sure hope its sister is waiting for you tomorrow! What a fun chair, I love the patina and it's small enough to fit anywhere.

  7. That chair is fantastic. I love it and love that you can change it up and move it around. Bravo that was a great treasure to find. I hope her sister is there when you go back. Twins!!!! Congrats.

  8. Adorable little chair! I hope its sibling is still there!

  9. I can see why you had to have it, it is PERFECT. The color, the shape, everything. What a great find!!

  10. The chair was calling your name and has found its perfect home. I love how it can be placed anywhere and look good. Where will the sister go? Will they sit next to each other?

  11. Hi...I am Genie from climbingthedigitalmountain/, and I received your sweet banner and little stamped bag with the hearts in it. Somehow the name got separated from your goodies so I searched your blog til I found on of the precious little banners and the red hearts. i ADORE your blog, and I adore my bag and banner. They are on my Valentine tree and will be sending you a photo soon. I just wanted to be sure I got off my thank you note ASAP. Thank you so very very much for my dear gifts. I hope you will join Debby again next year....if we can talk her into doing it again. Love from Virginia...genie

    1. I haven't received my hearts yet, but I am in California and Debbie is in Ohio. Maybe they will come today. This is my first swap ever and it was so fun. I also did the Bungalow Bling swap, but that was just making one and exchanging with a specific person. Yesterday, I mailed off a rug I made for her. I can't wait to see all my hearts and write a post.

  12. That's so cute! I thought it was a vintage find!

  13. I love this,so glad your going back for the sister.


  14. I can't believe that you got that chair at Tuesday Morning. It looks like you got it at a vintage store.
    Hope you get your hearts soon. I know someone else got there's in California. So glad that Genie contacted you.

  15. Fabulous chair! Just the piece that is likely to travel around your home and garden depending on your mood.
    Mary Alice

  16. Cute! I really liked it in both the kitchen and the garden. You will enjoy it wherever it ends up!

  17. Just **Killer PaTiNa" on that CHAIR!*!*!
    Soooo glad I hopped on over to Your Blog...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  18. Oh that's a good one! wow. I really like it by the fireplace. Unexpected that way. Maybe that's where you can put the sister. I'm feeling twinges of jealousy.

  19. So jealous of this find! So now you can have one in the workshop and one anyplace else. It looks good everywhere! Thank you for stopping by to visit my enamel table legs! Have a great Saturday!

  20. Oh my gosh, If I saw that beauty it would be coming home with me too! Great patina and great price! Wonder if our Tuesday Morning have any? lol! A beauty like that will look great wherever you choose to place her. I laugh because I have the same speeds! Thanks for sharing with SYC.