Saturday, January 26, 2013


Last night while Steve made dinner, I made a table runner.

Before I photographed it, I dug out the yellow box from my work space.

 I couldn't use it with 'cards' so first I had to alter it.

there is no meaning to the number 5, it was just sitting on my work table

A scrap of paper and a rub-on number changed the look.

First came the flowers - hard to find in the garden after 2 days of rain...

Then a book...

And another book...

Some hands...

A clock face plate...

And finally my little C tile.  

I set it on the table and added candles.

Looking around the room and into the living room, I was struck by the number of books I saw everywhere I looked...

under tables and on tables.

placed on shelves and stacked on furniture.

I was reminded of our move to this little cottage 15 years ago.

I loved this house from the beginning, but one thing I didn't like back then was the lack of places to put books.

Books are definitely a part of who we are, but it took us time to remove walls and replace furniture so that we had a place for books.


there are books to fit our life style,

books about decorating and making books.

There are books I made

including a book for people who are staying at our house to watch Dorje.

There are books for reading. but more and more

we are reading books and magazines on these.

Despite our electronic reading,

I know I will continue to decorate using books.

I started to tell you about my heart table runner

But, as in the saying, "the best laid plans of mice and men...",

my plans went astray.



  1. Darling!
    I especially love your heart in hand pieces.


  2. Your books are so attractively displayed, an art in itself! Our books are in such large numbers, shelves full, that there's no room. I think I should, perhaps, move some of those books out, but they seem like old friends. Oh, well, I enjoyed looking at your lovely decor through your photos.

  3. I have a lot of books too around too. I have some in my guest bedrooms for visitors, cookbooks which I love and a collection of books scattered around in other rooms throughout. Lovely vignette and runner!

  4. What a wonderful collections here and there throughout your house.
    Looks like a fine place to come and have a cup of tea.

    Thank you for sharing.
    blessings, denise :D

  5. What a cute runner! It fits your furniture. I recognize some of your books :-). But you have lots more. I wish I could borrow some. I wonder where you live, because you have flowers in your garden right now! Lucky you.


  6. The table runner is darling, is it made from a drop cloth? Love all the colors you use to decorate!

  7. How nice of your hubby to make dinner and your table vinget (sp?) is darling. Did you paint the little hearts on? I wish I had more places to display books. Obviously I love them, looking at them reading them, covetting them etc...I love how you have yours throughout your cottage. So cozy, and there is no way you could ever get borred with all those laying around. It would be so much fun to just pick one up on a rainy day!


  8. Love your book vignette! Oh yes I too love decorating with books.Not only wonderful to read but they are art too!

  9. I even noticed some of the titles of the books... BOOKS by Hand, Handmade etc.. I loved it and you collect the Hands .. I thought how awesome is that ... AS always your place is looking magazine worthy .. YOU have a NACK for beautiful girly ... Hope that you have a blessed NEW WEEK my friend and as always I love stopping at your blog.. I get to talk to my new friend.................... HUGS

  10. Wow the first thing that struck me was your new header its lovely, although I loved your old one too. The second thing that struck me was the colour and flowers.Our worlds couldn't be more different just now. It's very dark and grey the daylight hours are slowly stretching out but the days of picking flowers to put in vases seem a million miles away.


  11. so glad you came by! great job, I love tablerunners, but I'm not a seamstress. I hope no one looks at mine too closely!

  12. Oh,I love it! Everything looks so bright and cheery, I really needed that on a cold gloomy day like this!!!
    Thanks, have a great weekend!

  13. CUTE table runner and centerpiece!!
    Mary Alice

  14. Isn't it fun "shopping" in your own home for things to create new vignettes? I loved how you photographed each step along the way so we really paid attention! You've made a bright spot in your room!!

  15. You did a great job on that runner! Really cute!


  16. I love your runner, your home looks so bright and cheerful. I love book too, how have you found converting to electronic reading?
    Sarah x

  17. Wonderful post. We share our love of books and the sea. So delightful reading your blog. You have a new follower!

  18. Your handmade books look wonderful. There can never be too many books. Your table runner is fun - I love the colors.

  19. I new tablescape is cute. And, your cottage looks like such a colorful and happy place to be. I love books too!

  20. A home without books is not a home, it's a house. I've been giving away books by the hundreds and looks like I've got a few more hundred to go. There's nothing like a book in my hands to transport me to another time and place; very welcome this past year since Dave died.

  21. AH...I like all of your books! I love books and can not bring myself to owning a Kindle because I like turning the page! The tablescape is fantastic lady!

  22. BOY AM I GLAD YOU FOUND ME! I am here...and will be again and again! lovely site new friend!!!

  23. I love all the different ways you displayed your books. I;m always looking for a way to organize my ever expanding book collection. Found you through Make the Scene

  24. your cute centerpiece goes so well with the runner, carol:) i have a couple on line magazines, but, i still like my books in my hands--can't seem to break that habit. have a great week!

  25. Hi, I am stopping by via Daniela's Frugal Ain't Cheap. The flowers look vey pretty in the little yellow crate on the runner. I'm guessing from your comment that you created this with things you had on hand -even better! I have a fondness for Windsor chairs and your colourful ones are lovely.

  26. Hi Carol, Love your colorful creativity!!! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!