Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taking A Leisurely Stroll

We are moving very slowly today.

Both of us feel achy and tired, so our morning walk was later than usual and took twice as long as normal.

That's okay.

I took my camera and snapped photos along the way.

Our first view every morning is Julie's "Poppy Reserve"

I love poppies and have 'poppy envy' for all those folks with green thumbs who are loved by the poppies of the world. 

We have decided our lot in life is to simply enjoy rather than grow.

Debbie's front garden

She favors more drought tolerant flowers, not just because we live in southern California, but because they spend much of their time at their mountain house and aren't around to maintain the garden.

Linda's front garden

I will do a post on her home partly because it was built by the same builder as ours (in the 1920's) and also because it is absolutely beautiful.

Terry and Gerry's garden

They are always bringing me poppy seeds to nurture. 

More flowers announcing the onset of spring

And now, the beach.

An absolutely glorious morning!

It is spring break for our local college and some of the school districts.

The beach was littered with families playing in the water despite the cold water.

One of my favorite ocean front houses

It would be a beautiful day to kayak, but with both of us recovering from the flu, we took vicarious pleasure watching others enjoying the water.

We walked home down a neighboring lane so I could photograph a favorite house.

I love this simple little cottage

Wonderful heart gate.

Another great gate

We actually looked at this house when we were buying ours.

We called it 
"The Ugly House".

It has come a long way since then.

We stopped and talked to the owner this morning on our walk and were discussing what it looked like 14 years ago- just too bad to explain!

Another house by the same builder as our house

This house was built by friends on our lane

They still own the house on our lane, but live in this house that is built covering two lots.

Vanessa's garden

Walking every morning is a ritual we have maintained for 12 years.

A wonderful start to every day!


  1. So since I am a former San Fernando Valley girl, and one of the original surfer girls, I'm sort of wondering if I'm looking at Will Rogers beach, or just where I'm being taken back in time too?


    1. You are not too far off. I had forgotten you mentioned being a 'valley girl'. We are about 50 miles north in Ventura. So you were Gidget!

  2. So pretty!! I can't wait until our flowers start blooming here in the Midwest!

  3. We have not had much of a winter here in southern California so everything is blooming. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Oh wow, I have California envy - what a great place to take a morning stroll. Just gorgeous.

  5. I imagine I would say the same thing about a stroll along the south coast of England. We have friends who live in Penzance and it is so picturesque.