Friday, March 23, 2012

Skaters and Beakers On The Beach

We can tell it is spring.

It is still cold on the beach in the morning when we begin our walk, but soon I am unzipping my jacket.

By next week, I will probably not grab a jacket, but just a hooded sweatshirt.

Yesterday morning we really noticed the "wild life" on the beach, but I had not grabbed my camera.

This morning I remembered my camera and got some pics of our morning friends.

When we get to the end of the lane and climb the stairs, we look toward "the point".

We then head toward the jetty.

Our little friends were out in full force this morning.

We call them "the skaters"

because they look like they are scooting along on roller skates as they run to the water.

 They rush in as the tide recedes and just as quickly they skate away from the water as the tide rushes in.

We call the bigger birds "beakers" because of their long beaks.

There are far more skaters than beakers.

When the skaters are out of the water they tear up the sand looking for food.

We call this "having a party" and marvel how in just seconds they can take a smooth area of sand and stir it up.

Steve and Dorje are walking along in front of me.

When Dorje was 1 year old and first came to live with us she would race up and down the beach at least 3 times during our walk.

She would chase the skaters and the beakers barking orders (the herder in her) despite the fact that she never caught them and none of the birds ever listened to her.

Nowadays, at nearly 13, she struggles to keep up, but she will never give up her morning walk.

You might notice that there is no one else on the beach.

 We leave the house at 6:30 a.m. and most mornings it is just the 3 of us.

Just as our day began on the did it end.

Life is Good!


  1. Lovely blog :-) its weird that on the other side of the ocean,we are doing different but similiar walks, I awake to Sam the seagull perched on the top of the mast of the boat that moors outside our cottage squaking his morning greeting, oyster catchers putting their tuppence worth in too. We walk Sparky early too, although being a spring chicken compared to Dorje, he races about like she used to, sniffing where the deer herd recently left their scent, he loves the beach too although its vastly different from yours.With all the stresses that life brings to us, I keep reminding myself I could live somewhere far worse and I appreciate my location every day......Life is Good here too :-)

  2. The picture of the boat outside your bedroom window is amazing. I love the reflection in the water. Hope you have a lovely beach day today.