Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life's Twists and Turns

It is funny how things work out, or don't!

Many years ago, we lived in San Diego and my sister lived in Ventura.

She was going through an amiable divorce and they really did not want to sell this house that they loved.

Real estate was just starting to escalate in California and in the 3 years they owned the house, the value had increased by 150%.

My sister had not decided what direction her life would take and didn't want to live there alone so, reluctantly, they put the house on the market and it sold the same day.

One month later, out of the blue, Steve was transferred from San Diego to Oxnard.

Oh, how we all wished that they had not sold the house.

It was in a great location in town and only a 15 minute walk to the beach.

But, I often wonder how things might have been different had we rented that house rather than renting where we did.

Because we rented from a realtor, we were signed up with Welcome Wagon.

Most of our initial friends (and still to this day) were made through Newcomer's Club.

I began substituting at a pre-school through contacts I made through Newcomer's Club.

Through Newcomer's Club, we joined Gourmet Group.

One night while hosting Gourmet Group at our house, Steve met the vice-president of a major company who liked him and told him to send in a resume.

Steve changed careers through that chance meeting.

Our children's first friends were made through Newcomer's Club via playgroup and babysitting co-op.

We joined our tennis club, where the kids literally grew up, because of friends made in Newcomer's and Gourmet Group.

I drive by my sister's first house every time I go to the grocery store.

And almost every time, thoughts run through my head about what is, what might have been and what might not have been had we moved to that house immediately upon our transfer.

Would we still live there?

Would I be a teacher?

Would Steve have remained at the original company and thus have been transferred again, and again?

Would our children be the people they are today?

So many questions that we will never answer.

Our twists and turns have brought us to this place.

Who knows what might have been.

But, we know what is.

And, that is, life in a little cottage by the sea.

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  1. I have always thought that life is like a tree. You start at the bottom, then you climb up and take a path along a branch, and maybe branch off again and again, through your own decisions or outside influences and that becomes your life.
    Maybe there were different opportunities on different branches but it seems like you two ended up the right branch !