Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Spots of Color

My garden suffers during the winter.

I get home too late each night to garden.

It seems like I never have time on the weekend or it is too cold to garden.

I had planned on lots of gardening time during spring break, but now we will be gone most of the vacation.

Fortunately, mother nature is doing her part and my garden is beginning to show signs of flowers.

My favorite daisies are popping up

and one lone carnation has bloomed

along with these little purple flowers planted by the birds all over the yard.

In the front a little bouquet of nasturtiums has popped up

and there is a little bit of pink along the side.

I would love to boast that my poppies are alive and thriving, but alas, this wonderful display belongs to Julie across the lane.

Usually my cow jumping over the moon is surrounded by daisies, calla lilies and coreopsis, but at the moment there is only greenery.

With plenty of rain today,
I have high hopes of spending Easter weekend gardening
seeing my yard full of color.


  1. I can't imagine having that much color already in March! Wonderful! I can't wait to get at the garden this year.

  2. I find gardening such good therapy, but I prefer working when it is sunny. Those days are on their way.

  3. Sorry, I didn't answer about parties - replys don't go straight through to e-mail and I forgot to check back !
    Try Debbieddos, for newbie's so covers anything. The following ones are not specific - Cowgirl up, Wow us Wednesdays, Open House Party, Pot Pourri Friday, Inspiration Friday and Sundays Best - all buttons are on my sidebar Carol, just click on them to take you there !
    I am sure there are lots more, so if I find any, I will tell you - good luck.
    Lovely garden, it makes me want to get on with mine !