Friday, January 20, 2012

What Lies Beyond?

I love unusual doors and gates.

I always wonder, what is going on beyond the barrier?

What does the garden look like?  

Is the house as great as the door suggests?

We found this gate on a walk last summer. 

Steve was recovering from surgery and could not surf, kayak, play tennis or cycle. 

With those limitations, walking was our best option for exercise.  

We took a 2 hour walk every night exploring different areas of town.  

We would probably never have walked or driven down this street otherwise.

This gate is on the drive out of our tennis club.  

I love the combination of stone and brick on the fence.

The curves on the blue gate are wonderful.

I have belonged to the tennis club for 26 years yet I  have never seen behind that wall.  

Maybe someday.

That white gate hidden by bougainvillea and ivy is the original gate in our backyard.

One day a strip of the gate broke off.

I always wanted a gate that would give a peek-a-boo look to our garden so Steve called a customer in Mexico and asked him to make us a gate.

We chose Steve's art logo because the SC represents our combined initials.

Roberto made the gate and charged us almost nothing.

The expense came when we hired someone to hang it.

We paid $75 and no shipping for a gate made in Mexico.

We paid $400 to have it hung.

This is the gate at the home of friends on our street.

Until a couple of months ago, we didn't even realize there was a gate there.

It was hidden by a large tree.

They cut down the tree, painted the gate white and added the wood trim.

Before adding the trim, they created the curve at the top of the gate and it made the gate really stand out.

I love the medallion in the center.

Christmas 2010 we rented a house in Santa Fe. 

I love the gate to this adobe.

The blue windows are such a great contrast.

Those crooked doors and steps are perfect teamed with the spectacular colors of Santa Fe.

Another crooked entryway.

This is the house we rented in Santa Fe.

A welcoming entry into a lovely house.

This door is the entrance to a gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

On Christmas Eve, thousands of people walk up and down Canyon Road lit with farolitos or luminarias.

Carolers sing.

Hot chocolate  and champagne are sipped.

It is magical!

Strolling down Bleeker Street in New York we spotted this beautiful door.

I insisted Steve stop and take a photograph.

Primary colors on a fantastic door worn bare from age and use- what's not to love?

Steve painted the door on a 48" x 60" canvas and it hangs over my red buffalo check chair in our living room.

I love the painting and hope it never sells although my sister has mentioned several times that she would like it in her study.

On the same visit to New York, walking down Spring Street we came across this gate.  

My favorite primary colors burst across this scene.

We never figured out what the business was.

Who cares?  it was just great to see!

I am pushing for a trip to Paris in April.

If I get my way, we will walk all over Paris. 

Just imagine all the wonderful gates and doors we will see.


  1. I like the photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. The more I read of your blog the more things I see that I do or like. I have so many pictures of doors and gates. We've been to Savannah several times now a PERFECT place for peering through a gate at a secreat garden and looking at beautiful doors.

    Glad I found your blog.

  3. oops ignore the typing I can spell:)