Friday, January 13, 2012

Primary Colors

I love the look of all white rooms - so clean, crisp and airy.

I have yet to decorate any room in any of my homes in all white.

I am a primary color person.  

 I love red and yellow.

I absolutely love red, white and blue.

I live in a tiny beach cottage painted white and blue on the outside.

The inside is Benjamin Moore Provence yellow.

The accent color in every room is RED.

Red sofa, red dishes, red pillows, red quilt, red chairs, red door...the list goes on.

When I enter my home after a day at work or even walking in from the garden, the bright colors of my home ALWAYS make me smile.

In China, red is the color of happiness and prosperity.

That is exactly how I feel in my cottage filled with red.

Colorful buckets,

colorful quilts,

and colorful balls.

Color me happy!

1 comment:

  1. I am the same way-I look at pictures of all white rooms and think they are so lovely but they just aren't me. I have yellow/gold walls in my kitchen and red is my accent color. In my living room I have a soft gold sofa and a chaise with a gold and red print, red accents. Blue and white in bedroom.

    Lovely home.