Sunday, January 29, 2012

Every Cottage Needs An Adirondack

Almost the first purchase we made when we bought our beach house was 2 adirondack chairs.

To me, they are the epitome of beach living.

We have adirondacks in the back yard 

and in the front yard.

There is something about the chairs that calls to people and makes them want to just sit and relax.

One morning the beach was particularly spectacular so I suggested to Steve that he "stage" a photo
of an adirondack and his colorful surfboards.

That photograph became this painting

which became this wine label.


There were actually 2 paintings

Red Chair Lookin' North


Red Chair Lookin' South

Fortunately, the label became a poster that hangs in our home because the paintings sold long ago.

The poster hangs in the homes of at least 3 of the local beach houses of friends and as far away as Oslo, Norway.

All of them framed it much nicer than we did, but we were limited in space.

When an adirondack has reached maturity, we don't throw it out.

It is simply retired to the beach where it can rest all day in the sun and watch the sunset every night .

If you are ever in the area, drop in to sit a spell - in the front, the back, or out on the beach.

Adirondacks are always waiting.

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  1. I love the chairs. And Steve is a fantastic artist. Love the painting and the poster and how cool is that wine label.

    (I'm new to your blog so looking at your older posts) Love where you live.