Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loving Blue and White

I kept working on my list today.

Twelve out of sixteen complete and I did some shopping and planning for the others.

First thing on my list this morning was the dining room shelf.

 I rearranged this shelf when I took down the Christmas decorations.

And, I have not been "loving" it.

I look at this shelf every morning and night when I sit on the window seat eating.

I have "loved" the shelf decor in the past and thought about going back to this look.

But, some of the dishes are now on shelves in the kitchen and I like them there too.

When I was looking at blogs this morning, I came across a post titled Decorating With Blue and White at Beachcomber.

So out came the blue and white.

Each shelf holds something near and dear to me

I don't remember why, but I put them away in a cupboard and forgot about them.

The duck container and the chicken were gifts from my college roommate.

Steve bought me the soup tureen for Christmas one year and we used to use it all the time.

The Good Mother plate was given to me by my oldest friend for my very first Mother's Day.

The Manhattan plate brings back memories of the first time KC and I went to New York City.

I found it at Fishes Eddy and had space been no issue in my luggage, I would have bought many more items.

The blue Calico bowl is one of only 2 pieces of Calico that I own.

When we were first married, I wanted a set of Calico dishes, but they were far out of our price range.

I liked the little bit of red in the bowl, but then I remembered a yellow heart shaped bowl.

With the little bit of yellow on the shelf, I was done.

This was my view at dinner tonight and thanks to the Beachcomber, I am "loving" it.


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  1. Good Morning to you, When I saw the shelf as you had decorated it previously....the red spotted jug and the checked red plate, well the red just did it for me, but then you showed us your blue and white treasurers.... it just screams perfect. I love red and I love blue, so the mix of red and blue has my vote.
    Have a lovely are running out of "things to do" on your list.
    Best Wishes

  2. I read your last post about making lists on my phone, so didn't comment, but wanted to tell you that lists work the same way for me. If the list is only in my head, things might not get done, but there's something about writing it down that MAKES me do the tasks. Very strange, how obedient I am with a list!

  3. You just cant go wrong with blue and white! I've got to take out my blue & white dishes now that Valentine's Day has passed. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Very pretty and the pops of yellow make it so eye catching.

  5. good morning, I love your redo of your shelf. those are my favorite colors together too-blue and a little yellot Kathy

  6. Very pretty, and you still have red, white, and blue with a pop of yellow! Amazing.

  7. I'm loving it too! You have the most fantastic shelves in your home with the coolest treasures! I need some blue and white pieces like that!!

  8. Your dishes look beautiful...all ready for spring! I love your Manhatten platter...we live not too far from NYC and I adore our trips there for shows and museums. Hey I also stopped by to checkout your new header...looks wonderful. So happy the tutorial was of some help in creating your beautiful masterpiece.
    Have a great day
    XO Barbara

  9. WOW the transformation to your new look is wonderful. What a great shelf. I love your blue and white and the inspiration they give for spring. Have a nice evening and pretty view at dinner.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. Looks great! Love the blue and white! (Isn't it great when you get it just right and can love it again?)

  11. Hi Carol, I came over after you left such a nice comment to me and I am now a new follower. It looks and sounds like we have quite a bit in common. I see your chicken soup tureen, wish I had kept mine. I also have two pieces of Calico pattern. A small saucer that I just picked up at a garage sale and years ago my husband gave me the large covered dome dish. I wanted more then too but couldn't afford it either and then I broke the dome part, only thing left is the bottom and the knob, which looks like a little Calico mushroom on the shelf! Love how you set up with your blue and white. I also had the good mother dish but don't now know where it is..Happy Monday..Judy

  12. Visions of loveliness !!!!!!!!!!! YOUR blog is always full of greatness ...........LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL .. I keep telling FB they need a LOVE Button ...So guess I need to write to Blog spots and say we need a love button here too.. Just beautiful girl ... HUGS .....Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  13. I love the blue and white on your shelf. It's beautiful and fresh looking.

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  15. love the shelf makeover, is there any colour more wonderful than blue??
    Deborah - Ramshackle Romance

    1. love the chickens and duck! Beautiful rearrangement. Hugs, Wendy

  16. I love blue and white...and I have the same Good Mother plate. My mom bought it for me years ago when my boys were little. :-)

  17. Love the blue and white. It so nice you have so many different ways to decorate just by going through what you already own.

  18. You have nicely decorated your shelves, look fantastic.

  19. That was a fun little trip. Thanks for letting us tag along!

    1. Oops, sorry. I posted this on the wrong post. Your shelf decor is adorable!

  20. I thought either arrangement looked great. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment on my buffet and hutch. I am your newest follower.

  21. I like it too!! Visiting from The Dedicated House.