Saturday, February 2, 2013

Heart Swap

I love to be creative, but I sometimes need a push.

I signed up for Heart Swaps at both Cozy Blanket and Bungalow Bling to get my creative juices flowing.

For the Cozy Blanket Swap I needed to create 5 'somethings' with hearts.

For the Bungalow Bling Swap I just needed to create 1 'something' with a heart.

An added challenge was that every year I do a no-shopping January.

So, 6 'somethings' with hearts and no trips to the store for supplies.

I can do it!

I began with these supplies-

leftover canvas from Steve

pages torn from an old book

heart theme rubber stamp

heart in hand stamp

cotton bags from Sav-on Crafts

For the Cozy Blanket Swap, I made Valentine banners with paper hearts.

I tore pages from an old book, cut heart shapes and used rub-on letters to write L O V E.

I made each banner slightly different although each of them say love.

I wanted to put them into the cotton bags, but they were too big so I put them into plastic lunch bags for mailing.

I took the little cotton bags and stamped them with the heart in hand stamp.

I wanted them to be bright, so instead of red ink, I used red paint.

I filled each little bag with 3 glitter hearts

and used the long heart stamp to make a card for each bag.

When the 5 heart banners and bags were mailed off, I had time to come up with an idea for the Bungalow Bling Swap.

Amy, my swap partner, said she likes the pillows I make so I went up to the attic in search of scrap canvas.

Instead, I found a bigger piece of canvas and knew just what I would make.

Is it a table runner?

Is it a strip of place mats for two?

Is it a rug?

It's all of the above.

I sure hope Amy likes it.

I do.

And, I plan to make myself one.

What will I get in return?

Two ladies have e-mailed me that they received my banner and little canvas bag.

Which means  I should be getting something in the mail soon.

Amy has intrigued me with her hints.

I can't wait.


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  1. Thank you sweet California friend for sharing your late nichet with me. And then i with you :)
    Love your heart and hand, and the beauty February brings out in all things Red!

    Keep inspiring your creativeness, anytime you are up late you are welcome to share with me.

  2. I love your creativity! You made some wonderful things out of what you had and that is very satisfying, I know. Happy Saturday!

  3. Carol, your are all 'h-art'!! I remember the first visit I made here, I was excited to see such great creativity. Especially at the shore!! My favorite visiting place. Unfortunately, living so far inland, I get little opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the waves!
    Your heart swaps are so much fun. I pray for better discipline in my life in order for me to participate in such fun events! I believe I do have an assortment of canvas around here somewhere...I may be on the search yet today! Be totally blessed as you receive the delightful little happy mail coming your way!

  4. Someone should push you more often. When you get creative you do quite well at it.


  5. I often need that extra push too. You made some really cute things!

  6. Wow. I love these little projects, I have to make a banner and yours looks so sweet. I have some old music sheets, maybe I can use those. And I've often seen those little cotton bags and haven't done a project with them yet. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  7. Wow! How creative and beautiful!

  8. Such cute creations! I love them all! They look fun to make too. Looks like a fun swap.

  9. Love all your heart crafts, and the canvas looks great used as a table runner:)

  10. I'm hoping five little hearts make their way to your door very soon. Glad you shared what you made for the swap.

  11. Such creativity! I love them all! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  12. What a fun idea! Your things turned out so cute!

  13. What a sweet table runner!LOVE that sweet heart banner too!Thank you for sharing these pretty ideas!

  14. That banner is wonderful! I may steal that idea.

  15. Such fun ideas and I LOVE that you rocked what you had and made it awesome. Thanks for sharing some of your creativity!

  16. Everything you made is wonderful and I know the ladies will adore their gifts.
    xx, Sherry

  17. Wonderful creations Carol! I think I want to try that no shopping January challenge! Just goes to show that you can be creative with things that you already have! Awesome!

  18. Good Afternoon Carol, I love all your creations, especially the heart banner. You are amazing, you are such a busy bee!
    Have a lovely Sunday
    Best Wishes

  19. Those small gift bags are so adorable. I am trying to use up my stash of supplies without buying new. It is hard, but you have strengthened my resolve with this post.

  20. Well hello there! How fantastic that you live by the sea! My dream destination is always by the water.

    I love SAV-ON CRAFTS! And thank you for coming to visit today. I do hope you make it to Etsy to find something special for those whom you love! Anita

  21. Carol...thank you so much. I love it and have several uses in mind! I mailed your package last night. I am thinking you'll get it Friday or Saturday. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentine's Day!

  22. Great ideas for the swap. I really like how you made things with supplies you already had.