Friday, February 15, 2013

Fluffin', Fixin' and Finding Space

When you live in little cottage, space is limited and must be carved out wherever possible.

In between playing nursemaid and doing chores, I found the time to change the mantel from a Valentine theme.

The problem was - where to put things?

I use this cupboard on the porch for outdoor tablecloths and napkins, garden tools and supplies .

What if I use it to store my everyday linens and out of circulations vases, pitchers, etc.?

I moved some pitchers around and edited the contents of the cupboard.

Rarely used items were moved outside to the cupboard and 

things are much more organized - I can actually find what I need.

It is beautiful and HOT today and if it wasn't so windy, we would have eaten lunch outside.

The windows are open and the sun is shining down on Steve as he rests on the sofa.

I cannot clean inside for fear of disturbing him - darn!

I am forced to work in the garden.

I have fluffed and fixed and found space for all my linens.

And now, it is time to find a home for these lovelies.


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  1. I love your cottage home and all the pretty things that decorate it. Looks like a lovely, sunny day. It's been a little cloudy here, down south of you, and just a light breeze. But, I've heard there are high winds in areas all around us. Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  2. Such pretty photos. I love the Americana feel of your porch. Everything looks great. I can't wait to do some gardening. It's so therapeutic! Enjoy your pretty flowers!

  3. OHHHHH I am jealous!!! I see beautiful flowers!!!!!! Stunning!!! Your cupboard is wonderful lady! How cool to be able to store stuff outside!! I would have icicles hanging from my things! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  4. We have snow on the ground and it is icy outside and you have flowers.
    Wonering if you are brave enough to sign up for the bunny swap........

  5. Drooling over your warm sunny day. Actually it was quite sunny here today but still only 39 degrees. Much
    warmer than it has been so I enjoyed it. Can't wait till I can tinker in the garden. Love your sweet mustard cabinet.

  6. Your cottage looks very warm and inviting, a lovely home. I really like the red pitcher with the yellow dots!

  7. I love your cottage.. I would love living there ..OMGUSH perfect ..............Always, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  8. oh, you are so lucky to have flowers, carol! (we are freezing) your cupboard is so cute, all dressed up:)

  9. How pretty all the flowers are:) We got more snow last night. I love the linen cupboard, the color, the place you put it and all the contents. So glad to hear Steve is doing well:)

  10. Oh, my you can plant now? How wonderful! I love your little cottage and your cute decorations, that hutch is just divine...I want one! Have fun in the garden while hubby sleeps.

  11. BTW I am a new follower...have a great weekend.

  12. I am seriously coveting that yellow cupboard! I'm headed outside today as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Spring has come to you a little sooner than it has here but I love the anticipation I feel when I see your flowers all ready to put in the ground. Thanks for sharing, Patti@OldThingsNew

  14. beautiful! that part of your cottage looks like something from a greek island.

  15. It's very windy here, but *cold* Brrrr!!!! I'm jealous you're getting to work in your garden. I'd love that! I think having a little armoire on your porch is a great idea. I'm working on cleaning out the kitchen and putting away things we don't often use.


  16. You're so lucky to be able to work in your garden! We've had some warm days but we're still having some hard freezes so I'm waiting to actually plant anything.

  17. that yellow cupboard looks like the perfect place for all your out of work goodies...
    It looks like you were set to have fun in your garden with your flowers. :) Pat