Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Favorite Container

I came across a new party the other day that sounded fun -

Today I walked around the house looking at my containers.

I didn't realize I had so many different containers.

Colorful wooden boxes

both decorative and functional.

Baskets everywhere

filled with quilts, pillows, books . . .

Glass jars and urns filled with number or letter balls.

Travel chests both new and old sitting on shelves.

So, which is my favorite?

I love this metal box.

I love the beautiful clasp and the raised detail.

 In fact, looking at the box just sitting on the floor by a chest made me realize I need to give it a position of prominence.

I moved it to the living room and I am looking at it now as I type my post.

It is such a great box and it needs to be seen.

I am glad I found The Polohouse and the party - otherwise the box might still be ignored in the hallway.


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  1. You have so many great containers. But, that painting in the last picture! I LOVE it!

  2. Your containers are so fun. I'm going to check your other posts, as I live in a seaside cottage as well,, I'm curious!

  3. Love all your containers, but that print of the old truck in the last photo is my favorite. It is adorable, and would fit right into my Cabin.

  4. Carol,
    I like your metal box and the new spotlight location. My favorite container is your wire basket with vintage clocks in it. Very pretty.

  5. You do have a bunch of lovely containers! Love the wire baskets.

  6. I love all your boxes, baskets and containers. Very cool collection.

  7. I have been attracted to metal baskets lately...but wooden boxes have always been my favorites

  8. Oh, my goodness! I love your style!!! :D Sorry you were too late to Alison's Favorites on the First party. I love the colors you've shown here, and I think you're living our dream by the sea!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  9. The box is so sweet! And that painting! Just stunning!

  10. Oh that's my favorite, too, and I love it's new home... compliments that fabulous picture.

  11. I agree - that metal box is my favorite also. Glad you moved it where you can enjoy it more.


  12. I love old cans and boxes too! SO many ways to use in decorating. Thanks for sharing your ideas and collection. Your cottage is sweet! http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/02/be-fearless-arianna-huffington.html

  13. Hi there, so nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I just looked a little through your blog and love your decor and your husband's paintings. Wow, he is quite the artist! Love that huge yellow truck painting in your living room. Just gorgeous.

  14. Wow, Carol you have so many great containers! The metal box is pretty amazing and I love the detail also.


  15. Even your storage leads an artful life! Fantastic metal box. I love all the wire baskets too. Your new chair has fabulous lines and patina. A super find! Love that pic next to the sofa!

  16. Your containers certainly fit the "useful and beautiful" maxim. I like to be able to see my beautiful things so wire baskets and open containers are a must. Thanks for some lovely ideas.

  17. Did the package come. Am I driving you crazy? Please let me know. I want to mail this package and I need your address.

  18. You have so many fantastic containers! I love all the bright, cheerful colors in your photos. I think you found a perfect spot of prominence for your most favorite container. It looks great there!

  19. I so dig that metal box! I think it looks outstanding in its new spot by that gorgeous painting...that I'm assuming your husband painted!!! Your containers made me want to go get some more!! I like the different varieties! So eclectic! Have a wonderful weekend Carol!

  20. Aren't different containers fun? I love the new home for your wonderful metal box. Love the painting, too.

  21. You just may win for the best and coolest containers! I love your trunks, wire baskets... heck, I love it all!

  22. I love your style! All those interesting collections inside your containers! It's really fascinating how we can learn so much about someone by the little possessions they have...thanks for sharing all these wonderful containers.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  23. Great containers! I love her favorites on the first party. Forgot to check it out this month. Darn, because I love containers! You have some great ones! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  24. I love the metal box too! I've never seen anything like it but now I want one too.