Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm A Copycat

If "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" then I am definitely a flatterer.

I pinned the ring of keys on the right over a year ago.

I changed the items on the scale when I was doing my next Pinterest "copycat" vignette.

Another copycat project involved changing the color of a favorite bench.

The  yellow bench and  white bench were both pinned over a year ago.

I recently switched this red bench

with this green bench in the living room.

I really like the bench as is with the yellow stripe down the center, but the shade of red definitely clashes with the red sofa in our guest room. 

After a new coat of Annie Sloan Arles, I set up the bench to emulate the Pinterest pics.

The scale and books are back in the house.

Since it will be outside, I'm not sure what will end up on the bench.

But, I am sure I can find  some great ideas on Pinterest,


You can find me partying at

Cozy Little House

Coastal Charm

Alderberry Hill


  1. So wonderful design. Everything is in right place. Thank you.

  2. cute benches and love how you've decorated them!
    what did we do without pinterest?

  3. I so like that yellow bench!!! You have inspired me to think of ways to dress up our yucky cement slab patio! Your area feels so bright and inviting!

  4. Love all your benches, and what great displays on them:)

  5. I always love viewing the bright cheery colors you use in your home decor!
    Mary Alice

  6. Those are such handy little benches to have! Love them in all the different colors.

  7. How utterly adorable! From one colour girl to another, definitely DO the white kitchen! I did, then dressed it all up in primary colours and love waking up to both worlds every morning.

    So nice to meet you!


  8. I love little painted benches because of their versatility. Yours are so cute! Where did you put the red one?

    I'm addicted to Pinterest. ;P

  9. Lots of pretty things! I love all of your colorful benches. :-)

  10. Love the benches you pinned and have. Also your sofa with the pillows is dreamy! Thanks for stopping by and visiting!


  11. Love your HAPPY colors everywhere! Just love how you've interpreted your Pinterest inspiration pieces to make them your own. Now somebody will 'pin' yours!

    Best wishes for your husband's surgery today....good vibes being sent your way!!

    And, once again, thank you so much for sending the CUTE Valentine tin that I won in your are a doll!!

  12. I love your place.. THE LIGHT is just beautiful .. YOUR space has beautiful natural light. MAKES me want to sit right there and read... Love all your beautiful ideas..............and the fact your by the sea ..LOVE LOVE that !!!!! HUGS my beautiful friend

  13. Everything looks awesome...even the before pictures:-) Love your wire baskets.

  14. I think it's great how you used the Pinterest photos and made the copies, but made them all your own. I love the colorful benches!

  15. I get so much inspiration from Pinterest! Your 'copy-cat' turned out great!

  16. I really like your blog and am your latest follower. Keep blogging. xo Jenny