Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Factory Is Closed!

I started sewing on Tuesday morning.

I finished everything on Saturday afternoon.

My original estimate was a week, but I was extremely motivated - we needed our house back to normal ASAP.

We live in a small cottage and I don't have a sewing room like I did in our former home.

We put our extended tabletop on the dining room table on Tuesday so I would have a large surface to cut and to sew the large slipcovers.

Fortunately the weather has been wonderful because we ate dinner every night in the garden.

We went from this on Monday.

To this on Saturday.

No project I begin ever ends with my original vision.

I bought this fabric on Monday, but I did not use either the red or the yellow for the pillows as planned.

The first thing I made was the blue check pillows while I was washing 24 yards of white duck canvas.

I put the blue pillows on the sofa (minus the slipcover) and I put the red check pillows from the chair on the sofa with them.

Steve said he liked the red and blue checks so I cut my labor down by two pillows.

My neighbor Judy, shares a similar color palette to mine and we agreed that I needed yellow pillows too, but the fabric I bought in LA was too orange.

I found a different yellow fabric at the store when I was buying more sewing machine needles - I broke 7 needles going through 6 layers of fabric.

I still have 4 yards of fabric left - enough to do the window seat - and I might make some white pillows also.

I have not had blue in the living room, so I dug this shallow yellow and blue bowl out of the cupboard and filled it with shells.

It is a favorite bowl because KC brought it as a gift on a vacation she took to Madrid while she was in college.

Our house is back to normal.

The dining room is for dining again.

The living room is pristine with its white sofa and chair.

Bits of thread and scraps of fabric no longer litter the floors.

All is good with our world.


I made the project sound so easy.

I neglected to mention the frustration, tears, unladylike words from my mouth, aching shoulders and pin pricked fingers

I don't think I will ever make a slipcover again although the chair went a lot faster after learning with the sofa.

I figure the next time we need slipcovers it will be time for a new sofa.


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  1. You're amazing! The slipcovers are perfect with your wonderful colorful pillows.
    Mary Alice

  2. Beautiful! I'm so amazed that you made the slips so quickly! Sewing is such a wonderful skill to have. I love the red checked pillows against the sofa.

  3. Carol...all I can say is OMG....You are glad you told the truth at the end...I was ready to hire you to slip cover my sofa LOL :)..thanks for sharing it looks GORGEOUS!!

  4. I love you new look, it must have been difficult breaking some many needles. I think I would have given up, but all that effort was worth it.
    I found it so interesting finding out you have streets named after Weymouth! I know there is an town in Massachusetts named Weymouth too.
    Sarah x

  5. I so admire all of your hard work! Your new look is so crisp and fresh looking. Well done! I'm just too lazy to do anything like this anymore. So nice that you popped in to see the vacation photos! Old hat to you! But we did have a wonderful time.

  6. Beautiful...lovely and so cheerful. Wonderful job!

  7. Wow! I love the slipcovers! You did make it sound really easy and fast:) Did you have a pattern for the slipcovers? It all looks great! Thank you so much for linking this up to Rustic restorations Weekend!

  8. Your slipcover looks amazing! I need to do mine too. I love the check pillows, so summery and nautical. Thanks for your visit :)
    Cheers, Andrea

  9. i am SO impressed, carol! you got it done, and it all looks so beautiful:) have a great week!

  10. Oh Carol,
    Can't believe I missed your slipcover post...I've been waiting to see what you did. Everything looks absolutely awesome. Great job my friend. Two thumbs up :-)

    Hugs and Kisses,

  11. Your house is so lovely! I found you via Brenda at Cozy Little House, and I am so glad I did! Your colors are similar to mine - I plan to paint our wood trim white! White trim looks so crisp and clean, especially against colorful walls!

    I am definitely following your blog! Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

  12. Just Beautiful! The slips are lovely and the wall color is yummy! I have just become a friend and follower & hope you will too!

  13. Definitely worth all the blood sweat and tears Carol - the slipcovers look amazing and I am full of admiration. Love all the cushions too - what a fantastic new look to your living-room. You must be pleased with all you've achieved during the holidays !

  14. Your house is adorable! What happiness! I am in awe of your slipcovers. I made my first slipcover for a cute little chair and although I have sewn for years, this is the first time a tackled anything like that. I just "winged it" and it came out pretty great! To see your very large project completed and looking so fabulous, it gives me some incentive to try another project. Love your blog!

  15. Hi,

    Oh goodness you did a fabulous job with your slipcovers and pillows - all in my very favorite colors. Love the pop of yellow here and there. I always feel right at home when I visit your blog as both love primary colors.
    Have a beautiful day,

  16. Wow, I'm so impressed with the wonderful slipcovers, Carol! Come to think of it, I was hooked with the hand-quilted placemats and your bench cushion! I love doing things from Pinterest, but your 30 things in 30 days is just a bit too challenging for me. I usually create a Bucket List for the year and then check them off -- Pinterest is so, so much fun! I'm following your blog via GFC and Bloglovin', and I will definitely be following via Pinterest! Carol's have to stick together -- is your middle name "Ann" by any chance?