Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shameless Behavior

I displayed shameless behavior tonight.

I blame blogging!

One of our oldest friends has a new woman in his life and we were invited over for dinner.

A few weeks ago when we made plans, he sent an e-mail with directions and at the end he added "just look for the house that is ready for 4th of July".

I asked him what he meant and he simply replied, "wait and see".

As we counted down street numbers, we knew we were at our destination when we saw the front yard.

I grabbed my camera and had taken at least 5 pictures before they answered the door.

I was introduced to Carol for the first time and by her welcoming front yard display, I knew we had far more in common than our names.

The table was dressed in 4th of July finery.

Each salad plate was different.

Hearts and stars abounded in red, white & blue.

This heart flag plate was one of my favorites.

 I love the blue star platter and

the cute little box holding patriotic napkins.

On the mantel I focused on the patriotic ribbon and then realized that the painting was one Steve did of a trip we took to New York City several years ago.

Seeing all the patriotic bears and bunnies

reminded me that I have my own collection

of animals dressed in Americana hiding in my attic.

Before I put my camera away, I caught a photo of this beautiful red door hung sideways along a wall.

I had never thought about a door as wall art, but I love the idea.

I did explain why I was taking photos.

Carol said if I really want to have fun photographing decorations then I need to show up at Halloween.

Believe me, I will be there with my camera in hand.


  1. Love the red door idea, infact we have a lovely old door on a cupboard we are taking down, my imagination is now running riot with what to do with it :-)

  2. it all looks beautiful, carol:) i esp. love those cute dishes and the red door!

  3. Love all the wonderful patriotic decorations and table setting! We live in a great country and its great to be able to celebrate that. I'm sure it was a nice surprise to see one of your husband's awesome paintings hanging in their home.
    Mary Alice

  4. Wow - someone after your own heart Carol. That tableware would fit so well in your house, and I love that gorgeous door.

  5. What fun loving folks! They have great taste in art too!

  6. Your friends decorations are great. I would have been taking pictures, too. That door is such a good art piece.

    I wondered if that were one of your husband's paintings as soon as I saw it.

    Will be looking forward to their Halloween decorations:)

  7. I love all the Patriotic decor... the art work your husband did is wonderful and I love the door on the 'art' too!