Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Love and Affection

One of Steve's passions is music

Music is playing in the background nearly every minute we are in our house - he usually turns it off at bedtime - but not always!

I am nursing a sore back  - 5 straight days of sewing my slipcovers and two 15 mile bike rides have done me in.

Neil Young, 'Falling From Above', just played on the stereo.

One particular verse resonated with me and I asked Steve to find me the lyrics.

"Mamma said, A little love and affection in everything you do
Will make the world a better place
With or without you.
A little love and affection in everything you do
A better place
With or without you."

That one line

"A little love and affection in everything you do"

is what I am seeing as I scroll through all my favorite blogs.

 EVERY post shows homes, gardens, craft and sewing projects where women put

"A little love and affection"

in everything they do.

One of my passions is creating a special place for my family.

I show my 'love and affection" with

fresh flowers

thoughtful table settings

handmade creations

hard work in the garden

and decorating, redecorating, moving and tweaking everything in the house.

It's what we do, daily.

Have fun showing "love and affection" for your families today.


You might have noticed that there is nothing about cooking in what I do.

I show "love and affection" for my family by not cooking.

When the kids were little, on my nights to cook, the most common question was - "can't we just go out tonight?"

Fortunately, Steve shows his "love and affection" by creating wonderful gourmet meals - and cleaning up afterward!


  1. you can see the love and affection in your pictures, carol:) i can't cook...anything! my husband does the cooking, thank goodness, but, he leaves huge messes for me to clean...my may have to have a talk with him now:)

  2. The blue painted trim and that yellow cabinet are killing me with their beauty!

    Have you ever taken the love languages test? I recently did and my love language is acts of service. I bet yours is too. Even before I had ever heard of love languages I use to always say that I cook for people to show them my love. I guess I always knew.

  3. You create such a welcoming, inviting, delightful nest for your family! And I'm very jealous that your husband cooks gourmet for you.
    Mary Alice

  4. Oh Carol,
    I am so sorry about your back. But I bet those slipcovers are going to turn out awesome...espedally since I know you are putting love and affection into them :-) Hope you feel better soon my friend. Loved this post.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  5. Ha ha ha... you show love and affection by NOT cooking! that is funny.
    So sorry to hear about the back ache...hope you get better quickly.
    You have a lovely home. I love your floors!