Friday, August 15, 2014

Starting at the ground floor . . .

In my blog post on Wednesday, I "whet your appetite" with exterior photos of my friend Leslie's Nantucket style beach house.

I first met Leslie when she purchased this house across the street from ours and did a major  renovation.

I am sorry I never asked to photograph her cottage because it is perfect and just sold, furnishings and all, but maybe the new neighbors will let me get in there with my camera.


Once renovation was completed on their cottage, Leslie and Gary began building this 3 story beauty, on two lots, just one lane over from their cottage.

You will be seeing a lot of handmade furniture, like this rocking bench, that has the look of an aged piece.

You will also see lots of nautical pieces throughout the house like the oar coat rack - each hook has the initial of a family member.

Straight ahead of the front door is Maggie's "office" and a work space for Leslie - check out that wrapping paper cupboard.

In the entry way, that is definitely larger than my dining room, a custom made cabinet holds an antique scale and weights.

To the right of the front door is one of the two bedrooms on the first floor.

The bedspread was purchased from LL Bean and the fabrics are all Waverly.

I love that the sheets and the spread are matching although I don't think they are the same brand.

Leslie rolls up the comforters at the foot of the bed in "tootsie roll" style.

All of the area rugs in the bedrooms were purchased from Pottery Barn Kids.

A comfy chair upholstered to match the bedding sits next to another custom made cabinet and the floors (which I will talk more about on the second floor) gleam to perfection.

Of course, the attached bathroom must match the bedroom.

The bathroom has both a tub and a shower.

The tiles were hand painted to match the wallpaper border.

A custom made cabinet, subway tile and hexagon floor tiles are perfect in this beach house bathroom.

An etched window that opens into the hallway adds light to the bathroom.

Now it is on to the downstairs laundry room - yes there is more than one.

Leslie had this shelf in a former home, but it didn't fit so she had it cut down and remade to work in the space.

I love the sink and butcher block folding area.

You might have guessed by now that Leslie likes wallpaper - such a fun choice for a laundry room.

Bedroom number two has a nautical theme as you can see from the wallpaper and the Charles Wysocki print on the wall.

Pottery Barn Kids quilts in bright colors are perfect for the room the triplets use when they visit.

A trundle bed pulls out for a third sleeper.

A cabinet just like the green one in the other bedroom provides storage and if you wonder why the shelves are empty, it is because the house is up for sale and most personal items have been removed.

The checked border on the Pottery Barn Kids area rug was the inspiration for the checked drapes.

The bedding was the inspiration for the hand painted tiles and embroidered towels in the bathroom.

The only thing left on the ground floor are the garages and I only got a photo of the two car garage.

You are probably tired after this long tour so you can take the elevator, but I will take the extra wide stairs and meet you on the second floor.

Here's a peek of what you'll see on the second floor if you come back on Monday.


  1. OMG!! i love this house ... the wallpapers are too fun. the clothing blowing in the breeze, the fabric choices. or the one with all the seats ... right near the doggie. is he real, so cute!! so fun!! love it!! what fun. does she have a blog? she needs to asap!! so perfect for that kind of sharing. ( :

  2. It's just perfection!! I love how light and bright everything is. Love how everything coordinates but isn't too matchy. If it's for sale then what's next? I bet it will be just as beautiful. Thank you to both of us for sharing such a fun home. :)

  3. I have never been a wallpaper fan, but I must say she chose some beautiful ones for her home. I like how everything matches, but not too much so. It has a nice flow and I love the vibrant colors. I look forward to seeing more. Have a great weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. Oh my it is a beautiful home, but way to big for my liking! Sorry I'm a smaller home kinda girl. She does have some fun wallpapers. I do love her love of color cause I do too!

  5. Carol, It's so beautiful !! Hard to believe. I love all the sweet decorating. Just awesome...and I rarely use that word. :):) Hope you have a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  6. What a fun tour! I love the clothes line wallpaper! So cute.

  7. WOW - beautiful home - love it all.
    To build such a lovely home and now they are selling it. You couldn't pry me out of it. Thank for sharing and I will be back on Monday to see the rest.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. gorgeous home, carol! love the laundry and the lockers in the garage, esp! happy weekend!

  9. What a lovely bright home! I love how charming the bedrooms are decorated and how light and airy everything is. Looking forward to the rest of the tour.

  10. OMG that house is ginomous! Love the tour so far. Why are they selling?

  11. What a really neat home! Some of the bedrooms you featured in the earlier part of your post, the fabrics reminded me of Lily Pulitzer. Is that an influence for your friend? Everything is awesome...I could move right in!!


  12. Ok I'm confused. They just built this and now it's for sale? I need to move to California and make stuff for rich people. That rocking bench is absolutely wonderful. Wonderful is probably the operative word of the day.

  13. What a gorgeous home. So much inspiration from just one of the three floors...can't wait to see more.

    I love how everything flows but isn't too "over-decorated". The layout seems quite functional too.

  14. So beautiful!!! I can see Pottery Barn all over her house. One of my favorite stores. But, I think my favorite on the first floor was the laundry room. Can't wait to see more.

  15. Carol,
    This is a wonderful post, thank you for sharing the beauty that Leslie and Gary built. Their dreams and their vision for a family home will hopefully continue on with the future caretakers, your new neighbors.

  16. Carol, your home tours are so much fun. I really liked bedroom #2 and that white spread in the first bedroom, the one with the embossed star fish. So light and pretty. I'm looking forward to the second floor . . . see you then:)

  17. Good morning Carol! I was away from the computer for the night, but I like getting "to the beach" early, so here I am!

    MY GOODNESS, GLORY BE....this is reminiscent of the many beach homes I entered while I lived in Massachusetts, and the details are striking. That wood floor, the honeycomb tiles in the laundry room...LOVE!

    It must be wonderful to smell the salt air and hear the song of the waves just outside your windows... peace and joy to you all out there! Anita

  18. Oh Carol,
    This home is well just awesome! I love every room. How sweet all her wallpaper is. Love that laundry room paper too cute. The house is so bright, cheerful and you would feel like you are on vacation everyday you live in this home. Gorgeous. Thank you for the tour. I can't wait to see the second floor.

  19. Beautiful home. The garage is nicer than the inside of my home! Lol.

  20. How beautiful! I am going right upstairs, right now, to do a 'jelly roll' on the guest room comforter. I just love it!

  21. This is one gorgeous home! So glad you are sharing it with us. Love the jelly roll what a great way to have a quilt handy on a bed!

  22. Pure luxury!! Thank you for sharing the inspiration.

  23. Nice house! And...that garage! I think it's the cleanest, whitest, most organized garage I've ever seen! :-)

  24. What a charming home. Love the kitchen and bath, so inviting. Especially love the wide planked floors and the custom green cabinet too!

  25. What a charming home full of extra details. You friend is obviously very talented. I could move right in.
    Happy Weekend!

  26. Are you kidding!!?!?! That is the prettiest garage I have ever seen!!!! And her floors are just scrumptious!!! As is her whimsy with her wallpaper.....I love wallpaper...and she really nailed it!!! The combination of finishes and pieces make it such a warm home! HMMMMM got me thinking! And would I just love that wrapping paper station!! Happy weekend lady! Nicole xoxo

  27. Sheer perfection - every single room I don't even know where to start but I can tell you I'm in the process of wrapping up the guest room comforter like a tootsie roll as soon as I get off the computer !!!
    They're selling it? WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY WANT TO SELL IT?
    A dream house - in a dream location - just heavenly - can't wait to see more!
    Have a great rest of the weekend

  28. Just lovely, what a beautiful home.

  29. Wow ~ beautiful home was so many wonderful details. I love all of it but I think that wooden shelf in the laundry room is one of my favorite things!

  30. What a beautiful home Carol. Your friend have good taste and an eye for detail. I love the laundry and the elevator. WOW! Such magnificent house. Can't wait to see the second level.


  31. Oh my, what a fabulous home...down to the very last detail! LOVE IT!!
    Mary Alice

  32. So beautiful! I love the wallpaper!

  33. What a great house! I think I'm in love with the starfish white bedspread.

  34. I'm not surprised it already sold, darn! Those floors are gorgeous and so is every square inch.

  35. A scrumptious home, Carol. Leslie has great taste. I'm in love with those wood floors. ~ Nancy

  36. Everything is beautiful and so many ideas...I am about to start decorating and refurbishing a lake house that we just purchased...excited!

  37. Beautiful home. I love the colors.

  38. Gorgeous!!

    I'm a bit confused Carol. I thought they had another cottage that they sold, and this is their new home. But in reading a couple of comments, it's been mentioned that this home has sold?

  39. Carol....I so enjoyed the tour through the house beginning with this post. What a well thought out and decorated space. How fun for you to get to photograph it too!!

  40. What awesome rooms and the wall papers are adorable.

    Thanks for sharing

  41. I love all the fun wallpapers and especially the seaweed one, what a fantastic house.