Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My latest addiction . . .

Months ago, Monica of Prince Snow Farm mentioned that she could be found on Instagram more frequently than her blog so I loaded the Instagram app on my iPhone and began following her.

But, my iPhone was old and the camera wasn't great so I didn't post any of my own photos.

one of the first photos I posted on Instagram - Firestone Vineyards

In April I upgraded my iPhone and immediately started posting on Instagram - and the rest is history.

 I am a visual person with ADHD so Instagram is perfect for me- quick pics that make me smile and give me ideas.

I can do a screen shot of those ideas - like painting the insets of my armoire doors white.

I like that I can do a quick collage of something sweet - like the flowers a neighbor brought over - that would not make a complete blog post.

 I enjoy looking at Instagram on my computer to see the pretty, ever changing collages of each person's Instagram pics -  tantmadicken



Instagram was great while we were on vacation - I didn't have time to write any blog posts, but I posted one picture or collage to Instagram each day.

Every day I post one pic of something planned.

I might post a second random pic like I did last Saturday when we had an incredible sunset.

Monday's collage showed my love of red, yellow and blue.

Yesterday morning I went around the house photographing "white" in my house

and ended up with this collage.

This picture of the blue pitcher and purple skyflowers received the most "likes".

One of my favorite pics is of a little cottage at the Pierpont Inn next door to our tennis club.

And another of my favorites is this view of our backyard because I rarely photograph the wall of Steve's studio.

This picture of our front window will be part of the collage for today's Instagram pic.

You can check out my Instagram on the computer here and if you are on Instagram, please let me know so I can follow you.


  1. How fun to find out you're on Instagram too! I love Instagram! I'll be following you now! :-D You can find me at: "acorntooak".

  2. Good Morning Carol, Oh my word, your photographs are beautiful and the collages are a feast for the eyes. I do not use Instagram, although I keep reading about it. I think after seeing your wonderful pictures I am going to investigate Instagram and see how easy it is to use.
    Did you find it easy to set up?
    Thank you for brightening up my morning with your colour images.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hello Carol my dear!

    I tried Instagram once and because of my inability to use my phone camera correctly, I just gave up. HOWEVER, I just learned from a blogger pal who uses Instagram that I can actually load up photos from my camera on there! I may give it another try, because I am addicted now to photography! I LOVE the photo of Steve's studio, and that little cottage. All of your photos are full of the sunshine you see every day!

    HAVE FUN. That's what it's all about! XOXOXOX

  4. My Granddaugther loves instagram. I am probably the last to not have a cell phone, so I cannot see instagram. Hubby is the only one with a cell phone and he only has the basics and cannot get online.

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  6. Have fun! Instagram isn't something I use, but I can understand it's appeal for many.

    Love your collages, Carol!


  7. Well, geez, I'm not on Instagram, but you sure do make it look inviting! I love your collages!

  8. I tend to forget about Instagram. But I do like it. I especially like the editing program on it. Love your pics.

  9. Looks like a fun app to have! I don't have it, but your photos look great! I love all of the snippets from your home.

  10. I love instagram. I am not great at remembering to post stuff, but I love looking at all the pretty pictures! :) Off to look you up!

  11. Hi Carol! I'm on Instagram too but I really haven't figured it all out. I guess I need to read up on it so I can get in on the fun!

  12. I love Instagram! I'm on my way over to follow you now...I do not post as often as I should but a lot more than I post on my blog :)

  13. Beautiful collages! One of these days if I ever get around to Instagram you'll be the first one I follow. Thanks for sharing Carol.

  14. Your collages look like pages from a magazine, Carol! I love your blue painted trim on your house. So pretty!

  15. Instagram is fun, isn't it? How do you put your collages on Instagram though?

  16. Hi Carol,
    I am not sure I can get on this band wagon but it looks like a lot of fun. Glad you took the plunge and are on instagram. Now I just have to do this LOL!

  17. Carol:
    You always take such amazing photos.
    Welcome to Instagram. You can find me at ourcozycreativelife.
    I already starting following you, can wait to see the images you post. It is such a great tool to be able to post a quick picture without have to write an entire blog entry.

  18. fun!! i enjoy it too!! but you know that. ha. ha!! so fun! there are so many gorgeous shots to share. ( :

  19. GORGEOUS collages, Carol, full of California colour, sunshine and charm!

    P.S. Love those sunsets, too!!

  20. Beautiful pix Carol! I'm on Instagram but don't use it much. I forget about it. Maybe I need to try it again. Have a wonderful evening.

    Blessings, Vicky

  21. I hardly blog anymore since I've been on IG. Quick and easy! Mimi

  22. You know I love looking at other peoples instagrams but haven't started one myself! Crazy I know. I guess I already have a blog and facebook so I feel like why add another one. I may end up doing that one day just for fun and see if it's something I want to continue. Glad to know that you've discovered it and are enjoying it.

  23. So far I've managed to stay away from instagram though I think I would love it. I enjoyed seeing all your collages and photos. Beautiful!

  24. Beautiful photos!! I'm not on Instagram, but my youngest daughter loves it. Maybe I should check it out.

  25. Looks like you're having a blast with Instagram!!
    Your photos are wonderful!
    Mary Alice

  26. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous pictures. And I love everything you take pictures of. I have not gotten involved in instagram, but I am thinking maybe I should. Thanks for sharing. Wow! Hugs, Karie

  27. I love instagram. It is my favorite social media. But as with all other forms, I forget to use it! Thanks for the ideas!

  28. I just started doing instagram and have uploaded a few photos. But I don't learn things easily! So you can do photos in "collage" whoa it will take me a while to figure that out. I've heard good things about instagram and many bloggers feel it will replace Facebook. Can you follow someone on Instagram, another thing I have to figure out.

  29. Carol,
    I am not on Instagram, but I think your fun, colorful and happy photographs will be enjoyed on Instagram, Your collages are like little photo essays that leave the viewer happy and energized. The flowers you get to enjoy everyday in California are a perfect item to put up, you are fortunate to enjoy an abundance of beauty that surrounds the beautiful area you live in. I will certainly check out your postings.
    My grand Dane has ADHD and he too has energy and ambition galore. Have fun with your new venue.

  30. Hi Carol, I know nothing about Instagram other than what you have just written. No iPhone . . . here. But, I have been noticing that you were doing a lot of collages and they are amazing. It's great that they are simple and fun for you, as well. You do know that the reason they are so good, is because you take great photos.
    I love your blog more and more every day. You have incredible talent and are an amazing inspiration.
    I feel honored to have found your blog and even more honored for our blogging friendship.
    Stay happy!
    Connie :)

  31. Oh MY!!!!! I am in trouble!!!! Your collages are outstanding!!! Look at those gorgeous gardens!!! I am not on it yet because like you I am extremely visual and I fear I will love it way too much and then it is another thing for me to keep up with.....but your post is pulling at me.....I will let you know if I hop on! Stunning Carol! A wonderful week to you! Nicole xo

  32. Great photos and collages, Carol. I'm not an Instagram user, but it's fun to see and read how you've used it.

  33. Oh my, don't tell me that I am going to have to jump on the band wagon. lol! I have been on instagram for over a year, but just with family and friends. Thought I would resist doing instagram for my blog. You are making me think twice. I love everything you shared! It's easy to see why that gorgeous enamel pitcher and blooms got the most likes!

  34. Instagram looks like so much fun but I don't have an iphone :(

  35. I liked checking your instagram page, I had no idea I could do it without being on Instagram (I have a very old cell that can only phone... sometimes).
    But that armoire with white insert really inspired me!

  36. Instagram is the final frontier for me - I'm still not on it - but wow what gorgeous pics !!!

  37. I am not on Instagram but I think I may have to give it a try. Beautiful pictures!

  38. The shots are so pretty Carol! I am still learning Instagram but trying to learn something new everyday :)
    Happy Weekend.

  39. You take AMAZING pictures. I LOVE your style, especially your choice of colors in decorating. I love taking pictures of nature, flowers, the beach, etc. I may check out Instagram myself. Thanks for being so creative. I love it.

  40. These are really neat pics you've used on Instagram. I really love the wall of Steve's studio, it reminds me of something in the French Countryside.

    A blogger friend tried to explain Instagram to me and it was like learning Russian. I asked my daughter about it and she was not only not interested in helping, she thought it wasn't a social media I would like! Ha! Now I know I'm missing something!

    Jane xx

  41. I never tire of your posts and photos. I like Instagram because I get to see photos of my babies on a daily basis. I don't have a great camera or an updated phone, but I still love to blog.

  42. Great photos! Instagram is definitely a gem of a social media app. It is a favorite place for me too. :0)

  43. Just found you on Instagram - Yipee!

  44. Hi Carol, I'm just catching up with the posts I've missed, so please don't feel you have to reply to all my comments.
    Obviously keeping up with blogging is hard enough for me, so Instagram is probably something I won't do, but it really is such a great idea and I can easily imagine getting lost, looking at everyone's 'magazine like' pages.