Thursday, August 21, 2014

At the Top

 As the original little beach cottages (like mine) are being torn down, they are being replaced by three story homes with lovely views.

The third floor in newer homes always makes a smaller footprint than the first and second floors - you can see that Leslie's third floor is above the kitchen, but not above the living area.

Leslie says this is the area she spends most of her time and I can see why.


I would hang out in the little sitting area off to the side of the bedroom on that comfy sofa.

I am in love with the green fabric on this beautiful chair.

The headboard is gorgeous and you see the rolled up comforter at the foot of the bed.

 Another Pottery Barn Kids area rug can be seen peeking out beneath the bed.

In my last post about the second floor of the house, I ended with a photo of a window seat

which surprisingly is in the bathroom.

I think the bathroom is larger than my entire house!

 Oh, to have this much storage space in my bathroom.

And what a beautiful color scheme Leslie has chosen.

 I didn't get a full picture of the third floor laundry room, but you can see it through the door - how wonderful to not have to carry all those linens or your clothes all the way down to the first floor.

And speaking of the first floor, it's time we went back downstairs to check out the garden.

Because this house was built on two lots, there is space for a "real" yard.

And there is plenty of room for a playhouse for the grandchildren.

I am in love and envy of this cute little cottage.

 The triplets have it decorated as a house, but if it was mine, I would be out there creating all of the time.

 A beach house requires an outdoor shower to clean off all of those sandy feet after a day on the beach.

Beachy decor can be spotted throughout the yard.

I hope you enjoyed the tour through Leslie's home

and garden.

I leave you with a sneak peek at the house, studio and garden I photographed yesterday.

and the spectacular view from the third story of the treehouse.


  1. I'm with you ~ craving that 'playhouse' as a studio!!!

  2. What a wonderful life home' and that play house is a great idea for a studio, so wish it were mine.


  3. Hi Carol, I almost lost my breath when I saw that bathroom. Shut Up!
    Well, there is no denying that it is a show case of a home. My, my, my.
    Now that tree house in your last photo has got my imagination running wild. I cannot wait to see the next house. Your home tours are a blast. Great job, and thank you :)
    Keep smiling,
    Connie :)

  4. The home is so pretty and thank you for the tour. Sometimes I hate when people buy land and tear a house down that was on it. If I had the money I would like to restore homes to their previous beauty and sell them. Well that is one dream.

  5. Very pretty and I really like the colours. The outdoor spigot and shower would be my favourite parts because they come with the beach lol.

  6. Goodness is the outdoor space stunning! Just look at that playhouse! I would be right in there with the kids! And the bathroom in her home....crazy awesome! I saw the window seat at first and was thinking it must be in the living room!! The only thing that made me sad was when you mentioned the cottages being torn down.... Kinda bums me out around here when they take down the fantastic bungalows full of character for bigger homes as I have a thing for homes like yours! They warm my heart! Have a great weekend Carol!!! Nicole xoxo

  7. Carol! I am here in my office at the high school on a break, and I saw your email! The photos loaded up IMMEDIATELY! Wow, that playhouse, those views! Do you think your little cottage would be at risk of being torn down one day? That's what's happening out here in certain prominent communities; the small cottages are being destroyed in order to make way for the big homes. This home is just gorgeous and every room is a dream. Thank you my friend, for inviting me over. I'm just trying to get organized for the first day of school on Monday in between all these meetings! Anita

  8. Carol, There was nothing I didn't like about this house....but I may have made that window seat corner into an area to itself. I love the big house...I truly love the little cottages too. To take them all away seems wrong. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Like some of the others said, it's sad that the beach cottages are being torn down and huge homes being built, though I have to admit, this home is gorgeous. I can't imagine have a bathroom that's about the size of my entire first floor! lol

  10. Gosh that house has everything, doesn't it? I can't get over how huge that master bathroom is. I've never seen a built in window seat like that in a bathroom. I love the outdoor shower area she has too. That is a brilliant idea.

  11. Absolutely beautiful!! I love it.
    The bathroom is amazing.
    I really love that cute playhouse.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love the way she rolls the neat! The yard and playhouse are as gorgeous as the house. I would feel like I was on a permanent vacation if I lived in a house like this. Just gorgeous...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  13. Wow, what a beautiful home! I sure wouldn't want to clean it, but living there would be fun. As a consolation, I would be happy with the bathroom and playhouse! ;)

  14. Leslie's home is just dreamy! I scrolled through all the posts and truly enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing, Carol!

  15. the outside of this home is as pretty as the inside. wow.

  16. What a beautiful home!! Love that bathroom and the view she has is awesome!

  17. All I can say is WOW what a beautiful home. Everything is perfect and she has such good taste in her decorating.
    The garden is also stunning. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful home with us.

  18. Oh good golly, that bathroom is completely over the top - coming from someone who does not have a single drawer in the bathroom for 36 years!!

  19. It's certainly a show place, and luxurious! As difficult as it may be to believe, at this stage in life I would prefer a small beach cottage - though I wouldn't say 'no' to a weekend in this luxury!

  20. Carol,
    Thank you for a photo essay series through the amazing home of Leslie. It is truly an amazingly well designed house with ample storage (sigh) while highlighting the best views. The playhouse is adorable and could be refigured for many lovely uses. I find the rolling of comforters in tootsie rolls very sweet. Much in this home inspires... but honestly Carol the smaller cottages like yours hold special allure and I hope they will remain in the landscape.

  21. I don't think I've ever seen a window seat in a bathroom, but with views like that, reading and dreaming by the window are a must!


  22. I'm enjoying your tours and dreaming of the beach!

  23. What a beautiful place, I want to move right in. I love the mix of fabric and the floors are fantastic.

  24. This is definitely a WOWIE of a house!!! I'm not sure you'd get me down from the top! Her decorating is impeccably gorgeous!!
    Mary Alice

  25. Carol your home tour was fab! And that bathroom! But you know me….the gardens have my heart. I love the fact that in your area you can leave so many things outside without worrying that the rain will ruin them! Looking forward to the next tour! What a great thing to have taken on in your retirement!

  26. That playhouse! I always wonder if I could squeeze one into my yard. But I think not. Her yard is gorgeous - but I gotta say that I kindof like yours better! I think maybe we are just cottage girls at heart. (although I do feel a cringe when I see that she has more storage in that bathroom than I have in my kitchen)

  27. For the past 10 years and especially since Sandi the original beach houses around these parts have been replaced by larger and larger homes. I have mixed feelings about it. Although some are lovely, as the one we toured with you today, some are just big ugly boxes that cast to much shadow and obscure the ocean view. It's a shame they all can't be as lovely, and as beachy as this lovely home.

  28. oh, my, but, this home is just gorgeous! thanks for sharing, carol!

  29. Beautiful! thanks for the tour.

  30. Leslie's home is breathtaking. Your photography is beautiful and does it justice.

    Can't wait to see what is next in your neighborhood.

  31. the home is so pretty!!!!! love your green chair!!!!! angie

  32. Good Afternoon Carol, Well firstly, I have to tell you I have loved taking a peek into Leslie's home. Will you thank her as it has been so much fun.
    She has such an eye for detail and there is so much I could list which I love, suffice it to say I have loved everything.
    .... well ok I will mention one thing, like you I love the green material of her chair.... oh yes and the beautiful blue in her bathroom.... oh and one more.... the bathroom is stunning. I think I had better stop there.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Best Wishes as always.

  33. What a lovely home! I love the bathroom! It's stunning! My goodness you have so many gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  34. Leslie's home is beautiful! I love the fabric on the chair as well, and that bathroom. . .GORGEOUS! Her garden is beautiful as well. Love the little playhouse. Your little cottage is still wonderful and I love how cozy it is. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  35. This is ADORABLE. So pretty and fresh. Loved it all.



  36. What a beautiful home Carol. I'm especially in love with the bathroom! I love your sweet cottage just as much though so I hope you aren't thinking of building "up"!
    Blessings to you dear lady,

  37. OH my gosh Carol - I actually gasped when I saw the bathroom - how spectacular !!!
    Off to pin !
    Thanks SO much for sharing

  38. Carol I'm having fun catching up with your blog. I can't believe I missed this house tour. All I can say