Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spare Parts

I ended last Friday's post with a picture of all the pieces that were left over from rearranging things in the living room.

I have to admit that those parts stayed in the same place until Thursday - my defense is that I was busy making new curtains for my creative space.

A bird candelabra, a basket filled with my hand collection
and dried roses in a birdcage were all that remained on the table at the end of the day.

But, I wasn't happy with the end result.

It finally hit me that the table looks washed out and dirty so once Steve was in bed on Thursday night, I removed everything from the table, pushed furniture around and painted the table.

I love the distressed look of the table, but

something still bothered me and I realized that the color scheme of the vignette made the room look ready for fall, and I am NOT ready for fall.

Part of the problem is the colors in the paintings, but they will be removed next week because they are going to a solo show of Steve's work.

I finally came to the conclusion that the items on the table were the problem and I went back to my cupboards to look for inspiration.

An old Pepsi crate I recently painted white was drafted to hold little tchotchkes - the 4 & 3 are rubber stamps that represent the 43 years Steve and I have been married.

Sunflowers in a blue pitcher with the red heart make a happy statement for this primary color lover.

The basket of hands and the bucket of lavender are all that remain of the original vignette.

And now, I am a "happy camper".

I have red, blue and yellow on this wall,

I have red, yellow and blue on this wall,

and the possibility of this painting

and this painting replacing those on the wall right now.

I had to change the vignette on my metal stand when I stole the blue pitcher from it and once again, I am left with spare parts - my never ending dilemma.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

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  1. Your bedroom is gorgeous and the headboard is truly stunning. The cabinet that holds the linens is so pretty too.
    Amazing Q Lin Bed for your Bedroom

  2. That's what happens change one thing and it leads to many changes. I love your husband beautiful art work. I hope he sells lots of painting at the show. I think you did a great job of painting and changing your vignettes. xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh, I'd love to have an artist in the house! He is so good! And you are so good with colorful decor.

  4. I don't think it is a dilemma at all ~ just more fun playing!! Love the white paint on the table.
    Good luck with the show, Steve!

  5. Carol, isn't it interesting how one thing leads to another? I like your new arrangement and the lighter table brightens the room. It's fun to play around to tweak the things in our homes. I've been doing some of the same in our living room. No painting, just moving things, deleting, or adding. Have a great weekend.

  6. Ha Ha that is what happens when you start one thing it leads to another. Totally get that LOL! Looks great Carol and I love love the white you painted the table.
    Hope your week end is going good.

  7. I love your style...and admire how you change things up so often. I absolutely ADORE Steve's paintings of the bus & especially that old truck with the old CA license plate...and the palm trees. How I wish I had disposable income so I could buy it...but all our money goes to day to day expenses right now.

    Does he ever sell prints of his work?

  8. It looks much more Summery now. :-) And, I like the glass on the metal stand by the window. It's nice how it catches the light.

    Great new paintings!

  9. I totally get it...happens to me all the time. I look at a room, and something doesn't sit just right. I can't sleep or let it go until I fix it and it feels right in my gut. I am sure it helps to have an artist in the house!

  10. My, My! The things we do when our husbands are in bed, LOL. My Steve has woke-up to rooms being rearranged; so many times . . . I cannot count. When we get an idea it's very hard to sleep. The brain doesn't turn off, just because your head hits the pillow. I love what you have done . . . but then I am a huge fan :)
    As for your Steve's paintings, my favorites, each time that I have seen them, are the ones with old cars and trucks. He uses such vibrant colors and I really like that. I can't put my finger on it, but something about these works, just touch my soul. You are blessed to have a revolving art gallery going on in your home. I'm sure that you get very attached to some and hate to see them leave, when sold.
    I just love it each time I see that you have posted a new post.
    Carol, you brighten my world.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. It looks lovely what you did. I like that you painted the table. Good luck to your Hubby on his show, but I don't think he needs it. His work is just beautiful and I love the old trucks that he paints.

  12. I love the new color on the table and your spare parts are not a bad problem to have!

  13. You have such style that you can tell what a room needs. I live with things without realizing it most of the time! But I do love to rearrange things! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  14. I love changes and like to switch up my 'stuff' all the time. Lucky you to have the most gorgeous art for your walls!

  15. Love the fresh look on your table, and I'm glad you're happy!

  16. Carol.
    Love that spare parts! I always enjoy seeing the results of your creative process. Table and vignette looks wonderful and I am loving the bus that Steve painted. I'm still smiling about you painting a table as hubby was asleep. Please Carol bottle some of your energy and send it to Philly.

  17. I love the country church painting above the table. It reminds me of the church my husband and I were married in / Bodie, CA. Your changes are great and I do like the table redo! Have a blessed Sunday!

  18. It does seem that when we make a leads us to change another thing and another and so on. Love Steve's work!

  19. I know the feeling of restlessness...when something just isn't right in a vignette, an IDEA for writing. But we are relentless, for we seek peace and harmony in our creative spaces. I'm not ready for fall yet, NO WAY, yet the reality is that on August 18, meetings start, planning is in order.

    Carol, Steve's mastery of light is astounding, and your mastery of making this cottage a home is my inspiration. LOVE!

  20. I love how you managed to have your primary colours on every wall!

  21. Carol, I love that basket of hands! Oh my, it is amazing. I can see the Volupte compact in there (a great collectible in itself!), the large clip, the glove mold, etc. I collect hands, mostly to drape some of my purse collections on, but I feel another jolt of inspiration striking!

    Your colors are always wonderful - wish I had a little more your color bravery (esp. when it comes to painting a piece after bedtime, hehe!). Love the red, blue and yellow. The primaries always attract me, without fail.

  22. I can so relate when you talk about the photos being "fall" I don't ever want to give up a season till it's the season. It's summer till Sept. 21. You are so lucky to have a artist in your house, only a painter in this one. I love your colors, since you know I am a color girl myself! Have a great day!

  23. Your husband is very talented. I love the River Inn Bus painting! And of course, your arrangement is as beautiful as ever. I love the pops of red. You have a very happy looking home!

  24. I definitely am not ready for any fall vignettes either...I am still loving summer and all the light and bright colors. You are so lucky that you have Steve's paintings to play around with ~ ironic how a lot of his paintings have the primary colors that you love and just naturally go with your cottage!

  25. Love the redo! Love all of those bright colors you always use. The paintings Steve does are just gorgeous! Love his use of colors.

    Good luck on his show!


  26. My favourite thing from this fabulous redo is, of course, the blue vase with the yellow sunflowers and the hit of the red heart! That says it all. The pretty potential paintings are the perfect complement to the new vignette, and entire room. I'd sit there all day, just peering into primary heaven!


  27. You are one quick painter! It all looks lovely!

  28. I am rarely completely satisfied with any arrangement in my home. You change one thing, seems you have to change everything. But I do like the white paint for your table. And your sofa wall with the window is so yummy! Your rooms are cozy no matter what you do!

  29. Oh you make me smile! I know exactly what you mean about leftover parts. I am always sticking things here and there. My friends tease me about how often things gets moved around. I figure it needs dusting, so why not? I love the table and you ended up with a wonderful vignette! Love your hubbies paintings. Especially that truck!

  30. Oh Carol, you always do such a terrific job on decorating your lovely home. Everything looks so good and I love all the colors that you use. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a terrific week. How's Lulu?
    Is she being a good girl?

  31. See, if you had cleaned up that stuff right away you wouldn't have had anything to work with this week! I think when fall comes you go with Arles pr English Yellow on the bottom of that table.

  32. Carol, when I got to the part about repainting your table, I had to laugh--this is exactly the sort of thing I would do :) Your end result is just lovely! Blessings, Cecilia

  33. I never considered calling things like that "spare parts" but it's so true! I'm always left with spare parts after I move things around too. They end up on the floor until I move them down into the basement for storage. I love your table makeover. Giving furniture a fresh coat of paint is always fun. I like the summer vignette you gave it too. Some of those paintings are so unique too!

  34. Ok first of all Steve's paintings are just the most amazing pieces of work ever.....seriously! You must be so proud to have this beauty to play with in your space!! And I am with you on not being ready for fall!!!! Love the new vignette as it feels fresh and light!!! Great work you...make it a great week! Nicole xoxo

  35. So nice. I love how you keep changing to find the perfect look. Steve's paintings are so wonderful. They look like photos.

  36. One change always leads to another all of yours! The whole room looks so pretty!!

  37. Love the paintings! They are awesomely looking!Your room looks so

  38. i love the sunflowers. my fav - are the old bus & the old pick up truck. so cool!! i love vintage finds. ( :

    that couch/sofa looks so comfortable. i forgot to comment on that part you were talking about the arch - & when you bought the house you forgot about that part of the house? i find that so odd. but i really soak up parts like that on houses or any where really.

    we were celebrating b-days this weekend in my family & my bro gets out of his jeep & i noticed the card i gave him probably for Christmas & i say why do you have my card? nothing gets past me ... if it does i am A. either sick or B. not well or C. please look at A. or B.??! it's so true. i don't miss a bit. ( :

    have a great week. big big hugs.

  39. Having an artist in residence must be a treat! Of course, I'd love a massage therapist equally as much ;).

    Love the headboard!


  40. I adulation your style...and adore how you change things up so often. I actually ADORE Steve's paintings of the bus & abnormally that old barter with the old CA authorization plate...and the approach trees. How I ambition I had disposable assets so I could buy it...but all our money goes to day to day costs appropriate now.
    spare parts

  41. Once again you've put together the most inspirational vignette. Love what you did with the table, you're brave to start a painting project to late at night, lol. Steve's paintings are always such a treat!

  42. I love to see your rearranging and painting posts! I am the same way - I have to make it right! Love the pic of the sofa and Steve's new paintings!!

  43. You've been busy! I love the primary colours - you were right about the fall-ish look of the first arrangement. We have to hang onto summer and all its brights as long as we can.

  44. Steve's work is wonderful. It must be rather thrilling to have a new source of (temporary) artwork so close at hand!

  45. So charming, Carol; you have a great eye for creating vignettes. Your husband is a very talented artist. Congratulations on 43 years of marriage. That's awesome! ~ Nancy

  46. I love the table. I liked it green but the white distressed looked better in the room. You do know how to dress and balance a room. I keep telling you I need your help at my house but you'd have to turn rustic style. ;o)

  47. Oh wow, I just love the paintings of the bus and the truck, they're going to look great above the white table - great choice of colour !!!
    Do you know that whenever I see a basket for sale (which is mostly TKMaxx), I always think of you Carol. Unfortunately I don't have much space left for any more baskets !