Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh, no, company is coming!

My house is always neat - it isn't always clean.

And today, it was imperative that it be both.

The owner of an art gallery in Ojai asked if she come come by to look at Steve's work.

I began by cutting flowers from the garden to set on the dining room table.

Because I wanted Steve's art to be what caught the eye, I decided that simple was best for today's vignettes.

I removed keys and a wooden shoe insert from the scale and added a small bunch of lavender from the garden.

I continued with simplicity as I moved into the living room.

I painted the candlesticks white and distressed them to bring out the red and also some of the green and yellow from the original color.

And I must have removed about 50 sand dollars and shells from the mantel for a much cleaner look.

This wire rack has been in a corner of the guest room and I never see it.

Most of the shells have a special meaning behind them that evoke great memories so I wanted to have them visible.

Books and wire baskets are the main decor in the living room.

My favorite truck painting is back from a show -  it would be nice financially for it to sell, but I love it in our living room.

I removed about 15 different sized letter Cs from the yellow dish and simply added lavender.

I tweaked the new hallway vignette a bit by switching baskets and quilts.

The green basket was a little too big for the top of the cabinet so it is now on the floor holding one of my favorite quilts - you can only see the blue portion, but it has yellow and green sections also.

A smaller basket sits on the white cabinet and I changed the top quilt.

The yellow Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt was the first quilt I ever made by hand.

We were living in Jamaica, I was pregnant and I made the quilt for my first born, JP.

It is very plain because the stores carried a very limited choice of fabric.

I have since made several other larger Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts in far prettier fabrics, but this little quilt will always be special.

I had no more time, so this was it when our company arrived.

She liked Steve's work and took 4 paintings to Trowbridge Gallery in Ojai - a great move for Steve.

The two ocean scenes no longer grace the living room walls -  by next week they will hang on the gallery walls along with two other beach paintings.

The truck which just came home will go to Trowbridge Gallery in October when she switches to a fall theme.

By then, I am sure I will have tweaked a few vignettes and maybe convinced Steve to paint another large painting for the living room.

It was good that we had company today.

Tomorrow's forecast is for a glorious sunny day and I can kayak knowing that the house is both neat and clean.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. You have such a cute and cozy home! And, it's so fun to see your posts about all the fun you have re-arranging things and making it even prettier. Congrats to Steve that his wonderful paintings will be in another gallery. Good luck! I sure love that truck painting. I can see why you'd be sad to lose it. But, I'm sure he'd probably paint something else wonderful that could take it's place. :-)

  2. Your home is simply beautiful as are Steve's paintings. Enjoy your day today - you deserve a nice rest. xx

  3. WOW your house looks beautiful. Congrats to Steve - his paintings are wonderful I really like the truck also. Have a great weekend.

  4. the colours and decoration in your cottage suit the paintings perfectly!

  5. Good morning dear Carol!

    I am getting that "tingly" feeling again, as I view Steve's paintings (OH THAT TRUCK!) with all the California light shining through so brilliantly! Your cottage, Oh Carol, what a joy. I wish Steve and yourself all the JOY and thrill of making the proper contact with this gallery! How could his work not impress? And what you've done to feature Steve's work in your home is lovely. Your cottage is the perfect gallery itself.

    You've blessed me so much this past week, with your posts and this beautiful book that you so lovingly crafted for me. BIG LOVE! Anita

  6. Good Morning Carol, I am not surprised the gallery owner took some of Steve's paintings, I love the painting of the truck, it has such depth, I could not stop looking at it.
    There is nothing like having company to make me whiz around the house tidying up. I love it when my house is neat and tidy, but I always end up putting things down, then thinking, I'll put that away later, and that later is always a lot later. I should really remember what Phyllis, my mother always taught me.... when you have finished with something put it back where it belongs..... I should heed her advice, but I think I am a little "long in the tooth" to change now.
    Congratulations to Steve, once the paintings are in the gallery I really believe they will sell quickly, as there is nothing like owning an original painting.
    Best Wishes to you,

  7. So exciting for you and Steve, but who would not love his art???? I had a friend to stop by yesterday and I spent almost all of the time apologizing for my house that had not been dusted lately. Thank heavens, it was more or less "neat"! Your house looks wonderful - have fun on the water!!

  8. Carol,
    What an honor to have such a distinguished guest come by. I'm sure she enjoyed all of your home as well as Steve's fabulous paintings!
    Between you and me...I'm sure it was all your tweaking in your CHARMING cottage that really impressed your guest! :-)
    Mary Alice

  9. I always enjoy looking around your place, you have such an eye for getting it right. Congrats on a new place to showcase Steve's wonderful work. I am still in love with the truck painting, I bet it sells fast this fall.

  10. You are the best tweaker! As I try to transition our tiny home to a different phase of our life, I am living in chaos! I am so happy she too some of the paintings. I think they will do well. They are beautiful! My husband agrees!

  11. Your house looks beautiful. I have to say I love the truck, it is so beautiful and colorful. Good luck with the show.

  12. I just love your home Carol - and that Truck painting is just fabulous - the colors are so vibrant !!!
    Great news for you guys - and yes now you can enjoy your weekend :)

  13. It looks beautiful! Congratulations on the gallery!

  14. You did a beautiful job preparing and I love the bright colors in your home.

  15. Big congratulations to Steve!!!

    Have a great day on the water...

  16. He is a wonderful artist! I love all of the touches of lavendar that you added throughout the house!

  17. All the changes look great! I still love that truck painting....the colors he chose for it are just perfect...:) His paintings and your style and love of color mesh so well!
    Love it...Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  18. Your home always provides such a show case to Steve's paintings. I'm glad it was a success although it must be sad to loose some old friends.
    Sarah x

  19. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!! I enjoy your colourful style........that looks sooo beautiful (I also love that truck)!!! Have a wonderful weekend,


  20. Your walls make Steve's paintings pop! I love that picture of the truck, you better have him paint something else because it will be a huge void. Happy to hear she took some paintings with her, did she take any of your painted furniture too:-)

  21. Congratulations to Steve for having his work in that gallery. I LOVE that truck painting. It reminds me of my girlhood spent on the farm. He is really a phenomenal painter. xo Diana

  22. Your home is so pretty and compliments your husbands fabulous work so well. Yes, I have to say, I really LOVE the truck painting. It could be in just about any field here in Oklahoma!

  23. The view with the New Brunswick sign is like a magazine photo!

    I love your spouse's truck painting!!!

  24. Your house and all your vignettes set off Steve's paintings beautifully. I love that truck painting too, it's easy to see why they would want to show it along with all the others.
    Trowbridge Gallery over here is a company that sells beautifully framed prints, I just remarked on it because it's always sounded like such an English name to me !

  25. Doesn't it feel SOooo good when the house is clean? It looks like your little changes reall made an impact and I'm so happy for Steve. More exposure means more people can discover his beautiful artwork.

  26. Oh how fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and how sad, too. My favourite pieces are always what people want to buy and it's so hard to let go...

    Those beach scenes are magnificent. Congratulations!


  27. I adore that truck painting! It is so special. And I also love the red print pillows on your loveseat/couch. I bet she was really impressed with your colorful house too.

  28. Your house is really pretty. I had never noticed before (or I wasn't aware that I had noticed it) but Steve uses colour in the same way you do.

  29. I love company as it makes me 'clean up' and straighten the house. Love all your wire baskets! I would miss that truck painting also...Enjoy it while it's 'home'.

  30. Yay for Steve! I love that truck painting, too.

  31. Neat and tidy - always a good feeling going into the weekend! Your place is lovely - the colours so vibrant. What a great setting for the art!

  32. The truck painting was on my laptop when my husband walked by and stopped in his tracks. He said he liked that and wanted to see more so I scrolled down to find more. He is a fan now! You and your husband seem to walk in sync! Your home of two artists is beautiful, and inspirational.

  33. I love your home and wow, that truck painting is amazing!! I'll be featuring this post on Be Inspired this week!

  34. Your little beach cottage is so bright and cheery! I love the yellow walls and have them in my house too. Love to get things spiffed up. Now it's time to play! Mimi

  35. As usual Carol, your tweaking is terrific! Love that red scale and Steve's truck painting just made my mouth gape open. It truly Is fabulous! So glad things went well. Your home is just so cheery and welcoming. I'm sure your guest adored every little thing! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  36. Always a joy to see your home, Carol. It reminds me a little of my sweet friend's house, Daisy Cottage. So much color and everything that is special to YOU.


  37. Your home reminds me of Daisy Cottage too--You two are kindred spirits. :)

    Your home is gorgeous, I love it. And congrats to your husband!

  38. I love the truck painting too and it would be so perfect in my guest room. I wish your hubby would sell printed copies.

  39. I love that old truck painting too. Lucky woman you.
    Congrats to the husband and you.