Monday, August 12, 2013

Finding Time To Create

We have never had a puppy so the learning curve is huge and the time commitment is even bigger.

I had time to look at blogs, but I have had little creative time since Friday.

Yesterday I found a few great ideas on some of my favorite blogs.

Today, in between walking Little Lulu, playing with Little Lulu and having her follow my every step, I fit in a few little projects.

Inspired by the bottles in a birdcage at Chateau Chic, I looked for bottles in cupboards around the house to put in my one little birdcage.

I have more bottles sitting on a shelf in the garage and I see a project in my future with those bottles, wire, metal shapes and jute.

Steve and I find perfect sand dollars on nearly every beach walk.

We have taken to picking up the sand dollars, but passing them on to strangers who are searching without luck.

It is fun to see the reaction of shell seekers when we offer a perfect sand dollar.

If we don't find anyone on the beach, we set them on the wooden bench at the end of our lane for others to enjoy.

I still have plenty of sand dollars for decorating and  I like how Beachcomber put shells into mason jars tied with simple rope.

Mason jars, shells and sand dollars, jute - I have it all on hand so it was a quick and easy change to our summer mantel.

Steve swapped the beach painting I loved for our little red wagon (rusted beyond salvation) because the beautiful beach scene went to a show this morning.

Yesterday I saw a beautiful potting bench on Stone Gable and it made me think about the weathered little cart I had seen earlier in the day at our neighbor's yard sale.

When Lulu was sleeping, I rushed over and the cart was still there - for $3.00.

My idea for the cart also involved the weathered wood I saw on Knick of Time.

This morning, Lulu sat at my feet while I painted an old wooden door with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor's Silk.

The door is one of a set that Steve accidentally knocked off its hinges when he was putting away his car.

I saved the doors knowing one day I would have the perfect project for them.

I replaced a white knob with a yellow polka dot knob, added a canvas banner I made several months ago and filled up the shelf with essentials for my gardening.

The little cart and red door are on the side of our house that is rarely seen -  the spot where we store our kayaks, kayaking supplies, extra patio chairs . . .

Installing the little bench has me in the mood for fixing up this side of the yard.

If Lulu cooperates, it just might be tomorrow's project.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. OMG I LOVE Steve's artwork - that wagon is spectacular - love it as much as the pick up truck one he did!!!
    Now I have to go backwards to learn about Lulu!

  2. hello
    l'idée de mettre des galets et des coquillages dans des bocaux est superbe
    j'adore les fossiles et les coquillages
    à bientôt
    edith (iris) France

  3. Love that paining. Great for fall. So glad you are enjoying your new family member:)

  4. Love all your projects and than wagon painting is absolutely perfect! I love it. Your style of decorating and his style of painting could not be more perfect for each other!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. Oh my, I missed this post????I kept my eye on my blog roll yesterday, but it hasn't been working properly for days!

    How I love your world, Carol. The shells, the colors, the sun play on your walls....and what I can't see as well. The ocean that you see every day, I can see it, even if you don't show photos. What you DO show, is the poetry that suggests the real thing, that may be out of our visual field. But the heart knows beyond. And thank you so much for coming to visit me; yes, those CALL BACKS are like a lead balloon in your stomach, but thank goodness are usually not bad. I had to share that moment on my blog, to try to make it into a free verse poem. There is another side to this story, that maybe I'll try at another date, but is so poignant and falls into the category of writing from another perspective/voice/point of view.

    LET'S CELEBRATE another bright and sunny day! Anita

  6. You do such wonderful project- even with Lulu dogging your trail (no pun intended-okay-maybe it was). I love that you leave sand dollars for those that can't find them..or hand them off. That is what makes you special and keeps me coming back here. You have a good heart- xo Diana

  7. Oh Little Lulu will keep you busy but it's good to see you getting a few projects done. Love the cart, you made it shine!


  8. ha ha you said puppy and I kept scrolling quickly ...looking for the pup !

    Found her in your prior post / she is just adorable! Just stick her in all your project posts from now on :) Seriously that cart is a steal and look how great it looks now! Would Lulu fit in the basket on the bottom shelf ?

  9. Love your new vignettes! The rustic cart is so cute and was a steal! Glad that Lulu is keeping you company :)

  10. I’m so impressed with all you got done – a puppy is a time-consuming bundle of joy! I love all your pics, and Steve’s wagon painting is gorgeous beyond words!

  11. Such a lovely project. Great bargain too Lulu is adorable. I love her name too!
    We also are raising a puppy. He is now 8 weeks old.

  12. hope you find some time to finish your cart. Enjoy life with a puppy...we got 2 puppies and had 3 children all within 5 years.

  13. Carol,
    Having a new puppy is like when you had babies. No time for much when they are little. Good thing you can do a lot outside and have LuLu out there with you. I bet you are having so much fun with LuLu what a cute and adorable little companion.

  14. Oh my! What fun with little Lulu! I am amazed at your shell story. I would flip to find an unbroken sand dollar. You must know how to look. I love that you will share that way. I'm sure you just make someone's day!

  15. Congrats on your new addition. She is such a cutie! I just discovered your blog and I am in LOVE with your style!!! I am new to the world of blogging myself. Thank you for the inspiration : )

  16. Little Lulu is so happy to have a great mom like you. Your potting table is terrific. Steve's picture is fabulous and looks so great on the wall.
    How nice of you to leave sand dollars for people.
    Have fun with little Lulu.

  17. Oh! Babies of any kind are wonderful...and time consuming! Enjoy! Love the sand dollars in the jars. They are so pretty and I love your story of sharing!

  18. Carol,
    Congratulations on your furry addition to the family. I love your decorating and style.

  19. I love your little Lulu. She is adorable! I hear that labradoodles are very smart. When she's teething lock up your shoes! The other Little Lulu was one of my favorite cartoons in the funny papers! Mimi

  20. I think Lulu will just do any decorating with you! I know how pets can be time consuming, the cat I rescued in July kept me busy for three whole weeks!

  21. Love your beautiful inspiration and your gorgeous interpretations in your own unique style. I am working on (very slowly) a potting bench too, but I find it hard to focus on one thing at the moment !

  22. You put your own special touch on these projects! I love all of these blogs and find inspiration from them, too. I mentioned Beachcomber on MY blog this morning! Sweet hugs!

  23. someday I want to live on a "lane" leading down to a beach! :) I have enjoyed reading about Lulu this morning. I have had a little black poodle (smart smart dog) and now a golden retriever. I can't imagine any two better dogs to "get together". Lulu is so special!

  24. For our swap, maybe you could throw in one of those sand dollars for a person who does not live near a beach - me. I only live near cornfields. I'll throw in a cornstalk if you want. I know the sand dollar isn't green but who cares?