Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creative Chaos

I made an unnecessary visit to TJ Maxx last week ( I love it when they ask if I found what I was looking for - "Actually, I found a lot of things I wasn't looking for!" )  and I could not pass up these  great dishes.

They look innocent - 4 small plates ( small portions look bigger! ) and 4 bowls - yet they created havoc at our house this week.

Nearly every flat surface in the house is covered with broken down vignettes.

The goal was to redo this white shelf in the dining room using the new plates - there is no room in the kitchen cupboards so I definitely did not NEED the dishes.

I searched the house for red, white, and blue pieces for the shelf.

I can't do a vignette without adding my favorite yellow too.

This green and yellow table is on the same wall as the cabinet and I needed to use red and blue on the table to coordinate with the cabinet.

I love that the teapot on the scale brought in all 4 of the colors.

The dining room table looks much better than it did this morning.

In addition to adding the wooden chalkboard caddy to the table, I stole 2 floral pillows from the guest room.

The dining room is now the only "finished" room in the house.

No room has been left untouched in the chaos created by those simple blue and white dishes.

I am headed to volleyball practice so the rest will have to wait and chaos will reign for at least another day at our house.

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  1. HI Carol,
    I love the new dishes. I love, love, love the center piece that sums it up perfectly.

  2. The new dishes are perfect in your cottage! The new vignettes look lovely as usual! Just looking at your photos always makes me happy and brings a smile to my face...:) I feel the same way about TJ Maxx...I always find way more items that I wasn't looking for! LOL

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. I've been feeling that pull towards T.J.'s myself recently! Don't know how much longer I can hold out! :) Your vignettes are wonderful as usual.

  4. Very cute set of dishes! I still buy dishes I don't need - it is kind of like shoes!

  5. Isn't is crazy how a set of dishes can upset the whole house? LOL. Love what you did with them. Absolutely love your brightly different colored chairs!


  6. I can't help it when things jump into my cart in the stores also! Love how it then creates a domino effect! Love the new vignettes!

  7. That comment about TJ Maxx is hysterical!!! It happened to me today!
    Love all the fun colors in your home.
    Happy Soon to be Wednesday!

  8. You just can't sit still can you? It all look great. I love the table.

  9. I don't know which it is... Do I hate it when that happens? OR Do I Love it when that happens?
    Either way... it's like a domino effect. You buy that one little something and the whole house sort of shifts.
    Your dining area always looks so cozy. The way you change the pillows in the window seat, is like accessorizing your favorite dress. You can go many different ways with it!

  10. Oh- I hear you- you bring one new thing in and it can cause chaos in the whole house. That happens with me and lamps~lol Love your sweet dining room. It's wonderful! xo Diana

  11. How gorgeous!! I love the HAPPY colors!! And T.J. Maxx...uh oh...trouble... :)) I never come home empty handed....
    You are an artist indeed, dear Carol....beautiful....
    Have a lovely week!
    - Irina

  12. Good morning dear Carol!

    I am so busy with preparations for school next week; this will be my first assignment at the 8th grade and 12th grade level but I'm ready to learn! I'll be teaching just French as a traveling teacher from the high school to the middle school up the road. Still don't have a curriculum for 12th grade, but the setting up for the middle school is underway. STRESS! So to come here? Peace, relaxation, beauty.

    ENJOY! Anita

  13. SO beautiful Carol - I love that green and yellow table - the colors are just gorgeous - did you paint that like that? Besides all the beauitful items ( eye candy ) I love seeing your hearts scattered throughout :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  14. You crack me up! the work you will do for perfection! You sure do have an eye for the masterpieces you create. Your husband may use paint, but I see two artists living in that house!

  15. i can relate to the broken down vignettes everywhere.. ;)
    gorgeous dining area.

  16. I am forever buying things that I don't need, but like. Your new display on the shelf look terrific. I also really like the wooden chalkboard caddy on the dining table. I have a similar box and am now feeling inspired to make it into something similar.

  17. The dishes are so pretty. I know what you mean I bought a few things for our living room and than realize I needed to find something else to make it look just right. Now waiting for it to go on sale.

  18. You made me laugh. I think this is why I don't buy something new for the house very often. I always think about where I will put it and know it will turn into an extravaganza. Good job!

  19. I love the beautiful order that you created from … dare I say it? The beautiful chaos!

  20. I always think that, too! (When they ask if you found everything...)
    I love all your new, fresh, colorful vignettes! I do believe that you're influencing me with your color ;)

  21. I love your style when it comes to creating vignettes! Very creative! Isn't it funny how one thing we bring home can cause at least a dozen more things to be moved around? That happens to me all the time.

  22. If there's anyone who could make chaos lovely, it would be you! I am so drawn to your dining space...I love the colors. I only have 2 chairs for my kitchen table right now, but when I get 2 more (I'm still searching at junk & thrift shops), I think I will paint 2 blue and the other 2 red and yellow. You inspire me! I love your new dishes...TJ Maxx and HomeGoods are fun, but dangerous places!

  23. I love the bright and pretty colors that you used! I always find more than what I came in for not matter how hard I try not to! Have a great day!


  24. I love your primary colors in the kitchen! The dining chairs are cool! Sorry I barely looked at your new dishes because my eyes went everywhere else. Love the basket of linens, and the yellow and green table and of course the red scale!

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  26. The dishes are beautiful. I absolutely adore your use of primary colors throughout your home. It looks like the most cheerful place on Earth!

  27. It's funny how a few new things upset the apple cart. You will get it figured out. I love your colors and the centerpiece on your table.

  28. How many times have I come home with something I didn't need? Your primary colors are so happy. The new shelf vignettes look great, and I like your new dishes. Have fun with the continued process.

  29. I love those simple plates and bowls. How funny is it that every time we buy one thing we need to change verything else around!

  30. You never know what you may find in TK Maxx. (It's called TK here although it is the same store!) Your purchases have made a great vignette. Has your old school started back yet? Your days always seem so full, you must wonder how you ever had time for work!
    Sarah x

  31. Those are the perfect dishes to match all your primary colors. Great color combinations.

  32. Carol,
    The more I see of your blog, the more I love it!! I absolutely adore that yellow and green table, so shabby perfect looking.
    I had to laugh while reading, you sound just like me. I always find things that I didn't know I needed/wanted while browsing the stores.

  33. I can't tell you how much more I love seeing pictures of your home than those that are all neutrals or white. Colors lift the spirit, and nobody does it better than you do!

  34. I love those blue and white dishes what a great find.They look old!Love all your pops of color!

  35. Ha, ha, isn't it funny how one simple purchase can cause such havoc? They were a 'must have' that's for sure! Whenever they ask me that at T.J's I answer. "Uh, I wasn't looking for anything". lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Always love your pops of color!