Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not my usual color palette

My attic is that place where everyone tosses things, but never puts anything away.

I went up to the attic about 10 days ago to clean and purge and have been on a "USE IT" kick ever since.

I have been wanting a change in our bedroom for quite awhile and have been looking at  Pinterest for ideas.

And then, I found this quilt in the attic.

I had forgotten we even had it and don't remember when we used it - I think it was in KC's room right after she went away to college.

I brought the quilt and shams down from the attic and made the bed with some Rachel Ashwell sheets I found with the quilt.

My colorful striped dust ruffle would obviously not work so I went back to the attic and found this white dust ruffle I made about 15 years ago.

Colorful striped curtains no longer worked with the pastel quilt so I hunted and hunted for the Martha Stewart cafe curtains that were on the windows before the stripes, but I only found one .

Why would I only have kept one panel?

But, the day was saved by looking in the stacks of fabric where I found enough white fabric for new cafe curtains.

I switched a long bench that was in front of the bed with my mother's cedar chest - I wrote here about painting it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White.

I moved my favorite little green chair from the living room adding flowers, a hand towel which was a gift from a special friend and my mother's frog - there is a fun family story about that frog and I am pleased that I was the one to receive it.

I changed the colors of jewelry on the plates, but the hands are holding necklaces in reds, blues and oranges - I might leave them as they are.

I would have been finished with the entire project yesterday except for these two blogging women.

Jennifer of Godstellations commented that she couldn't wait to see the new curtains and all I could think was that my curtains were going to be really plain.

Then I went to June's blog, Laughing With Angels, and read her post,  I'm a lace kind of girl.

After seeing all her lovely lacy linens, I had to do something to liven up my plain white curtains.

I am a self taught crocheter and do what I want, so I made up my own pattern for crocheted edges.

The edging on each curtain is different and that was intentional.

There are still some changes I want to make in the bedroom, but with Steve I have to move slow and make him think things are his idea.

I want to remove the tall bookcases and put in low bookcases that are out in the garage- the winning reason will be that he can display a large painting over the shorter bookcases.

Until that change is made, I at least need to redo the shelves because the red basket looks out of place.

I have a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Greek Blue, but I have been procrastinating painting the dresser - I think the reason is because I really want to find something different.

Truthfully, at the back of my mind is changing our bedroom back to the larger bedroom right next to the studio.

I mentioned it yesterday to Steve and am letting the idea "percolate" - I'll bring it back up in a few days.

Definitely not my usual color palette, but I like the soothing colors and simplicity of our little bedroom.

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. I think it's adorable. Good job!

  2. Carol...it is beautiful! Definitely different from your usual style but I like it. The colors are great for a bedroom...:) Thant quilt is very pretty and I love your white curtains with the One day I am going to take time to learn to crochet....maybe! Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. It looks so light and summery! The flowers looks so pretty in that galvanized vase and I love the curtains!

  4. I can't believe what you accomplished in a day - Wowza! It looks very fresh and inviting like a Summer breeze. Well done.

  5. I love the colors...sort of muted beach colors! It's very quiet and sometimes we need that!

  6. It looks very nice and is a big change from before. It looks summery and cool! I like it a lot- xo Diana

  7. It's all so fresh and pretty! Don't you just love changing things up once in a while?! How wonderful that you found so many great treasures in your attic, around the house, and in the fabric/yarn stash. Your curtains are so cute! I can't believe you whipped them up so fast! I love that chair. The colors on it are fantastic. So much fun! :-)

  8. Soothing, thats exactly what I was thinking! I love the new look. I think it will feel so relaxing at bed time! I am all about reusing things I have around here, or buying antiques. I love the curtains. You are ultra talented. Or is that uber. All I know is I would have had to shop for those or go without. They are amazing. Wish you were my neighbor. Bud.

  9. I love quilts and bring them out in the winter months...even though it's not cold here. You keep everything so neat and clutter free! I love your gorgeous jewelry. If I ever visit you....check my pockets before I leave! heeheehee! Sweet hugs!

  10. Carol,
    This room looks adorable. I love the softer colors. I think the bedroom should be a place of peace and you still have your colors just quiet in tone. I think that dresser is amazing and with a little paint, oh girl that could be so great. Why get new when you have that lovely piece right there. New knobs and a paint job and you will feel like you have a whole new piece. Love the curtains with the crocheted trim. Beautiful.

  11. Very pretty. I love Rachel Ashwell linens. I had one of her quilts on my bed for a long time. I still have sheets from her line.

    I think the crochet trim is very pretty. I love the fabric you used for your curtains.

  12. I really like the softer colours very soothing but I like to change things but men don't like things to change ever do they.

  13. Did I hear yo say you move slowly??? Or is that just when it comes to changes involving Steve? Your bedroom looks so pretty with all your changes. You must feel like you have a whole new bedroom.
    Mary Alice

  14. I would love to get a look around that attic. It seem to be filled with treasures. I love that you could change the look for free.

  15. What a soft and lovely room, that quilt is beautiful!

  16. the soft colors are relaxing and inviting. Beautiful quilt for sure

  17. I think your changes are delightful ~ when can I come for a visit?!?!

  18. I like the change, it is so soft and relaxing. I'm with Kris, I think yo should paint the dresser - would be stunning and look so good with your new set. The curtain are great - good job on the lace. You are one talented lady.
    Sleep good tonight.

  19. Love the changes, very restful. Now you have me wondering what you will do next, especially with the paint and maybe ... a room change.

  20. The verdigris of that green chair and the amethyst of the flowers are beautiful with the muted colors in the quilt and shams. You did a fantastic job in there and I'm sure your other change will come about in time!

  21. It's very pretty and soothing. I like your joyful bouncy colours better though... but both looks are beautiful.


  22. The change is very calm and cool looking - and we're having a bit of a heat wave here, so cool is on my mind!

  23. I love your new bedroom look! In fact I love everything about your cottage and your husbands Paintings!! Loved the new café curtains with the crocheted trim. Are they dotted Swiss?
    Debbi (Orlando)

  24. Cool, soothing, and inviting! It looks great!

  25. Your room looks so cozy and bright. I used to change things up often as well, but I drove my kids crazy with all the moving. It was my way to clean.

  26. It looks gorgeous Carol - your bedroom looks so cozy and inviting - and I just love that added crochet edging!
    I'm constantly shopping at home - love it when I find things I'd forgotten I had - and love them all over again :)
    AND YOU HAVE AN ATTIC???????????
    I'm jealous - completely jealous of that fact?
    How much more perfect can this cottage by the sea get?

  27. Don't you love shopping in your own home? Just the best! And to think you have quite the stash.. impressive! I so dearly love the detailing of the crocheted edging and am impressed that you taught yourself that craft! The quilt is wonderful and was a great jumping off point to create a whole new ambiance in your room. You did good, girl!!

  28. I love that pastel palette very much for a bedroom.

  29. Really pretty. It looks so peaceful.

  30. I LOVE THE CHANGE! But of course, I too am a lace girl and a gray/white gal with touches of color. Carol, you must have a MAGIC ATTIC! To find such a quilt and other goodies, well then, it must be fun to spend an afternoon with you! I totally enjoy my visits with you and isn't June at Laughing with Angels so talented? YOU ARE TOO!

    Happy Wednesday, Anita

  31. i love it when we can shop the house and create beautiful changes as yours!!!...and love that chippy metal chair!

  32. I am in LOVE with this room of yours...wish I had things in my attic! That chair is amazing..and love your lace curtain idea. xo

  33. I like the soft colors too for a change. I am in love with your yellow jewelry plate stack. So funny and so true how you say you are letting Steve think it is all his idea.

  34. I just have to find a way to make it up into your attic Carol!!!!!!!! Wonderful things come out of it. That quilt and shams are so lovely. I LOVE how you dressed up the curtains with your own beautiful crochet!!!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog letting me know about the link to mine. You are so sweet!
    hugs from here...

  35. Love the quilt and the little crocheted edges on your curtains. Shopping in our own homes and re-using old stuff is best kind of shopping experience. It looks peaceful, lght and airy. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment today. I really appreciate. I'll have to come back to see more projects!

  36. Gorgeous. I love all the vintage items and the linens are fabulous. Great chair too Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  37. I love that you were able to get a completely new look just by using what you already had! Great job. And I LOVE that little green chair!

  38. :-) Thank you so much for mentioning me AND for finishing the curtains! Your room is beautiful (all your rooms), and I absolutely love how you are taking the finds from your attic and using them in your spaces. I'm a sucker for pieces with stories and history, and would love to hear that frog's story if you ever feel inclined to share.

  39. I think it's fun to break out of our little boxes sometimes and try something new - even if it's a different color palette than what we're used to. I think it looks peaceful and calming - and it can always be changed! Love your curtains and the creative edging.

  40. Hi Carol. Your room looks so pretty. I love color too but certainly do enjoy a bit of softness and peace in a room for a change. I think the cedar chest is just perfect. I, too, have a similar story of one that my dad made in high school. I have been wanting to paint it for some time, now you have given me the nerve!!.Happy Wednesday..Judy

  41. I love that you redid the room with things you already had! I once brought some thing down from the spare room to use in the living room while my hubby was sleeping, he thought I purchased a boat load of new stuff. It is fun to use things in a new way. Thanks for sharing, Laura

  42. It looks gorgeous and soft..Oh my I wish I had an attic filled with goodies like you do!


  43. You crocheted the edges of the curtains! I'm impressed and I like the dust ruffle you made. I love to rearrange things like you. It's so much fun and you have such cute things.

  44. Get out! You had me rolling when you were talking about what you were finding in your attic and how you just whipped up those curtains! You amaze me! The transformation completely rocks...And I know that it isn't your usual color palette but it looks fantastic!!! And I see that you have a love for jewelry like me! Ha! Can't wait to see more.....Awesome!

  45. Hmmmmm, shopping your own house. Sounds familiar. lol I love what you did.

  46. I love the changes you've made.. those are my sort of colors, I love palettes that are easy on the eye and soothing! xx

  47. You have been very very creative
    I admire your courage to make your bedroom in a style
    you thought was n't yours but is now !
    It must be very ZEN to be in that space !
    I hope one day I can do more of that too .
    Yesterday was my first new step
    I went to the neurologist !
    Next week an MRI scan
    I am filled with HOPE !

  48. It's always fun to change things up every now and then. I like the quilt you used. It really was the starting point to the whole room, wasn't it? I think that is a very relaxed feeling room now.

  49. Carol,

    The first thing I noticed WAS the crocheted finish on the curtains - how ADORABLE!! It's all they needed to make them just a tiny bit more special. I love the new look, it's softer, quieter and more serene, which is what you want in a bedroom, right? I remember reading about your mother's beautiful cedar chest and it looks just perfect here. A very charming change!


  50. oh, you're treading into troubled waters bringing in new colors and all...Before you know it there won't be any red yellow or blue left in the house. Then Steve will have to change the colors he uses in his paintings....

  51. very lovely! :)


    p.s. on going giveaways on my blog! :)

  52. I like the new look Carol. It is especially nice for summer. Light and airy. I am moving really slow on the guest bedroom in our basement. Going with a bit of a different color for me too. Love the chest at the bottom of the bed and the crochet edging is the icing on the cake!

  53. It's very soothing, summery, airy and restful. What a gorgeous quilt! The curtains are just perfect with that crochet edge as a finish.

  54. Beautiful quilt, it is very calming and lovely.