Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

The plan for today was to paint our dresser.

The saying goes, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".

I woke this morning in such pain that a trip to the doctor became the order of the day.

A cortisone shop and instructions to curtail my walking and take it easy for the next few days definitely did not allow for moving a dresser and painting it.

So, I took time to smell the flowers.

One dozen long stemmed red roses.

 I sat at the table plotting my day now that painting was out and 

 I noticed my favorite candlesticks- the only wedding present we still have - and thought about April 3, 1971.

We were kids - Steve was still in college -

who had no idea where we were going or what we would do to get there.

We thought we would live in San Diego forever and dreamed of buying a house in Mission Beach.

My aunt told me many years later that when she met Steve at the wedding her first thought was, "he's cute, but what will he amount to?"

All she saw was a "surfer dude" with a part-time job whose only possessions were a couple of surfboards and an old VW.

We "grew up" together and had great adventures along the way.

After three years of marriage, we picked up and moved to Jamaica as Peace Corps volunteers.

And, surprised everyone by giving birth to JP while living in Jamaica.

We settled back in San Diego still unsure of our course.

Two weeks after our sixth anniversary, Steve came home to tell me we were being transferred.

Our Ventura adventure- 

Steve started a branch of the company from scratch and we knew no one.

Thirty-six years,

four different homes,

the birth of KC,

a return to college for a teaching credential and masters degree for me,

Steve changing jobs 3 times so our children would graduate from high school with their pre-school friends,

Steve returning to college for art courses when his company dissolved and outsourced everything to China,

the fulfillment of our dream to own a beach house,

a totally new career as an artist for Steve, 

and lately, 

our bodies falling apart from too much play and too many adventures,

People are warning us that when I retire in June we will drive one another crazy.

No problem - I already drive Steve crazy!

Maybe our long marriage comes from not having the best laid plans - they would have just gone astray.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Such a sweet story!(apart from the cortizone!) You are truly an inspiration. Two peas in a pod.

  2. I just loved this. What wonderful adventures and stories to tell. Love the past present photo at the end. Love it! I think it's fabulous that you were in The Peace Corps....bravo!

  3. So sorry you are hurting. But your dining area is looking so darn cute:)

  4. So sorry you woke up in pain, drat! But love seeing your lives in pictures and hearing about your exciting adventures. I could eat at that table everyday, your house is so cute! And the roses, just right for a girl in pain. Mary

  5. Sorry to hear you woke up in pain and had to have a nasty ol' cortisone shot. I love the pictures of you and your hubby from way back when and hearing some of your life story. :-)

  6. I'm sorry you were curtailed by pain, I know the frustration that will set in for me when I am hampered and not able to follow through on my plans. I loved your story and seeing the pictures of you and your husband.

  7. Oh sorry about your pain...and the trip to the doctor. But congrats on a healthy and long marriage!
    ...I love reading about it! Pat

  8. Love this post Carol. What a sweet stories and memories. Sorry to hear about your trip to the doctor hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. Congratulations! Glad you are hanging in there for retirement and hope your back is better soon ;)

  10. I love this love story girl . OMGOODNESS I love those photos .. the thens and nows .. brought tears to my eyes.. The journey is awesome and HOW blessed you are . SO happy for you guys and your journey .. I pray that GOD gives you oooodles more years together and I hope he is still surfing and I LOVE that you have that beach house.. YOU know that is my dream The old BUCKET list dream for me.............SO awesome

  11. a beautiful story.. brought tears to my eyes too.
    love the photos.

  12. "Grow old along with me... the best is yet to be." Lovely post, Carol. I'm learning that each day is an adventure as long as we look at the sunny side of life. You seem to do that well.

  13. such a charming story, carol! take care of yourself:)

  14. Congrats to you and your hubs! I did try to have a long first marriage and did make it to 25 years but it didn't work out! So happy it did for you!
    I'm pinning your picture of the table and chairs, so pretty!

  15. What a great story! It is wonderful when couples "grow up" together.

    There are several former PC volunteers in Juneau - I admire them (and you!) so much for your service. Steve is a wonderful artist and I'm glad he pursued a second career.

    And your house is lovely!

  16. As everyone is saying this is such a special post. I love your life story together and as you know I admire you so much. I also am lovin the shelves over the windows.

  17. I enjoyed reading your love story. :-)

    I hope you're feeling better today!

  18. I sorry you awoke to so much pain and I hoped it has eased off now, but it was lovely to hear about your happy life together through all those years!
    Sarah x

  19. That is wonderful to hear about your long marriage together. It sounds like y'all are still going strong and made a good decision(even in your youth) to be together. Don't you just love proving people wrong? Do you have bursitis? You mentioned pain and a cortizone shot with rest and no walking. I get it in my hip from time to time and can relate to the pain. Mine usually goes away with rest though. Hope you are feeling better now!

  20. Hope you are feeling better.

    Congrats on your anniversary. My hubby and I were married Nov. 1970. I was still in high school and he in the Army. And yea we heard it wouldn't last. Something I would never tell anyone.

    Love the pictures of you and your hubby.

    Don't believe anyone about the retirement thing. My hubby and I haven't driven each other crazy yet. (Did I tell you we are waiting for the birth of grandchild 2?) We do all sorts of things together even if it is just me riding to the farm supply store with him. I love retirement. I haven't had time to do all the things on my list, but there is plenty of time for it all.

  21. Love the trip down memory lane. Great share of photos. We already drive each other crazy. I can't imagine when we're under the same roof for 24 hours 7 days a week. Whew

    Getting old ain't for sissy's as Betty White says

    Hope you're feeling better today!

  22. Maybe your long marriage is because you are a really good match. Sounds like you've had fun along the way and that matters alot! :)

  23. What a fabulous love story! Loved it. Nothing held you back...I love that you were both open to constant change.

  24. WOW I have tears reading this one. What a tribute to a good marriage this post was

    ( I think they come when you marry the right person / simple as that )

    Many of us do not but how blessed are the ones that do
    ( doesn't mean THOSE blessed ones might not have struggles but I think that an underlying friendship must hold the right ones up ? :)

  25. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. But this was such a sweet post. You two followed your hearts, and let your love for each other keep you afloat when the floods came.

  26. It's nice to learn more about you and what you've done. I'm am in awe! Hugs!

  27. What a sweet post! I loved reading every word! And i keep thinking that retirement opens some wonderful opportunities! You've obviously lived life to the fullest, and your adorable house in all of its vivid color is a testament to that!