Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Four Hours . . .

Moving everything to the my new workspace in the garage left my Ikea Expedit in total disarray.

The alphabetical organization was fun - guests usually end up in the guest room looking at all the little bits and pieces and even questioning my placement of items.

But, it is time for a crisp and clean look.

None of my alphabet collection was moved to the garage since they are used for vignettes rather than creating.

I sat on the sofa in the guest room staring at the Expedit waiting for inspiration.


Letters are scattered along the top of the cabinet.

To fill the boxes, I gathered books from all over the house.

I decided this was the space to showcase some of my collections -

hands . . . blocks . . . clocks . . .

and a few favorite family treasures.

The ceramic tobacco canister was my father's and I can picture it sitting on a similar shelf in my childhood living room.

The glass container holding my number collection was my grandmother's.

You can faintly make out the raised letters of PLANTERS PEANUTS.

 I broke a corner of the glass several years ago, but I could not bear to part with it so I used clear packing tape to mend it.

This worn out little school slate was what my grandmother carried to school everyday in the 1880s.      

It took 4 hours to achieve this look.

All my large letters are in one place when I want to create a vignette.

I'd like to say that I was done.

The guest room cabinet is organized, but I created havoc on shelves in our bedroom.

I have several baskets full of odds and ends I removed from the shelves - where am I going to put them?

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. looks amazing a job well done!
    bec x

  2. it looks great! i love your letter collection.

  3. I love all your letters--they are awesome. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to collect all of those!

  4. I'm so impressed with the job you are doing! Arrange so nicely all those things! Great result!

  5. Looks amazing Carol. Love your letter collection, but my favourite items (treasures) are those which belonged to your grandparents. The 1880's school slate is adorable...:))

  6. The end result is fabulous! I really loved the alphabet idea, too -- so clever!

  7. Wow, you've got a great eye for putting that bookshelf together - in both looks! That's an impressive collection of letters too!

  8. Thanks for sharing, it looks wonderful. I would love to get up close and inspect all the little treasures gathered. I could look forever.

  9. This just looks so nice. I love your letter collection. Jean

  10. Hi Carol,
    The letter are awesome. This looks so great. Great job. Love it.

  11. Looks great! Love your numbers jar and your grandmother's slate, you have such treasures! Mary

  12. Love all of your collection together! And what a collection too.....Beautiful!

  13. I love it. It looks wonderful! I just love all your collections, and having your grandmother's slate from school, that's special!

  14. Hi Carol,

    So nice to meet you! Your makeover is magnificent! Love all your different collections, especially the cute clocks, your grandmother's mini blackboard, and the letters on the top! LOVE the colours and charming style going on in your home; your living room is so cozy! Going to take a closer look around...! :)

    Following you back,


  15. I like it much better even though the alphabet cubbies were clever.

  16. This is organization at its finest! I love all your little cubbies, especially the ones that hold your family treasures. Great job.

  17. I love it. I especially love the letters across the top.
    I don't have very many letters...but years ago I worked in a sign shop. (neon signs) and I had two letters that I brought home. I wish I still had them...I don't.
    This cubby shelf is really awesome. I love that little slate and the fact that it has sentimental/familial attachment.

    I love it.
    Getting close, huh.

  18. Looks FAB!!!! Thanks for joining my party.....Deb :) Vintage On A Dime

  19. It looks awesome! I love those Ah ha moments! You nailed it! What I really find so wonderful here are the treasures of the past...the school slate and the tobacco canister are just amazing pieces that I am sure just warm your heart whenever you see them! 1880s?!?! That is amazing! I hope you have a great weekend friend!

  20. Love your reorganization! Great collections you have...I love hands, too.

  21. Looks absolutely wonderful!! Love the sweet chalkboard-I have incorporated old WWII binoculars into one of my vignettes. Holding on to these priceless treasures is so important!
    Have a great weekend!

  22. I call it "if you give a mouse a cookie" effect!!! Take apart something to rework and it only seems to leave another part is disrepair! The ol' domino effect! This project ended up looking so pretty with all the elements complementing each other. Love the letters on top of the cabinet .. good call!

  23. Looks really great Carol! It must have been fun, those four hours! The family heirlooms are just priceless.

  24. Love it sweet C! Nothing better than decorating with family keepsakes!

    Now...make that tote bag. I used a tote I found at Ross a few years ago as my pattern. Just cut it up and used the lining as my pattern!



  25. Looking at all your treasures in the cubbies is like shopping at a boutique! I love your marvelous collection of letters stretched out along the top of the unit. How fun!!

  26. These were certainly busy but creative four hours!

  27. I've always loved that shelving unit (love Ikea was there yesterday for hours - I was exhausted by the time we left!).

    It all looks awesome!

  28. Out of all of this wonderful eye candy and collections I have to say that my favorite is the 1880 school slate! That is just phenomenal that it has remained in your family since then and that you have it :)

    ( I am often saddened at things that I pick up at our local mission store that might be a precious bargain to me but should have stayed in a family as a precious heirloom )

  29. Tis is just amazing! I popped over from Brenda's blog where she was featuring your cottage, and I am in love. Sooooo cute! This is such a clever idea, too.



  30. What fun to look at! Great job and so many treasures, Grandmas chalk tablet and Dads tobacco jar. How exciting to be moving into a new work space. PS: I bet your tussie mussies for Mayday are fabulous!


  31. I've come to visit from Brenda's blog and I'm in love! What a wonderful blog you have. Your home is bright, cheerful and fun. Looks like I'm here to stay!


  32. Oh Carol - what amazing things you have -
    That chalkboard ( slate ) that your grandmother used for school is absolutely PRICELESS!!!

  33. What a nice place to display your collections! The letters are cute on top. Love the slate heirloom!! Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  34. That is a cool collection and so worth the time to put it all together!

  35. What a fun idea! I like the alphabet collection because I'm a former elementary teacher. Alphabet books were once a passion. '-)
    Your new vignettes are equally as charming. Love this idea. Wish I had a spot to copy it. ~ Sarah

  36. Carol, I love your letter collection! Must say, I am drooling over that large 0. Letters and numbers are so fun. Love how you use them in your vignettes. I have been collecting a few, but nothing like yours. Hope to show them off in the basement. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Love the new look!

  37. You have an extraordinary collection - love the slate that was your Grandmother's! What a treasure - isn't that the way it goes - to clean and reorganize, first you must make a big mess - at least that's what works for me! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  38. Hi Carol, just hopping back to let you know that I am featuring you at SYC.

  39. I just adore all the color and creativity in your home.