Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the garage . . .

 I need a place to create.

I need that place to hold all of my supplies so I don't have to go in search of things in the middle of a creative streak.

I have moved into the garage.

Don't feel sorry for me that I have been relegated to the garage- I'm happy with the arrangement.

The doghouse would be another story.

Actually, I wouldn't mind a little house in the backyard to escape.

But, I digress.

I took all my supplies out of Steve's studio,

the Ikea Expedit in the guest room,

the armoire in the living room,

and put everything in the garage.

This organization is the result of 2 weeks of searching, sorting, and tossing.

It would have taken less time had I not found little projects to create along the way.

Last night I stayed up late, way too late!

And, finished putting things away.

These black drawers from TJ Maxx are the only item I purchased to get organized - I had everything else in different spots.

These books by Jo Packham were my inspiration.

She is amazing - I think I own every book she has written.

The first thing I made when I started putting everything away was the dream banner.

You can see that our garage is cinderblock circa 1928.  

I want to paint the entire interior white, but that won't happen soon.

I want to paint the cabinets white, but I have a volleyball tournament this weekend. 

Maybe next week.

The doors were removed from the cabinet by Steve, accidentally.

The other night he was putting his car away and didn't notice that one of the doors was not quite shut.

He hit it (Black Beauty is fine) and took the door right off.

He apologized profusely, but I actually am glad it happened.

I would never have thought to take the doors off, but the supplies inside the cabinet are much more accessible now.

My sewing machine is pushed back, but when it is pulled to the edge, it is a perfect height for me to stand up and sew.

That might not sound comfortable, but my back aches less when I stand up to sew.

I see a baby quilt and some pillows in my future now that my machine is at hand.

 Ribbon, tape and baker's twine are hanging on string from an old plate rack.

Wire . . . ribbon . . . envelopes . . . trinkets . . . all are close at hand.

All my supplies are in one place, I have discovered duplicates and triplicates of things, and will probably never have to buy supplies again - not going to happen!

Across from the workbench I found room in our tiny garage (a tiny  1928 cottage means a one car garage) for more supplies.

I moved lots of things around so I need to make new labels and organize each drawer better.

I have space to create on the workbench and I can find everything.

Two projects are ready for the weekend - a little wooden crate will become a colorful napkin holder.

And the little boat doorstop needs repair and paint.

The doorstop is special - my sister painted it for my mother in kindergarten - the letter D stands for my mother Dorothy.

All in all, it has held up pretty well since it was painted 61 years ago!

One last photo that should get you wondering.

When Steve sold images of his paintings to Firestone for wine labels, they added into the contract that they would give him 2 cases of wine for each new bottling.

Today he picked up 12 cases of wine.

Everyone on the lane was quite happy today.

As they drove down the lane, they stopped to see what we were doing with all the boxes and everyone left with a couple of bottles.

I told Steve he has to deplete the bottles in the white box first.

I had planned to store paper on those shelves.

Our garage is now officially the home of Black Beauty, my creative space, and a wine cellar.

Anyone want to come over and create with me?

We can crack open a bottle of wine!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. Looks great - amazingly organised. I bet you'll be able to create even better with having all your supplies to hand in one place instead of scattered about...

  2. Good Morning Carol, I am hoping this is not a second comment as my computer decided to "have a funny turn" and not send the original comments I posted.
    Carol, your energy amazes me, you are always so busy and so very creative. It must be lovely to have your own work space to enjoy, with everything in it's place. You have been very clever because if the creative gene is not working (I cannot imagine this happening to you) then there is always a bottle of wine on hand to help to get the creative juices flowing again!
    Have a lovely creative weekend.
    Best Wishes

  3. Wow, Carol, that is some amazing organization! You've got a fantastic space all ready to create in. My garage is *supposed* to be my work space, but over the winter (and Spring, apparently) it's just too cold out there, and it's in a pretty disastrous state right now. You've inspired me to at least attempt to get things in order out there. Now I need some nice weather so I can put the door up! Thanks for sharing your wonderful space.


  4. fabulous space, carol! have fun creating...and sipping:)

    1. Okay, don't think my comment went through. You did a great job making space in your garage. Can you come help me with my space.

  5. Glad Steve backed into the cabinet doors, hope he stays away from the wine bottles!!! I think you're going to really love your new space! Mary

  6. What's your address? No, really, you've inspired me to get my office/scrapbooking/sewing room organized. Thanks for sharing!

  7. wow, that looks like a lot of work, but it's so organized, and if you get have plenty of liquid.

  8. I am in route now! I love your storytelling and photos-I love your new space too!! I have always wanted my own "away," space if you know what I mean! I am hoping for a greenhouse someday...

    Happy Weekend!

  9. You are going to get so many takers on your invitation! I am so impressed with this space you've created! And I love that little boat doorstop, it's darling. I'm sure lots of good things are going to come out of your new space, not to mention the pure enjoyment you'll have.

  10. Oh what fun, crafting and wine! You know I'd be there if the commute was shorter!

    How on Earth do you find time for all of this sorting and rearranging!

  11. Very inspiring. I have quite a job ahead of to get where you are.

  12. Yes maam, I'm ready to create. I like red wine. and white is ok sometimes.

  13. Okay ... Where do you live??? I'm coming over... And I will have to sleep over... Cause friends don't let friends drive very tipsy:):):) lol!!!! Love the space ... Thanks for coming to see me at my blog... And I hope you found something there to get your engines reved up!!!!! Hugs- Sandra Kaye

  14. That is a great set up! Love how organized it is and hey if you get thirsty well.....there's wine :-)

  15. OH friend what I would do for a glass of wine right now as I listen to the industrial fans blowing in my lower level! Your space is just awesome! I am so happy for you that you will have a space to create and work! I have never read the books you mentioned...I should check her out! I was laughing when you said that the door got knocked off and you didn't mind because things are more accessible now! Kinda how I feel about one area of our basement...the drywall is coming out because of the water damage but while we are at it we are going to take out a closet that literally stands in the middle of the room and without it we will have more room! Always evolving right??? Have fun creating!! I hope to be back in the swing of things soon!

  16. What a Great Studio Space you have Transformed your Garage into! I'm in the process of slowly converting my Storage Cottage into a Studio since The Son took over my Art Studio Cottage when he moved back to the ole' Homestead... it turned into a Babe Magnet the way I had it Decorated so I'm afraid he's never moving out now! *Winks* So glad to have discovered your Colorful, Cheerful Blog!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. Carol,
    This is an amazing space for you now. You are so creative and needed a space all your own. You wowed me!!!!! I think you need a creative space warming party and well you have the wine!!!!!! Crafting and wine good combo!!!!!!

  18. Your new 'studio' looks fantastic!! A great space to create and great wine...what could be better? :)

  19. wow, I am impress with your space, I would like to have like that too.
    Visit and follow from Happy Friday Blog Hop.
    Thanks for link up at my blog.
    Have a nice day.

  20. Your new studio looks like a very organized place where lots of creativity can happen. Everyone deserves a place of her own to store all the necessary craft items. It doesn't have to be big or fancy just a place to be alone and let the creative juces flow. Glad you have yours.

  21. This is a great space. I plan to turn my garage into an "atelier" later... For now, the garage is amess holding lots of stuff because of the renovation that seems to never be finished!

  22. Your space looks fantastic. I think it's god for us to have our own creative space. I need to see if I can find the Jo Packham books....I could use some inspiration myself. Thanks for sharing!


  23. How organized your space is!! I'm impressed. No matter what I do, I can't get my "stuff" to look neat and orderly. I just don't think it's going to happen.



  24. I'd love to come over and craft and drink wine with you! Now with all your craft things in the garage, do you actually craft in there, or do you gather up what you need and move indoors?

  25. Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit... in answer to your Question, the Sweet Salvage Events are held for four days once a Month starting on the 3rd Thursday and running thru Sunday. Each Month it is a different Theme and it is not only Fun but very Inspirational and well received by the Fans that make Monthly pilgrimages to seek out Found Treasures.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  26. Congratulations on getting everything all together! I have things all over the house.. fabric in the guest room, fabric and batting in the hall closet. Paper goods and miscellaneous in the dining room buffet, paint and all kind of stuff in the garage. I have room to put it all together, but I tend to like to work in the more open, light filled rooms, not a small bedroom. I'd rather drag stuff to the dining room or family room to work on a little project. I admire all your hard work and can't wait to see what you create. Cindy @

  27. What a great space you have created Carol. The banner is so cute. I can't wait to start decorating my space. I did make a little mini create banner and hung it from my vintage typewriter. Next I think I will decorate some tin cans for storing small items. Isn't it funny how good ideas come from accidents? Taking off the doors, yup; meant to be. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. Gorgeous! Good work!

    And all that wine...

  29. I love a good organization post!! You did a fantastic job with it. I wish I had a nice space like this to organize all of my craft stuff.

  30. I'm not sure about how much crafting would be done once you opened a bottle of wine. I had to smile about Steve removing the doors by accident. Our driveway at the old house was on an incline so one day I came home pulled into the garage and heard crunch. The husband had left the bottom drawer open on his big Sears tool chest. I immediately bust into tears because I knew he'd be angry. My mother in law was with me so I think that saved me. Husband came out and re-arranged the drawer and it went in fine. Whew! We have a black beauty too.
    Nice space