Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Garden Room

After school on Friday I headed to the nursery.

My artistic outlet for Saturday was to create a welcoming space in the garden.

When you live in a little cottage, the garden acts as another room.

I began behind Steve's studio.

This area definitely feels neglected during the school year because it is the least viewed spot of the garden.

The recessed area was a fire pit, but we stopped using it when we added on the studio due to its proximity to the house.

Moving on, I worked on the center of the yard.

Everything will take time to fill in, but it is nice to see color instead of weeds when I look out the window.

A little signage in the garden . . .

The SC in the gate is a replica of Steve's art logo.

One of his vendors in Mexico (from manufacturing days) made the gate.

It was CHEAP to have made, but it was 4 times the cost of the gate to have it hung.

The garden is getting there.

The "room" is ready, it just needs sunshine and time to be in full bloom.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I love your outdoor space! It would be a perfect space for alfresco dining as well. Fab plant selection too.

  2. Good Afternoon Carol, Your garden is going to look beautiful when the flowers bulk up. I love taking photographs of plants when they are small, to then see how they have grown the following year. Our back garden did not have one plant in it, well I tell a lie it had a foxglove and that was it, but buying small plants and seeds my garden has really grown. I just need some taller hedges now. I love the gardening process, it always makes me happy.
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best Wishes

  3. Oh yay! I'm glad it's that time of year to see pictures of your outdoor garden. It always looks so pretty and inviting!
    Mary Alice

  4. I'm so jealous that you're out in the garden already with flowers blooming! We just got another 3 inches of snow... *sigh* at least it melts fast now!

    Love your garden room!

  5. It's all so pretty, I love seeing all your sunshine and blooming plants. Great job!

  6. Loving the color in your garden, I'm so excited that it's finally turned warm here in Virginia and I've put out a few plants - love this time of year!!! Mary

  7. Oh, I do envy you that garden! I love the French blue paint on the window trim outside. It is a charming space.

  8. Lovely garden area. Your stone path is so pretty with the moss in between them.

  9. Carol, I just love your charming cottage garden. I would rather have that than the humongous yard we have to take care of.

  10. Wow!! I'm envious!! What beautiful country gardens.

  11. What a beautiful cottage garden! Life to the full! Melissa

  12. So beautiful! This is the kind of cottage garden we all dream of. I can definitely imagine sitting out there with something sweet to drink.

  13. What a lovely space! I really like the shape of the arched doorway.

  14. Carol,
    Your outdoor space is so sweet. Love it. Oh I can't wait to see some flowers too.

  15. what a beautiful outdoor space you have created! now time to relax

  16. Your sweet cottage just looks like such a fun place to live.

  17. I like your cozy cottage and gardens . . . I am looking forward to a nursery trip as soon as the snow flurries come to a end. The first photo of all the colorful plants cheers me on into some springtime happenings . . .

  18. OHHHHH!!! It is absolutely awesome! Where do I start!!! You are so right about creating an outdoor room! I have a thing for gardens like yours.....starting with the gate that leads you into that sea of green there! Holy cow! And I will tell you garden has so much filling in to do too...but what is cool about your garden is not only the colors but you have outstanding textures in your space! Just love it! Wish I could pop over and sit in a chair with ya! Great job lady!

  19. I love your garden and it really feels like a room when the sun is shining, doesn't it? Spring seems to finally makes its entrance in Brittany.

  20. Your outdoor living room is beautiful - I love it! I'm anxious to get out in the garden, but It's still too chilly and wet to do any planting up here.

  21. Cute yard and very interesting plant I have never seen before!
    I'm jealous of your advanced climate ~Minnesota Junker

  22. Carol, I am blessed to have several large gardens; however I miss the coziness of a garden room. You have done this perfectly!!!! I love the feeling that it is an extension of your home :) Just blogged about your pillow!!

  23. Miss C...perfectly done my talented friend. I do not have a green thumb...I wish I did! I struggle with our gardens but at least I try. Thank you so much for visiting me AND the inspiration to create beauty outside as well as the inside.



  24. Love it when you show us your cottage and garden. It's just wonderful.

  25. Your garden is beautiful! What a lovely place to sit and relax!You are so lucky to have such a special place!

  26. gorgeous garden spot, carol! love the gate and your stone patio:)

  27. You rocked the place, it's an oasis! I like so much what you did here, I'd like to feature you and your backyard. What about a guest post on my blog? If you're interested shoot me an email.
    Have a lovely day!

  28. I consider my outside space an extra room also. We spend so much time out there. Would much rather eat outdoors than in. Your space is going to look gorgeous when summer gets here!

  29. I love your Garden Room. Looks very inviting