Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want

A new Restoration Hardware catalogue came last Friday.

Flipping through the thick catalog, my eye was drawn to this room.

from the Restoration Hardware catalogue

I love clock faces.

I'm not sure why, except that I love numbers and circles.

I also love letters so this room with oversized eye charts elicited a sigh from me

from the Restoration Hardware catalogue

as did this room with the subway sign.

from the Restoration Hardware catalogue

The chairs are definitely NOT my style, but they are certainly conversation pieces.

As much as I love the Restoration Hardware look, I know I won't ever have it in my home, for a couple of reasons.

First, I can't see myself spending $1200 on a clock, even if it is amazing.

Second, marriage to an artist with a home studio/gallery means my walls are not always mine to decorate.

But, don't feel sorry for me that mine is not the final say in our wall art.

I spent Sunday night away at a conference.

When I returned home, the entryway painting had changed from this painting of a vintage Mercedes in the jungle of Nicaragua, 

to this 'hot off the easel' painting of houseboats in Sausalito.

We rode our bicycles across the Golden Gate Bridge in the summer and I made Steve stop and take photographs of the colorful boats.

I love primary colors and the red, yellow and green houseboat stood out among all the other houseboats.

I may not get to copy the looks I see in my favorite catalogues, but Steve fills my walls with memories.

And, in the long run, I guess I really do get what I want.


  1. Lovely art! RH is so nice, however, sometimes too expensive for certain things! Thanks for the inspiration photos.

  2. He is really good. I would love to have revolving art. I got two of those ridiculously huge catalogs. They have to cost a fortune to print.

  3. Restoration Hardware is amazing, but I'd take a wonderful painting from your husband any day. Love the latest one he hung for you.
    Mary Alice

  4. Why spend a fortune, when you've got gorgeous art made for you right there? (Extra special!) Love it! :)

  5. I know how you feel! My husband is an iconographer, and our walls are covered with icons. We do have other artists' work in our home, but there is no room for one more piece!

    I want to hang a quilt on the wall in our bedroom, but our marriage icon is in that space. I can't complain, however, there are worse things than having too much art!

  6. You are a lucky dog! I like the way those catalogs look, but for how much it would cost to deck your home out like that you should have a home that doesn't look like everyone else.

  7. Ohhhh to have a wonderful talented artist right in your home. What a wonderful gift each of those beautiful painted memories are. Beautiful.

  8. At least your home is unique, the ever changing canvas of a wonderful artist.
    Love the R H pics though as we don't get Restoration Hardware over here (well, I don't think we do !).

  9. I'm doing a "restoration hardware via goodwill" sort of vibe at my house now. I LOVE color - and I paint as well. But after years of color - lots and lots of color - I'm going neutral in over half my house. I'll still keep color in 3 rooms - with plenty of white in 2 of them. But, if I get tired of neutral, I can always add color back to the mix! Your husbands work is great - and I like your attitude.