Monday, September 17, 2012

Day At The Beach

This is where I spent my work day.

Every year, 
on the third Monday of September, 
I attend a conference in Avila Beach at the San Luis Yacht Club.

The conference,


is for Activity Directors from the central coast of California to network.

We meet at the yacht club, because we are able to use it free of charge and it is a halfway point for all of us.

In addition to all the great ideas I get for classroom lesson and school activities, I love my short getaway to Avila Beach.

I live at the beach.

But,  I do not live in a beach town.

Ventura is a beautiful town on the coast, but most people in Ventura do not live at the beach.

Avila Beach on the other hand is a charming little beach town.

It is just a two hour drive from Ventura.

We stayed last night at the Inn at Avila Beach and shared dinner on the deck with my colleagues.

Our view from the deck was the sparkling ocean sparsely occupied with mid-September tourists.

Actually, one of my colleagues corrected me and said that few tourists visit Avila Beach.

Pismo Beach is more of a tourist destination because the freeway runs along the ocean.

Avila Beach is off the beaten path and frequented by locals.

It was a beautiful day in Avila, a lovely drive through the golden hills of the central coast and now I am back at home relaxed and ready for another week of work.

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