Saturday, September 22, 2012

Enjoy It

When I got home from school yesterday I told Steve that I just wanted to spend time at home this weekend.

The hardest part of being back at school and coaching volleyball is that my house is not 'perfect' during the week.

At breakfast, I flipped through a digital copy of Homebound Magazine from Post Road Vintage. 

Oh, my!

What lovely photos and inspirational ideas.

I decided I would move a few things around and 'spiff up' the living room.

First I moved my sewing machine base from its home next to the sofa to the other side of the room by the chair.

I moved my antique record cabinet from one side of the sofa to the other.

My little red ladder and red pole lamp ended up on the other end of the sofa.

I can't believe the difference in the room by just moving 3 pieces of furniture.

Decorating the glass top sewing machine base proved to be a bit of a challenge.

With the glass top, the tips of the 4 legs always look funny when viewed through the glass.

I always try to cover them up by whatever is on top of the table.

I tried several different vignettes and finally ended up with a look I like.

The red, yellow and blue cabinet was useless to the right of the sofa because I couldn't open the door.

Now, on the left of the sofa, I will be able to use it for storage.

By moving it, I realized I need a new lampshade.

That will have to wait for next weekend.

I'm not totally sure about the height of the little red ladder to the right of the sofa, but I like having the pole lamp for reading.

I guess I will live with it for a few weeks before making any changes.

When JP got home, I asked him what he thought of the changes.

He looked around the room and said, "I don't see anything different."

Steve walked back and forth through the living room multiple times while I was cleaning and moving.

He didn't notice any changes either!

I notice even the tiniest change, but they are clueless.

My last touch before I sat down to read and look around my room was to change my little scrabble tiles.

Steve is now cooking dinner and I am doing just what I said I should do -

enjoying my house.

I hope the neatness will last through the week!


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  1. I like your little changes. They look wonderful.
    I change things up too and The Honey hardly ever notices. Since he has retired...we are together all the time now. So hardly ever a time for me to fluff and fiddle in private. So when he does have time away-- he immediately (well, not immediately but soon after settling in at home) usually asks...what'd you do while I was gone? I know you changed something. :) I love playing little games like that!

    Now that you pointed out the vignette on your glass table... I'm curious what it looks like uncovered. What is the big deal with the legs showing?
    Maybe you could cover them with something on tops of the legs BETWEEN THE LEGS AND GLASS. So that the surface is clear? Like bottle caps, lace pieces, Large buttons, Cork pieces cut to fit, collected coasters from a diner or even a crocheted or quilted coaster. Just a small bit between the leg and glass.
    That is just a suggestion. You didn't ask... but after you mentioned it... I just had to offer! :) Pat

  2. I could sit in this room and be happy forever. I think it's perfect. I adore your buffalo check pillows! I saw red lamps similar to yours at IKEA but didn't buy one. Now I think I should have!

  3. It looks so cozy and comfy in the room. I love your checked pillows and the color it brings into the room. I am a white and cream girl but I have always wanted to added red to a room and I love your living room with the red ladder and lamp and pillows to bring the color in. So so cute. I also love changing the rooms around in my house too. I get bored with things being the same ole so I get it!!!! By just switching things up it feels like a whole new room and it does not cost a dime. Love it!!!! Beautiful.

  4. Isn't is so fun just changing a few things around? It makes it feel like a whole new space! I love your room-everything looks great!!

  5. I love how moving a couple of pieces makes you feel like you have a whole new room! Easy inexpensive way to redecorate. I think your red ladder is perfect in that corner since the pole lamp gives extra height. You have such a delightful home!
    Mary Alice

  6. What a gorgeous room - love how the window opens out to your very own section of paradise!
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!

  7. Your room is adorable and looks so comfy. Love all the details that you added. The white couch is so nice and the fact that you can change out the pillows-I love it!

  8. Lovely changes!!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  9. Thank you for visiting. I just became a follower. I love your blog and your cottage they're inspirational! I'd live with sand on my floors too if I could live at the beach. Looking forward to get to know you. ~Amy

  10. Don't you just love making little changes here and there? I'm so overdue for that! I love your sewing machine table and the little red ladder. Everything looks wonderful!