Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nothing To Do

I awoke this morning with the wonderful feeling that I had nothing to do.

That is not exactly correct.

I have lots to do.

I just don't have anything I have to do.

The third week of school has just ended,
I am settling into my routine,
and we have nothing on our agenda the entire weekend.

Our morning began with our usual walk on the beach.

After breakfast, I worked in the garden which has been feeling neglected since school and volleyball season began.

I knew I should weed and spruce up the garden, but it was a beautiful day so we grabbed the kayaks

and walked over to Little Beach for a paddle.

Back home, I still didn't feel like doing much so I sat on my bench and read.

I was beginning to feel a little lazy and guilty.

Steve was at the store buying the ingredients for his fabulous beef stroganoff and I was simply relaxing.

I decided that dinner in the garden was in order.

I found an old tablecloth and chose my favorite Sabre polka dot utensils.

I took an old watering can and filled it with flowers from the garden.

I have not written a blog post or even looked at my favorite blogs for almost two weeks.

With the table done, I decided to write a post and spend a little time getting inspiration from my favorite bloggers.

The best part - it is only Saturday and I still have nothing I have to do on Sunday.

I just might repeat my Saturday... walk on the in the

That sounds pretty good!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week-end to me. You worked all week and you deserve to do nothing.

  2. Sounds so relaxing.
    Kayaking sounds like it might be relaxing and even energizing at the same time!

    We're having warm temps ...until today (last night actually) a northern wind blew in and the temps went from being in the 100's being in the low 90's today...nice and breezy. We still took a dip in the pool. I have enjoyed our pool this year.

    Your table looks lovely. I love the rusty old can and the flowers.

    ...enjoy your relaxing weekend. Pat

  3. What a great way of spending the day with a fitting end with a good meal in your garden. The table looks so inviting! Hope you had an equally relaxing day today.
    Sarah x

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you've settled into your school routine and had time post, always love to hear what you're doing. Beautiful table and where did you find a man who cooks ;) Mary

  5. Another day in paradise !
    I hope you are enjoying a blissful Sunday too.

  6. Oh that sounds like the best week end plans ever!!!! Enjoy life and your table looks so inviting and probably made everything taste even better. Beautiful patio and that beach walk ohhhhhhhhhhh so lovely.

  7. Sounds perfectly delightful!! I think I need to move next door to you.
    Mary Alice

  8. Your day sounded wonderful to me. We need that kind of day sometimes.

    Your garden and table outside look so nice. Pretty table setting.

  9. YOU go girl...hope you really enjoyed and relaxed this weekend!! xoxok

  10. Don't you just love those days when you give yourself permission. You're photos are beautiful. I can almost smell the sea.

  11. Sounds like an absolutely blissful day!. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I have just signed up as your newest follower & I look forward to pooping back soon!

  12. lovely pics, kayaking and dinner in the garden :-), lucky you,over here in the highlands dogs get their beach walks but thats where the similarity ends, too wild and windy to kayak and to eat in the garden.

    Annie x

  13. Wish I had someone cook for me. How nice to enjoy the outdoors while eating. Sorry, I have not commented lately. My blogroll disappeared when I changed to a .net. I was looking at a blog this morning and it was showing a garage of colorful art canvases and your blog popped in my head. I am slowly getting my blogroll added back one by one. Have a fabulous weekend.

  14. Heaven! Good to have you back - (and be back myself)!