Wednesday, December 11, 2013

At the table . . .

 In addition to decorating the house for Christmas, my December goal is to set a "Christmas" table each night.

I need to keep a table cloth on the table because since Thanksgiving we have had our homemade extension piece on top of the table and it is just plain, unstained birch.

The dining room table is a continuous argument/discussion because Steve has always hated the small size of the table and I have always maintained that the small room needs a small table.

It is nice to have a larger surface and I like that we can leave the centerpiece on the table while we eat.

Last night I used a twin quilt I found cheap at TJ Maxx for a table cloth.

Rarely used green plates were paired with checkered napkins and polka dot flatware for a fun Christmas table setting.

I found little poinsettia plants at the 99 Cent Store and repotted them in mini red and white pails.

I am enjoying being able to mix and match various sets of dishes for a different look each night.

Yesterday I ordered this tablecloth from H & M Home and can't wait for it to arrive.

I have fun red and black square plates and bowls that will look great, but I think I need to buy the off-white flatware I saw at Cost Plus World Market - Steve would disagree about the need for more flatware!

Who knows what dishes or flatware or tablecloth I will use tonight, but no matter what, we will


. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  2. Oh Carol! You are getting me super excited about adding just ONE more element today to my table. I have a pewter plateau with mercury glass votive holders, but I just need a little green garland and pine cones to place and it's perfect! Your cottage is so light and full of California Christmas cheer! I can't wait to go for a couple of days soon!

    Much love, Anita

  3. What a fun idea and I hope you will show more of your tablescapes. You have such pretty dishes. I am not fond of cooking and setting the holiday table has always been my favorite part.

  4. Your table is completely lovely! I cannot get over you are setting such a table every night! How blessed your family is to have you.

  5. Love the festive table setting. Love the splashes of red and green and the polka dot flatware is my favorite.

  6. I love that you are celebrating the season with a festive table each night! I am going to clear the junk off my table and set it today! Love that Eat, Drink and Be Merry dish, I have a coffee mug that says that!! Great new tablecloth and yes you do NEED the new flatware! Hugs, Linda

  7. Love that you set a different festive table each night. Everything looks terrific Carol.

  8. :D I love quilted tablecloths, especially when folks use vintage quilts. Your table looks great, and the tub is so festive! Too, too cute.


  9. Festive and fun as always! :-) I used to set the table and fancy it up all the time. I love doing that! But, I seem to have gotten out of the habit. We find ourselves sitting in front of the TV to eat most of the time. Your post is inspiring to get back into it. I had no idea H & M had more than clothes. That's interesting. I hopped over and took a peek. How fun that you're able to mix and match dishes for different looks.

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  12. Great price on the tablecloth, looked and looked but just didn't find anything I wanted, now it had been regular price I could have found a lot of things. Love your Christmasey table.

  13. Ok first off...there is an H and M home store??? Where have I been?!?! I love the idea of setting the table each night in December! It looks beautiful with your green plates Carol! When I took pictures of our home for December I left out pictures of the table because the beans always destroy it! One day I will be able to put pretties out on the have inspired me for that day!!!

  14. What time is dinner? Your ever changing table settings will make any meal extra special. I love the idea of using the quilt as a table cloth.

  15. So pretty! The bigger table is nice for having people over and also for the centerpiece, love that Eat Drink and Be Merry tray. Okay, be careful at World Market ... you know how dangerous that place can be :)

  16. Loving all the pretties at your Holiday table! The tablecloths are absolutely gorgeous and sets off your place setting so prettily! The mix of the green plates and polka dot flatware is so charming and perfect for a holiday tablesetting:) Thanks for sharing with us! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Hugs, Poppy

  17. What a great idea to set a Christmas table each night. I'm sure I could handle decorating our T V Trays! LOL Your settings are so pretty - all of them. Don't know if I have a favorite yet.

    Thanks for sharing.


  18. What a lovely table centerpiece for Christmas Carol!!! I think having a special table setting every night is a wonderful idea. I wish I was better at keeping my table cleared off so I could even attempt it :))))
    I also loved seeing the memories you have decorated your tree with. It's beautiful!

    Your comment meant so much to me and I'm so grateful you would come by and say hi.
    sending hugs...

  19. I enjoyed some of the amusing comments above. I got a giggle from your "Steve would disagree about the need for more flatware" statement. I never thought to use a twin sized bedspread as a tablecloth and am putting that idea in my pocket for safe keeping. A different setting everyday in December as in the 31 tables of this idea and you are just the one to do it.

  20. Carol, I am amazed - I can barely get the service on each night to eat. I am definitely not creative in the tablescaping arena. Yours are so pretty and so inspiring - my Christmas dishes are still up on the top shelf and haven't seen the light of day in a couple of years. Maybe I should at least try to get them out this year.... Thanks for showing us how easy we can make it... Cathy

  21. That quilt make such a pretty table cover! I love the Christmas tablescapes and that eat, drink, and be merry tray is so cool. You always find the most unique things. Looking forward to seeing if you get the new flatware! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Vicky

  22. What a lovely idea to set a Christmas table every night! Your table settings are always so pretty!

  23. Your home is looking so festive Carol! I'm loving the quilt for a tablecloth ;)

  24. I love that shade of green with the red! So perfect for the season.
    I'd love to eat there each night!

  25. Love that you used a quilt for your table cloth. Your table looks so pretty with the red and your green dishes.

  26. What a nice idea to change the table scape each night! It's like celebrating each night of this month. I have those green plates and am using them tomorrow! I only have four but love the color.

  27. You're amazing, Carol!!!! I have a challenge coming up with one festive Christmas table setting, and you do a different one each night??!!! Love all your different settings and ideas.
    Mary Alice

  28. Hi Carol,

    Love your 'Eat...Merry' tray with the greenery and Santa, so charming and sweet! The warm green of the last table setting coordinates so beautifully with the Christmas reds and white! How lovely to sit at my favourite spot in your house and enjoy a wonderful dinner in such holiday ambiance!


  29. Your table is so pretty! Beautiful setting! Merry Christmas!

  30. What a wonderful idea having a different table theme every night, Carol! I love your green plates mixed with the red and white; very pretty, very festive! The little tray is cute too. Thank you for sharing this at my "HOME for the Holidays" party.

    Christmas blessings,

  31. I love it!

    Maybe you need one of those wooden tables that fold. My Aunt had one and it was cottage style. She kept it small and folded, unless she needed more seating. Come to think of it my mother has one too. Something like that would look really sweet.

  32. I would love to set a pretty table ahead of time, but I have to keep my table simple because two of my kitties are very naughty. They think if there's any kind of table covering, it's for them to roll around on and then sleep on. We have tried everything - saying loudly "down!" every time they get on the table, gently taking them down (yes, a gazillion times on both of these) and even using a water bottle squirter. (Which I hate doing - I feel like I'm being cruel and it makes ME feel bad! So I just couldn't do that anymore.) So anyway...I just go with keeping my table simple most of the time. The things we don't do for our pets!

    1. Oops, typo...I meant to say, "The things we do for our pets!" Take out that "don't". :-)

  33. Your tablescape is so pretty. I love how festive it is and to hear you do it every night. Wow!

  34. Art and Sand,
    I love your festive Merry Christmas Tablescape witht he poinsettias repotted in the pails!!!
    I might be borrowing this for a similar idea for Christmas 2014 when we host Christmas On Crooked Creektt!
    Thank you for your sweet visit and kind comment. . .you blessed my soul!!!

  35. I love the shade of green od your plates and I think it's such a great idea to combine things differently every evening.

  36. Just love the Eat, Drink & Be Merry Tray!

  37. How fun that you can change it up each night! I love all your combinations. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

  38. How cool to repot the 99 cent poinsettias to fit your decor needs. Your table is beautiful!

  39. I've got some mismatched leaves for my table, too, and a tablecloth works perfectly to cover it all up! I love your polka dot flatware and can't wait to see your new tablecloth! We normally eat in our kitchen, but I like to dim the lights in the room and eat by candlelight during the Christmas season.

  40. Such a pretty table, those poinsettias were a great deal. I'm loving the tablecloth you ordered. I'm looking forward to seeing it on your table all dressed up. Thanks for visiting me!