Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Steve and I stayed holed up inside yesterday because it was so cold - 52 degrees.

I know, many of you consider 52 degrees warm right now, but we can be wimps about the cold.

With a fire in the fireplace to make the house cozy,

I finished decorating the tree and then tackled both the front and back yards.

I saw a cute post about decorating with socks on The Quintessential Magpie and remembered that I had mittens in the attic from a Christmas garland a few years ago.

 Metal letters spell out Christmas on the mittens - there wasn't room for M E R R Y.

Last week I painted the Merry Christmas sign on an old cabinet door.

I couldn't get the polka dot knob off, so it remains on the cabinet door.

The metal tree is a favorite purchase a few years ago and was the only Christmas tree in the house for all the years we were traveling during the holidays.

The back yard table is festooned with branches we chopped off the bottom of the Christmas tree.

A little cross stitch heart garland I made years ago found a home on my old chipped window.

The house is decorated, the tree is up, Steve hung the lights, both the front and back yards have a little "Christmas".

Now I have to get busy baking, shopping, wrapping . . . I guess I won't be relaxing this week.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Carol, I can totally relate about the cold - it was in the 50's here grey and drizzly yesterday and we were freezing so commenced to baking - with the help of our grandkids. Hot chocolate, cookies, lots of laughter and we didn't even notice the ugly weather... Your house is looking a lot like Christmas - I love what you have done.... Cathy

  2. You're all decorated, looks great! Glad you got to sit by the fireplace, isn't that always the coziest?!

  3. It is raining here and chilly! I must admit to being tired of all this rain but It could be a blizzard so I'm not going to complain. Love your tree and the mittens are so cute. I too loved the post using the socks to decorate!! I had three blog posts in my reader with the same title as yours. So funny! Hugs, Linda

  4. We're SoCal wimps too! It was cold this weekend! I'm don't think it even reached 50 here yesterday. Brrrr! Your decorations look wonderful!

  5. i love all the garlands. really love the mittens. so fun & very festive. stay warm. ( :

  6. Bright and pretty and adorably Christmas! Love your beautifully decorated tree and the mitten garland; so creatively Carol!! :-D


  7. Love all your vibrant colors that you use… Just beautiful and says CHRISTMAS all over everything. Keep warm girly . SOUNDS like a cool one there. HUGS and blessings wished your way …oxoxoxox

  8. 52 degrees sounds perfectly delightful!! :-) Where do I begin...the mitten garland is adorable; love that greek metal tree; fabulous sign on the cabinet door. Fun, Fun, Fun stuff!
    Mary Alice

  9. No matter how much time, we always seem to have lots to do! Your decorations are lovely!

  10. We got 8 inches of snow yesterday and we're having an ice storm today, so 52 degrees feels balmy and warm to me! ... Your home looks so lovely! Love the painted cabinet door and your garden table!

  11. LOL! The last two nights we've had lows of MINUS 5 here... May I politely say I hate you?!?!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather ~

  12. Carol, send me some of your cold weather, so that I can warm up, LOL
    Your decorations look wonderful. There is something about decorating the house at Christmas that always seems
    more cozy, than the rest of the year. I love that cabinet door that you painted and your glove banner is delightful.
    Enjoy the stores, shopping is always fun this time of the year when everything is all decked out:)
    Keep Smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  13. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for joining up all your beautiful decor on my first ever linky try!!!! Oh to see and feel 52 would be great. It is really cold here in the midwest!!! Just sayin!!! Can you blow some of that 52 temp our way!!! I will take that over what we have now. Stay warm and cozy and wait for the warmer weather to come. Just tell mother nature HEY this is California we do not do 52!!!! Ha Ha. Thanks for coming to the party and your decor is so pretty. I love the little yellow and white knob on the cabinet door.

  14. I love that magic attic of yours that just seems to produce just the perfect thing you need!

  15. I love your sign from an old cupboard door-so perfect! I hope you find your copy of Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates-it really is quite a little treasrue, isn't it.

  16. Carol. I love your sign and think the polka dot knob is just an extra bit of fun. We are hardly above zero here today so I will gladly change weather with you- xo Diana

  17. Your tree and front and back yards look fantastic. I would have thought it would have be warmer than that where you live, we hate the cold too it has been quite mild here in the past week.
    Sarah x

  18. We wear shorts here in Wisconsin when it reaches 52. Oh my, you really are wimpy there. It was only 9 degrees when we cut our Christmas tree on Sat.
    Wear layers!!!
    Your decorating is gorgeous, I love all the color and how charming it looks!

  19. Isn't it nice to have a cozy fire and no where to be. Love the mitten garland and your door sign. xoxo,Susie

  20. It looks great Carol! Everything looks so nice and I love the mitten garland. You just gave me an idea! Your tree is so sweet. I am not a cold weather fan and 52 is cold to me too. Sounds nice to have a cozy fire though...:) Have a blessed evening.....Vicky

  21. Yep. You are a wimp about cold but so am I ...and the funny thing is, it's been in the low 30s here and I'm always freezing when I'm not having my hot flashes hahaha
    I absolutely love what you've done to your home. It's so warm and colorful. And hey I wanted to put mittens up too, but I ran out of time. I think those are so precious.

  22. Oh Carol, your home looks so inviting and warm. Love all your decorations - great job.
    I am freezing to death also - look like Nanuck of the North LOL even the dogs are cold. Hate to see my gas bill -
    I am finished just need to clean up.
    Happy shopping - love the house.

  23. Love your mittens and the ribbon! (Btw, I'll let your 'its cold' comment slide, because I like you-lol! ;)

  24. Looks like we all want to tease you a little bit about that 52 degree comment! I got a kick out of you having a fire in the fireplace at that temperature. lol
    Looks like you are all decorated & ready for a happy & cheerful Christmas! I love the mitten garland.

    Stay warm!!

  25. Carol I love so much about your decorations I have to go back an view it all again. Such inspiration here. I love your MC sign and the mitten garland is darling. Love your tree too. I know what you mean about the temp and normally 52 is cold for us too, but this week we are freezing and had an ice storm with freezing temps. I can't get warm and have piles of extra sweaters on and blankets on the bed. LOL Just not used to this.
    Wishing you a wonderful week and stay warm. Hugs, Celestina Marie

  26. Your home looks beautiful! Looks like you have done a lot of work! Our temp Saturday was 8 degrees so 52 sounds like a heat wave! LOL


  27. As you probably figured, 52 would be a heat wave for me right now (northern IL). It is zero degrees right now (8:45 PM)...-16 with the wind chill! Wanna come visit? ;-) I'm enjoying seeing all your decorations!

  28. I know when someone lives in a warmer climate they get as chilled as we Northerners do, so I get it. Love your tree and Christmas mittens are so wonderful I want to squeeze them. As always, I leave here Happy.

  29. Carol, your decor is just beautiful! Your tree, the outside is all amazing. Filled with LOVE and lots of HOLIDAY spirit! Thank you for sharing.

  30. I just adore your style. Fun and full of color just the way I like things. How could we ever live in those all white homes? The mittens are perfect. Such a cute idea. Come by Friday and link this up on the blog hop. Please oh please.

  31. It all looks so Christmas-y! I love it.
    I like all the colors on the trees, glove garland (SO CUTE!) and around the porches and yard.
    We were at 37° today...with no winds to speak of until makes all the difference in the world!
    Stay warm- Pat

  32. Yup, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You are all festive and it looks so warm and inviting. I know that you are not use to the cold. If you had went out tonight here in Alpine, (which I had a party) it was a -3. You would have turned into a popsicle. lol!

  33. Love your new sign and the metal tree, but are all those things ok outside, does it never rain there either ?

  34. Everything is so pretty. Fun to have a real tree after all those years. In the 50's on the coast is pretty cold since there's so much moisture in the air. Seeps right through your clothes. Mimi