Thursday, December 26, 2013

Playing With My New Christmas Toys

80 degree weather left our Christmas tree shedding on the floor and dried out so today's mission was to take down all of the Christmas decorations and clean house.

I looked at the task in a positive way by thinking of all the fun I would have finding homes for my new Christmas toys.

Steve hates to shop and had no idea what to buy me for Christmas so I went to Save-On-Crafts, Amazon and Etsy, filled the shopping cart with "ideas" for presents and sent him the links to each shopping carts.

I also took pictures of items in some of my favorite shops in our little downtown area.

The string of metal hearts from Palermo in Ventura now adorns the entry way cabinet and the 2 vintage napkins (oh how I wish there had been a few more) from Etsy sit in a basket of other colorful linens.

I love numbers and I love wire baskets and have been eyeing the set of No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 baskets at Save-On-Crafts for over a year.

No. 1 is under the coffee table bench holding the 2 new books from Amazon and No. 3 sits next to the fireplace holding wood for our winter fires.

Steve surprised me with the telephone wire insulator he found in an antique store so I put it on the table by his chair along with a few things he got for Christmas.

The wooden box with metal drawers will not end up in the living room, but I like the look and am leaving it out until it finds a place in our big January project.

My mind keeps going back end forth on the tall metal candlestick - love it on the green bench vs. hate it on the green bench - for today it stays.

The palmistry hand Steve bought me on Etsy to replace one he broke still does not have a home nor do the set of mismatched candlesticks.

I was not expecting Steve to buy me all the things on the list so I am not sure where I will use these 3 left over pieces, but I am sure they will find good homes when I start a big project next week.

I can't believe I worked all day yet I didn't finish so tomorrow it isn't playing with my new toys, it will be all work and no play.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Oh my....what a sweet and generous hubby you have! I'm sure you were like a kid opening all your treasures....:) I've never visited Save-on- Crafts before but I'm off to do so now! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Don't work too hard today.....Vicky

  2. what a great way to shop. a way to make sure you get all the must haves you have been looking forward too. do you do the same for him? ( :

  3. I'm not ready to take down Christmas yet but will be soon. I have a new container and am looking forward to more sorting and tossing and trying to organize it better so next year it will be easier to decorate.

  4. Darling Carol,

    Where can I begin to say how happy I am to have spent time with my family in SUNNY Southern California? To see Santa Monica again, but to come back home to snow? It is all a mysterious journey, this longing to travel, but the longing to come back home. You have done as such, having decorated every day, preparing for your loved ones to enjoy a Christmas at home. But now the new year calls and you are still planning and arranging. I love it.

    Save-on Crafts is a gold mine and I must check it out. Oh how I wish I could tell you the stories of the two cottages we were invited into during our stay in WHittier California. We went walking our morning walks and two lovely families invited us into the most magnificent homes! Maybe I'll post on it.

    Peace and FUN is what I wish you as you unwrap the new year. Anita

  5. Carol,
    I love all your new Christmas presents. All your little vignettes are so sweet. Enjoy that beautiful weather.

  6. Your treasures are adorable Carol! I, too, have never heard of save on crafts but will definitely check them out.

    It's funny...not long ago I would circle items in clothing catalogs as a 'hint' for hubby, but no more. I leave him to his own devices now, and I must say this year he done good :). Having said that, most of the time that's not the case.

    Have a wonderful weekend playing house, and may your new year be filled with goodies galore!

  7. Love your new toys! Steve did a great job buying your picks! What a great way to let others know what you would like without picking it completely by yourself. Love the number baskets. Can't wait to see more. I will be enjoying one more Christmas celebration with my best friends this weekend and then will be taking down my Christmas next week! Looking forward to getting a new start in January!

  8. You received some wonderful presents! Have fun playing.

  9. Love your new gifts you did good by picking out your own things lol. We never even put a tree up this year, and I am so glad we didn't. With the power outage for so long it would have been just a tree standing in a corner with no pretty lights to turn on. I took down what Christmas things were up, on Christmas day. With no power there wasn't much to do.

  10. So fun, Steve gave you everything on the lists: good husband! I look at his painting of the harbor and honestly can hardly believe that someone could paint something like that, it's so far out of my brain's ability to do, so glad people like Steve have the gift, it is really awesome. Love your new numbered wire baskets, books, hearts - you had a great Christmas!

  11. All your new toys are perfect for your cottage by the sea. You have a generous Santa. ;-)
    Our tree is still up, but will start the process of taking things down and packing up this weekend. I want to enjoy the twinkle of the lights for a bit longer. It's fun to see how you've added the the new pieces into the ambiance of your charming cottage.
    Enjoy yourself!

  12. How sweet - we usually exchange gifts the same way, by giving each other a list. We each always add very extravagant things & very simple - more than we could ever get, so we'll still be somewhat surprised. This year we had decided not to exchange gifts at all because we plan to do some major remodelling this spring. We couldn't do it though, we both ended up buying books & a few little treats.

  13. Carol ~ It all looks wonderful! I am particularly drooling over the palmistry hand and the Coastal Living 'Beach Houses" book. I can't wait to see what your big January project will be!
    Hugs ~

  14. PS ~ love the new header picture!

  15. You got some wonderful things to play with. I sent my husband links for clothes. :)

  16. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  17. What a lucky girl are you!!
    How about the tall candlestick from the coffee table on the left side of the table where the metal box of drawers is, instead of the white one that is there? Seems like the colors would pop the colors in Steve's painting very nicely.
    Can't wait to see this January project!

  18. Wonderful gifts! I like your shopping style and will try to copy it next year.

  19. How cute! He did a great job shopping your wishlist. You have some great gifts there!!

  20. Wonderful gifts. I can see that you are having a lot of fun playing!

  21. What a great idea to have your list ready for your husband and even better with him buying everything! X

  22. So many wonderful gifts! I know you'll have lots of fun with all of them...over and over for a long time. It'll be fun to see all the wonderful ways you use them. I just realized this morning that I need to take our decorations down soon. Seems like we just put them up. The season sure has flown by! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Your Santa was very good to you! I enjoy my Christmas decorations but it is also nice to take put everything and start fresh. Your home is looking lovely, as usual.

    Can't wait to see what you do next.

  24. OMG, I so enjoyed this post!!! Save on crafts, seriously is the best. I have been finding holiday treasures from them for years. This year, purchased on sale, magical sounding 3 words, the best most perfect branches. Snow flocked, glittered and gorgeous.
    But my precious fur kids Max and Simon adored them too. Need I say more ;^)

    Your husband with his gifts sounds like mine... after 34 years you might think they would hear all those hints!!!

    In Philly we have had our share of roller coaster winter weather rides. Last weekend on Sunday it hit 70... spent the weekend at the shore with the grandchildren, honestly didn't need a jacket. Now it's very cold again. snow flurries, a strange winter so far.

    Keep it up with the sweet, endearing posts,
    May 2014 bring happiness and sweet memories,

  25. I love your hearts and wire baskets, what great gifts. Happy New Year to you!

  26. Beautiful gifts! Perhaps I should do that with Brian (send him links to what I want)'d think that after all these years of marriage that he would know what I like, but I suppose that means I think he's a mind reader and I know that men definitely are not! I do have a wish list board on my Pinterest page and I've showed it to him before, but umm, don't think he remembers that. ;-) Anyway, I love your hearts and candlesticks and that hand is awesome.

  27. Love all your gifts, Carol. What a great way to let him know your wish list.
    I said hello as I was driving by Venture yesterday on my way home from San Jose. Long trip, but great time.

  28. Now that is the way to do it!!!! I haven't thought of sending links to the hubs but I should do that as we are making an effort to exchange once again next year since we are coming out of the "newborn" haze of no sleep!!! I LOVE those metal wire bins with the numbers...oh what I would do with those! And those hearts remind me of you! I am slowly taking little bits down but my 3 year old has been throwing himself on the floor crying that Christmas is now over. Shouting "I will make Christmas come back right now!" So in order to make this a gentle transition I have decided to do this in stages! Ha! A very Happy New Year lady!!! Nicole

  29. your gifts that you got. I'll have to check out "Save on Crafts". I've never heard of them. I took a few things down today and will take a little more down tomorrow. Thinking about leaving some snowmen out for the winter.

  30. Carol,
    Love your new toys that Steve gave you for Christmas... The colorful napkins are perfect for your house.

    It will be a while before I start putting away Christmas decorations at my house. In fact, I may still add some decorations to various places. :)


  31. Dear Carol , It's inspiring to see and read here on your blog how you live the life you want to live .
    With your husband who loves you , the beach-house and the way you fill your days now .
    For me this is an example and an inspiration.
    I am in the middle of a life-changing period of my life .
    The old is the past , the new not yet clear .....
    I am enjoying my new hip and I have to do A LOT OF EXERCISES to re-use my muscles the right way .
    It takes time and meanwhile my mind has to change too .
    After years of thinking how things became IMPOSSIBLE ....
    I now can think about all that will be POSSIBLE .
    So following inspiring blogs is a whole new experience .......
    In Holland it has not been a custom to give presents at Christmas .
    Overhere it was a custom the children got presents on december 5 from Saint Nicolas .
    The last years lots of customs from your country are finding their way here like
    Valentine's day , Halloween and Christmas with presents .
    So a lot of dutch people hold-on the dutch traditions and more and more ( the younger generation ) have the new ones .
    I and so also my children am old-fashioned and have Christmas WITHOUT presents .
    It's all about the tree , the lights , having dinner together and about the story !
    I guess you cannot imagen how that must be ...... No christmas shopping for presents !
    This time of the year there were many many Christmas movies on tv So we see a lot of how you celebrate !
    I love YOU'VE GOT MAIL .....with the little bookshop !
    I guess I am still a little shop girl . I do not like the MALLS .....
    I also love the beautiful children books and I see now more and more dvd's ...... or.....all on the Ipad !
    Yes that is how it is now .
    I do love the new when I see how it fits in the lifes of my children ......
    I love my Iphone and my Ipad !
    But I also love my pictures and books and the old-fashioned MAIL .
    Where I am heading is a surprise for now .......
    all is changing and I am starting to love that more and more .........
    Wishing you a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR Carol .

  32. I'd say your husband did really well ~ lots of wonderful toys! I love the tall candle sticks plus the one on your coffee table. I'm sure you'll find a place for all the goodies.


  33. Love all your gifts! All my favorite things...metal, wire baskets, numbers...your hubby is a keeper! :)

  34. Thank you !! what a nice blog you have,,,,i follow you now...and i will come back it is too late i must going too from me...x !

  35. I see you've changed your Christmasy banner. Me too. I'm over the holidays! Love what he got you. Best way to get what you want is to do what you did.

  36. I love your idea for “dropping hints” for gifts! I’ll remember that one. Love your new toys, I especially love the wire baskets with the numbers. I would most definitely choose those too. I will enjoy my Christmas a few more days and get busy getting everything away. It’s such a good feeling to have everything back in it’s place.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy 2014!


  37. I like all your neat gifts!
    I'm sure you will find just the right spot for all of them.
    I think I may have to tell hubby to check my etsy loves next year!
    Happy New Year!

  38. What a great idea. I think next year I will send my husband links. It was sweet of him to get all the items on your wish list. I love it when the tree is put away and there are new toys to play with. Hopping over from Chateau Chic and I love what I see.
    Let's Add Sprinkles

  39. Wow! You were lucky to get all you wished for! And they all fit perfectly in your home. Happy New Year to you and Steve!

  40. You got, I would say, personalized gifts, that are perfectly tailored for you and your passions! Have fun, Carol!

    All the very best for a happy and healthy, 2014, full of colour!


  41. I just LOVE how cozy and colorful your home is! I do the same with my husband...add things to my Amazon wish list, send him etsy links, etc. What a beautiful Christmas you've had! Crazy weather here in So. Cal. huh? Argh. From Summer to Spring. Happy New Year Carol! xoxo Jen

  42. What a great idea to send the links to Steve. Why didn't I think of that? I'm so bad about coming up with gift ideas although I love all of yours. Especially the wire baskets with the numbers. To be honest, it's hard to get excited about buying anything to decorate with when I don't know what house I'm going to be in yet. So I'll have to live vicariously through you :) Happy New Year Carol!

  43. You sure did well this Christmas! Love your strategy - I often phone my hubby from the store and let him know what he's buying me... Those hearts are amazing!

  44. Good morning lovely one! Thank you for coming to view my home; I never show too much since I can't get too good of an angle, but it is HOME and I love it.

    Have a super lovely California day! And is was magnificent to be by the beach again! Anita

  45. What a lovely blog you have! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Love your collections in your room! Especially, the tin drawer is cool! Of course I'm the newest follower:)

  46. I love all of your Christmas gifts! I'm a big fan of industrial style and I think a lot of your wire pieces fit that look. So many uses for those. That was a good way to let your husband know what you wanted!

  47. I want to come over and play with your Christmas toys! Steve did really well, my friend. He deserves some cuteness points!

  48. I love all your new toys and the way you have displayed them. Hope Steve is now feeling better. Were the letters on your new header a present too? They look so good.
    Sarah x

  49. Great gifts and what a great idea to send the links to "Santa" so he can know your wishes.

  50. Carol, you make me laugh. It's so nice in retirement though now to think we can tackle little jobs each day instead of trying to do it all at once. You got some good stuff that looks great in your cottage. Steve follows orders quite well. :) My MIL had tons of telephone insulators. I don't know what they did with them when she died. Happy New Year - you must be skiing!

  51. Looks like you had a great Christmas, Carol. I'd say Steve did an awesome job. And now you have all the fun of finding the perfect place for each gift. You're off to a great start. Happy New Year!

  52. Wonderful wire baskets for Christmas - love them. My favorite gift was the palmistry hand. I have been playing around with my Santa surprises too!

  53. What a wonderful husband you have there Carol. Such gorgeous gifts too.
    Happy New Year!!

  54. You definitely got THE best presents Carol, I love them all !

  55. Cute stuff Carol! Save on Crafts has a cute welcome basket that I've been eyeing for my foyer. I already have a fishing basket that I use there, but this one is a different color and says welcome.... :)

  56. You have the whole gift system down. I think I will try it. We never end up buying anything for each other. We're always traveling, our anniversary is Christmas Eve, and we feel the poorest we feel all year so gift giving seems impossible. But I think that needs to change. Love your haul.