Monday, July 15, 2013

Inspiring Women

If you are visiting to see my workspace as part of Where Bloggers Create 2013 please read here.

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Inspiring Women

I have many reasons for blogging.

It inspires me to be creative and to FINISH what I start. 

I get so many ideas for decorating our little cottage and projects for my itchy fingers.

But, what I love most is the inspiration I get from other bloggers.

Three different bloggers inspire me in different ways and I played in my totally organized creative space with these women in mind.

Anita of Castles, Crowns and Cottages makes me smile even before I read each post.

Her use of words, images and music is magical.

When she writes a comment on my blog, it is worded as beautifully as her posts.

My first creation last week was a book for Anita to write her wonderful words.

Leslie of the blog Gwen Moss writes about a variety of topics such as how to turn a pile of old wood into a beautiful rustic table, decorating tips for parties, how to accessorize your bookshelves and favorite reads.

But, my favorites are the posts that make me THINK.

I always take my time writing comments on her posts because I want to sound as knowledgeable as Leslie.

Yesterday's project was a book especially for Leslie to write her thoughts.

Brenda of Cozy Little House is one of the sweetest people in the world of blogging.

Every week she hunts for new bloggers to feature in her Welcome Wagon Friday post.

She featured my blog last summer and that simple sweet gesture introduced me to many new people.

I had Brenda and her love of color in mind as I finished up this little alphabet book yesterday.

After organizing my creative space, I hesitated making a mess so I am proud of myself that this is what my workspace looks like after several days of creating.

The reason I have been making books is because I just approached a friend who owns Red Brick Gallery about teaching a book making class in the fall.

When I was out in the garage yesterday, 3 different neighbors stopped by to chat and I roped them into being my guinea pigs.

Next week I am going to teach a little bookmaking class in my creative space (without the car) in order to get my timing down for the organized class at Red Brick.

I can't wait.

Hey, if you live near my area of southern California, I'd love to have more guinea pigs..

I almost forgot, - Anita, Leslie and Brenda, I need your addresses to send you the books.

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  1. You are so sweet my friend! And I feel the same way about all of the blog buddies I visit and get inspiration from. I got my Smash book out today to work on it this summer. Being creative is necessary to living a happy life, don't you think? Enjoy your week and thanks for inspiring me! Hugs!

  2. That's so thoughtful of you to create the books. I'll have to take a look at the two bloggers that I'm not familiar with yet.

  3. What wonderful books!! I love being creative but find that I ebb and flow with it in my life. Great inspiration here- xo Diana

  4. How sweet of you to make those wonderful books for your blogging friends! I love that you're going to teach a class - wish I lived in your area!

  5. Such sweet little books. What a dear to make them for your blog friends. I might have to give this a try some time! I also need to go visit your inspirational friends blogs! Nice job keeping your space clean too...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. What a great bloggers to be inspired by~ Brenda is one of my favorites also. Love the books!

  7. Oh, I love your idea for teaching book-making. How wonderful! Your studio is sure putting mine to shame. Very neat!

  8. What a great friend you are to make those books for your blog friends who give you inspiration. Your craft area still looks great.
    Happy week.

  9. Carol,
    You are such a lovely friend to make these wonderful books. I love how you craft each book to fit the personality of each of these bloggers. Your creativity is also a huge inspiration to others, including me. Knowing you has truly enriched my life.
    Mary Alice

  10. How fun to open the doors to your studio and share with the neighbors! The Book Class sounds fun too!

  11. Unfortunately an ocean and the width of the USA prevents me from being one of your guinea pigs , otherwise I'd be there in a shot. Your pictures of your cottage remind me of seaside cottages here in the UK. When I popped over here for the first time I thought you were in the UK until started reading. I'm sure your class will be fab :-)

  12. Well Carol - you are one of the bloggers that inspires ME - ( except I can't make you a book - because all I can do it paint furniture )
    And I'm sure there's a whole bunch of us that you inspire too :)
    I'm thinking of teaching also ( furniture painting )
    Much love,

  13. Those books are just lovely! Good luck with the class!

  14. OH MY GO.....................

    WOW....I'm SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! Carol my dear, this is such a blessing to me! When I first started to read your post, I was already in total agreement with you about how blogging inspires us in so many ways...with ideas for art, writing, and daily life struggles and conquests. But as I scrolled down, you can only imagine my great surprise and joy to find that you see my WORDS as a source of art! That is my aim: to improve my writing and poetry to touch the world around me.

    I will send you an email with my home address. Can you email me at:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This means so much to me, and I cannot wait to see the book! WOW....let's see if this email address is correct - let me know! Anita

  15. I'm new to your blog. I stumbled upon it some way the other day. I love the sea, I love little cottages and I love colors. I also enjoy reading and learning from blogs that seem real - not commercial or perfect, but with character and authenticity. I look forward to getting to know you through your posts. I also will take some time to meet the bloggers that you enjoy. Your special crafting area in the garage is charming, you have done a nice job organizing and making it your own. Best, Kim

  16. What a sweet thing to do. I love the books... and how neat you were able to keep your creating space!

  17. i'll check out these new to me blogs--tfs, carol! the book class sounds like a lot of fun, and you are right, brenda is just awesome:)

  18. I just had to come by again, I am so flattered and cannot wait to hear from you via email...I don't want to leave my home address when you can, follow my email address and I will gladly give you the info...what a kind woman you are! Anita

  19. Oh my goodness. Here it is 7:40 in the morning and I've already got tears coming down my cheeks. I had just grabbed my coffee and was heading over to gaze once again at your amazing work space (that I saw yesterday on my IPhone when it wouldn't let me comment) and then I see THIS post. Carol, not only do I consider you a creative inspiration in my day, but you are such a breath of fresh air in the blogging world. An old soul with an attitude haha. And a wise friend. In fact it's hard to believe we've never met in person because I feel such a natural connection with you. Like Anita, I'm just so darn flattered by your kind words but mostly I feel so grateful for you. Thank you dear friend for this wonderful gesture. A home-made book crafted by you?! Really? I'm in heaven!!
    sending you a big, smoochy hug..

  20. What a nice gesture. I love little notebooks I can jot down thoughts in. I always keep one close by. I'm sure these ladies will love your creation and your thoughtfulness as well.

  21. I love the book you made for Anita, her words will be wonderful written in it. Thank you for introducing me to more inspiring blogs. Hope you have fun at your bookmaking class, i'm sure everyone will enjoy it.
    Sarah x

  22. That's such a lovely thing to do, making such pretty and personal gifts. I also love the idea of classes in your workspace. I taught needlepoint once, and it was such fun to teach adults who just wanted to get together and enjoy each other's company.

  23. I've read your wonderful post as well as your post all about your creative space! I love your garage space! You always inspire me. Love watching for and reading your posts.
    LindaLee at
    CrossN' My Stitches

  24. This is a beautiful post Carol! Paying the creative spirit forward is what makes blogging such a wonderful thing. To be inspired and to live an inspired life is such a blessing! Your gifts are gorgeous as is your heart!

  25. What an inspirational post you have written for us!
    And I see you love to make lovely books - one of my passions also but mine are more from
    laces, fabrics and fibres.
    Thank you for sharing these with us Carol,
    Enjoy your tour,

  26. Sure wish I was close to take your class!

  27. Hi Carol,

    You are such a sweetie! I can only imagine what a kind and generous and patient teacher you must be! If there was ever anyone who inspires with her talent and energy it's YOU!

    Your booklets are beautiful, thanks for sharing!


  28. Hi, Carol! I'm coming by from Leslie's blog where she wrote yet another beautiful, heartfelt post about the book you made for her. It's absolutely lovely and so kind of you! I'm glad she gave a link to your blog...which I am going to follow! :)

    I love your creative space, it's jam packed with inspirational bits and pieces, I can see that you have plenty there to give yourself inspiration for your books. And your gifts of talent should be passed on to others!!

    So glad I popped by! :)


  29. Carol, if I lived near you I would be there! What a treat it would be to take this class with you. The book arts intrigue me, though I've done very little in this area. I have a good friend in RI who creates lovely books and calligraphy.
    You selected 3 very special people. I know they appreciate this generous thoughtful gift.

  30. What an amazing gesture! I'm here from Leslie's blog (I love her, too!). Nothing beats a handmade gift that is truly from the heart. I think you are super special and your beautiful gifts will be treasured!
    Take Care,

  31. Wished I did live close by and didn't work (lol) because I would have loved being a guinea pig.
    I'll have to continue to catch up on my reading to see how the class turned out.