Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm out in the garage . . .

Joining in the party at My Desert Cottage is probably a bit presumptuous of me.

I know that I will see amazing studios and workspaces from all over the world.

I decided to join the party for two reasons.

First, by joining the party, I was forced to get my creative space clean and organized.

I moved things into the garage in April, but things were stored willy nilly all over the place,

Second, I am sure there are a lot of other bloggers like me who do not have fantastic, dedicated places for their creativity.

I thought by showing my humble workspace, others might say, "well, I could do that!"

I create in the garage - a little 1 car garage.

And, I share the garage with:

1 car

1 motorcycle

3 bicycles

4 surfboards

a washer and dryer . . .

Don't pity me.

I knew what I was getting into when we downsized to our little beach cottage.

I left behind a dedicated sewing/craft room, but I gained morning walks and neighborly sunsets on the beach.

I spent all week getting this space neat and organized.

The workbench was there when we moved in although it did not look like it had been used in years and I changed the knobs to make it more fun.

I would like to paint the workbench white, actually the entire garage white, but there are far more pressing projects so it won't be happening soon.

The long divided piece hanging horizontally is an old CD cabinet turned sideways - remember when we had CDs instead of music on the cloud and our iPods?

I hung it - all by myself - and have it filled with miscellaneous supplies.

The lower portion of the workbench had doors which Steve accidentally knocked off when he was putting his car in the garage.

I like that I can see the baskets so I left the doors off, but I kept them to maybe use to paint some fun signs.

I hung chain across the top of the space and have a variety of supplies hanging in view - I sent Steve to the hardware store to buy S hooks - 3 different times this week.

I must have 300 tags - I would buy tags because I couldn't remember where I put them. 

Now it is easy to see what I have and just climb my little step ladder to grab what I need.

I stand at the workbench to sew because it is easier on my back.

When we moved the washer and dryer to the garage, we had to remove the doors to one of the cabinets so I made the white curtains to hide paint and cleaning supplies.

To gain workspace, all I have to do is open 2 of the drawers and set a piece of masonite on top to create a desk.

If the car is inside the garage, I work on top of the dryer.

This week I took the time to get all like items together - I must have had 5 different containers of brads - and label them correctly.

The area above the washer and dryer is UGLY because of pipes and wires.

There is really no place to attach a curtain to cover things up because the garage is built of cinderblock.

 I stretched chicken wire across the shelf and hung odd bits on it.

To cover up the pipes I have an old plate rack hung with all sorts of supplies - ribbon, decorative tape, metal bits and pieces . . .

The other side of the garage has wooden bookcases and metal shelving which are shared with laundry detergent, bleach, beach chairs, coolers, you name it . . .

I spent much of yesterday labeling almost every container on this side of the garage - if it is there, I should be able to find it easily.

I love color and I like to see what I have on hand.

Although the space looks "busy" it stimulates my creativity.

And, it is fun when the garage door is open - neighbors stop in as they walk to and from the beach to check my progress on projects.

I will leave you with one last photo showing 2 of the surfboards overhead.

The striped rug in front of the washer and dryer might not look special, but it is to me.

One weekend, I was staying with my mother while my sister took my niece away to college.

My mother and I went shopping early in the day on Saturday and I bought the rug and matching place mats - odd combination!

Little did I know that it would be the last thing I ever did with my mother.

She passed away that week and although the rug is now too ratty for the house, it is perfect in my creative space.

I inherited my creativity from my grandmother and my mother.

 In her later years, my mother's hands would not cooperate when she tried to do crafts, but she loved to watch me create.

I know she is there with me in my space when I make books or sew or paint.

Now that my space is organized, I can finish up 2 books I started last week and work on the some wire projects for the Christmas in July party.

. . . . . . . . . . 
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  1. Creative minds don't need designated spaces !!!
    Having said that I would give my left arm for my former 2 car garage LMHO............
    And you made me laugh out loud - " when the car's in the garage I work on top of the dryer "
    I think your space is cute - and I wouldn't trade walks on the beach for a craft room for anything in the world!

  2. I loved reading your post and seeing your photos..
    I'd say you've made a Magical space where creativity knows no bounds. Its very organized and attractive but the best part would be the fact that folks feel comfortable to stop by and view what you are up too..

    Enjoy every moment~!!

  3. Carol,
    Your space is so cute and so you. The fact that you can have an outside space in your garage yar around is the amazing thing!!!! I love your little space. Have a great Friday my friend.

  4. I love your workspace and just adore the bright colors you use throughout your home. I need to put more in my home.

  5. I am ALWAYS looking forward to seeing a new post from you and I often have you on my mind in the morning before I amble down to my computer saying, "I wonder if Carol from Art and Sand has posted?" AND YOU HAVE!

    Carol, you have done a wonderful job of organizing what is indeed a TINY SPACE! WOW! Good for you; if you saw my basement studio, you would shake your is horrible! But you did it, and your cottage holds more enchantment for us than any fancy studio. You produce the most darling articles of fun, and to think you are just steps away from the beach. ENJOY IT ALL!!!! Anita

  6. You've organized your space wonderfully! I think having any space at all that is designated is wonderful.

    My washer and dryer are in my garage too and my garage is also cinder block.

  7. Love your darling space and I think you traded in the right direction. Who need space when you can have the beach.

  8. Hi, Thank you for sharing your charming creative space. I love visiting your happy and cheerful blog and you did a fabulous job on organizing everything so neat and tidy and easy to find in a small space. I love your primary colors and everything you create for your home and garden and would gladly take less space for the BEACH any day. Just think - when you open your garage doors - you can smell the fresh ocean air and feel the ocean breeze and visit with your neighbors all while creating.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings, Erin

  9. I love your craft room ceiling (surfboards), and that pull out (drawer) counter is inspired. I would love to be able to open a big garage door while working in my studio! Maybe I should add one. It sounds like your mother left you a wonderful legacy of creativity.

  10. I love your space both outside (like an old Greek house with its blue and white wash) and in (oh that work bench is brilliant and so it the old CD stand and how you hung it up)... You sure took advantage of every little inch to create this cozy and creative space, what a treat to see... And it might be a garage, but you sure have the best of the two, work space and beaches to walk on.
    I just hope the surfboards are high enough for you or you would need to create a fashionable crash cap for your head, lol.

    Thanks for sharing this great space!!!

  11. I love your very creative space and the surf boards hanging above look so cool Thanks for the tour

  12. Love this wonderful space you have created for yourself!!! And now it is so organized and cheerful, what a joy to work out there!!! I love that the neighbors stop by to see what you're working on, what fun!!! Good for you!!! hugs....

  13. I love your space. So cute and you have it so fun and I love the boards over your head. Heck I would trade a kidney for the beach any day. I am getting all my blogs in order this morning and am getting you on my blog roll so I don't miss anything. Us SoCal bloggers have to stick together. Come link this up to the blog hop. We love to see any kind of home posts. Let's represent!! Have a good weekend. Wonder if we will see the sun.
    Here is the hop:

  14. I love it! I thought about sharing mine, but decided against it for the reason you gave.

    I think your space looks special. I especially like the natural cabinets with the surfboards hanging from the ceiling.

    I think sunsets on the beach were a good choice.

  15. What a wonderful idea, love your space and everything about it.

  16. Well, let me just say that I think this works! This is a nice space, considering that you gave up a craft room to live by the ocean, not to bad I say!
    I am touring this year and not joining in, not enough time to get my space ready. Each year I love touring all the special, beautiful spaces.
    Thanks for sharing today.

  17. Adorable! What a great use of a small space and I love all your cubbies. I understand the challenges involved in organizing a small space. At our last house, my space was an alcove in the basement. No one can believe how much stuff I had packed into that tiny area. Thanks for letting me visit your creative space near the beach :)

  18. Oh wow!
    You got your space looking oh so nice!
    I'm thinking of getting all my working places put into one room. Won't be joining the party this I DON'T HAVE IT TOGETHER. In fact...I really don't know that I ever will. But you place is great...Love the fact that it's out in the garage and you are connected with the neighbors and the beach.
    I also love all the bright colors in there with surfboards overhead.

  19. Aw girl, I love your space! I couldn't agree with you more about having it all out to see what you have and that stimulating your creativity. That is so true. I have a room upstairs that I use for sewing and some crafting but I am using the basement for more of my furniture projects. In fact the Mr. just announced this morning he is going to clear a spot for me down there too. I could enjoy looking through your stuff all day! I already see several interesting looking things that I had to keep scrolling back over to see again. It is a wonderful spot! I am going over to check out this party you have joined for more ideas. By the way, I would trade my room upstairs for a small cottage by the beach in a heartbeat!

  20. Very cool space. I would give up art space for walks on the beach ...any day of the week:):)

  21. Wonderful home and creative corner.:)

  22. We too think of a beach home but on the west coast...I love what you have done with all of your have managed to fit it all in most beautifully...

  23. What a great job of organizing your craft space. I love how you have your sewing machine on top of your bench. It's very cool space and so close to the beach. I have a double garage and one half of it has my craft stuff, but it needs to be organized.
    You have given me a big nudge to get cracking and get it done.
    Have a GREAT weekend.

  24. You've done a great job using every available square inch of space! You are truly an inpspiration for those who think they don't have "enough" room.
    And I love that your neighbors stop in...
    Hugs ~

  25. Presumptuous? Are you kidding me? Creativity is as unique as each human being and it cannot be limited to a certain type of place. I LOVE your space. You should have seen the first post I shared for Karen's party a couple of years ago. Practically a sofa and journal, and I was actually tempted to just share my beach chair by the shore. ;) The following year I found Love (my art table's name) and eventually set up my own creative corner... never forgetting that I create everywhere.
    Loved this, Carol, especially your use of colors.
    Thx for sharing.

  26. You have done a wonderful job with the space and inspired me even more as I'll be downsizing next year.


  27. you have that space organized to the max! I am very impress. Well done

  28. You have a fabulous space! Very creative and fun! I love it!

    Cathy ♥

  29. I love your space and I love even more that you have creatively adapted your work space to make it cooperate with your decision to downsize. Its like an adventure, isn't it. It looks like a wonderful place to create.
    Thanks for stopping by my studio this morning.

  30. I love your space and would trade mine for a morning walk on the beach too.

  31. An amazing work space you have so many items to store too!
    Sarah x

  32. You have an amazing space with great storage. I love seeing the surf boards overhead. Inspiration is plentiful here so no wonder you create amazing projects.
    You have taken a spot and made it work even while sharing it with other home must haves. I do wish I had a washer and dryer close by my space or a sink would be nice. Love the artful colors throughout too. You have given me some new ideas for mine, like the little drawer bins and the drawers filled with thread.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  33. I am so glad you shared your space! It is truly amazing. I too am going to have to create a space in a room that is guest room, dish storage, holiday storage, etc storage! You have inspired me. Hopefully I can share it next year!


  34. I'm so glad you decided to join the party Carol. You are absolutely right. Not everyone has a space they can dedicate to just an art studio. You have shown everyone that where there's a will, there's a way! And your way id fabulous! You did a great job making it fun and functional. Enjoy the party!

  35. What you have done with a small amount of space is a feat! It didn't look at all like a small space (until you showed the pic with the surfboards.) I just kept thinking, "How did she organize so much stuff so well!" You give every one courage to claim some space and start excuses!

  36. I had a single car garage as a studio a few years ago.. though the car wasnt allowed in it lol... you've made a fabulous studio in a shared space...

  37. What a great space and LOTS of room to work in. I just love it! I had to laugh at all the tags you have. Just think-if you ever have a TAG sale you can TAG every TAG and have some left over!!! xo Diana

  38. I love it. I can see creative juices dripping from every nook and cranny. Great job.

  39. I think it's amazing how you work in the garage and it serves as a multi-purpose room. I love writing in busy locations, I feel like I can draw greater inspiration and don't feel so isolated, while I am working!

    The room looks great!

  40. I love your workspace and find it cozy. We can believe we need a dedicated room at times, but all we need is to bee surrounded by those things that awaken our imagination.

  41. Yours' is one of the most interest studios that I have seen. I love all the little nooks and crannies and how you have stayed true to your primary colors, even in your studio space. I have shared your primary colors and how they work together and create such a charming space, with so many people. For some reason that has made a huge impression on me. Your home is so pretty and so happy and yet the color scheme is as basic as a Dick & Jan Reader.
    Please come over and visit my little studio. I'm having a Give-A-Way of a $25 gift card to anyone the follows my blog and leaves a comment.
    Come join the fun.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  42. Awwww . . . the story about the rug and your mother made me weep . . . but happy tears, for sure. What a lovely remembrance of her. She is with you, always, for sure. Now . . . onto the room . . . LOVE IT! Have to tell you, the surf boards - SO COOL (really! And that is coming from a Midwestern girl who has never been close to a surf board her whole entire life!) But I LOVE them. Your photos are so great - and the colors are so vibrant in your space - that is my style, for sure. Thanks so much for sharing so much with all of us. I had the best time visiting your lovely creative space!!!

  43. You amaze me, you made a space to create and I absolutely adore it. I'm in awe of how you organized and how great it looks. You've made such great use of your area and I still cannot believe how sweet it truly is! I'm checking out my garage now.

  44. Absolutely no pity here - only admiration! I would LOVE to live in a cottage near the beach, and you have a beautiful space in which to create. You brought tears to my eyes with your comment about the rug and your mom, I know she is with you and so proud of you.

  45. What an incredibly brilliant use of space!!!!! Seriously! It's all organized so well and you've thought of everything. Well except maybe closing the doors so your husband didn't rip them off when he pulled the car in LOL And although you commented that you wouldn't get anything done in my studio because of the view, I have to tell you that I would get nothing done if I lived that close to the ocean! I used to live an hour from the ocean and miss it terribly. So I tell you that if you get anything created you are doing much better than I would :) Thank you so much for sharing your creative space - I loved the visit. And now I must go find some kleenex - your story of your mother tore me up.

    "her" and Romeo

  46. I love your new work area, you did a great job at creating a wonderful place for you to work in! I worked on fixing up my work space this past winter too. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  47. I'd trade in my craft room for a beach cottage any day. You've made a lovely work space and it is well organized.

  48. Hi Carol,
    you certainly made the best use of your crafty space! I love colour too! I have never tried sewing in a standing position before :) Your cottage by the sea sounds so lovely!

  49. Your creative "corner" might be small but you managed very well the organization of all your treasuries. When one wants something then it will be accomplished isnt' it ? It is not necessary to have a breathtaking creative place to create beautiful art or craft.
    I thank you very much for visiting my own small creative space.



  50. Love that you took what you had and made it work. Love the chicken wire and rug, the surf boards and neighbors passing by. It sounds like a perfect spot.

  51. You did a great job creating a space for yourself! I started out in the garage in our old house, but had a tiny section of it for myself. When we downsized two years ago, I got an actual room {a storage room}, but it works perfectly for me. Even though my roommates are the mechanicals! You've really utilized every inch smartly and efficiently!

  52. Maybe you don't have a big place for your creative life, but you have managed to organize what you have in a fantastic way, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

  53. You have done a phenomenal job of working with the space you have. {I started with a hatbox lol} I love that CD rack, and chicken wire organizer, now you have my wheels turning, I know I have some of those kicking around here. Genius with the table top idea too. This is just the sort of place I would stop by just to watch you work too. I'll even bring coffee and snacks!! And you live on the BEACH !! Pure Bliss.....Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving kind comments. Keep smiling and creating.

  54. This is one of the most creative work spaces I've seen. I love how you made every inch of space important and found a place for everything. I think the surfboards add so much charm and the rug you purchased with your mom is perfect in your space. I actually like the old work bench just the way it is. Thank you so much for sharing and for the inspiration.

  55. I love your colorful space Carol! I'm glad you decided to share it...and thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment! Happy creating!

    Becky @ Vintage 541

  56. Thanks for your sweet comments and visit! I think i would give up space for great walks and living closer to the beach, any day,
    Be blessed, Lorena

  57. a great use of your space, even though your space is shared by other spaces you have made it a great place to get creative in

  58. Carol, I remember being impressed when I first saw you putting this space together awhile ago, and now I'm just amazed by your creative and artful organization and display! Even though I lean more towards a pale palette these days, I truly do love color and your creative space is very inspiring. How could you step out there and NOT want to make something?? I just love how you've made this space your own, and that it also includes some meaningful things such as the rug you bought with your mom-well it just makes it extra special. And so close to the beach...sigh. I'll be "home" in SoCal in a few weeks, and hope to get a little beach time in, too :) Thanks for sharing your space!

  59. I love how you have you used every inch of space and made it seem so doable for folx without any real room of their own...I too have surf boards hanging over my head out in our shed!

  60. I think your space is just great! Those surfboards would put a smile on my face every time... Like you, this blog party forced me to clean my space - a good thing. Now that I'm following your blog, I can't wait to see your creations. Thank you! :-)

  61. i would trade my room for your beach garage anytime:) you really have done a wonderful job setting up your space, carol:) the chain with all of the tags is so creative--love that! and your mom rug is such a special addition:) have a great weekend!

  62. This is the first time I have visited your blog-but I definitely want to come back. I love the way you have used the room you have available--It does inspire me to maybe finally try to get organized. I love the way you labeled the drawers. I also love hearing the story of the morning you went shopping with your Mother--I am so glad that you bought something so you have a tangible reminder of your time with her. It would be wonderful to go on a morning walk with you and then go to the garage to create. Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us.

  63. I LOVE your garage corner! In your shoes I would have done the same sacrifices to live near water! Very Cool! And thanks for mentioning the story of your mom. Hugs!

  64. Hi Carol, great job in making the space work for you! Thanks for sharing your creative space!
    Have a great weekend!



  66. I think it is perfect!!! You are so totally organized and have it all worked out! How wonderful that your Mom and grandma loved crafting too! Yep, I am sure she is looking over your shoulder now!


  67. I am amazed what you've done to your garage to make it a place to create in. I'm impressed by what you did with a small space and using what you had on hand. Kudos to you! Thanks for sharing your colorful, creative space.

  68. Can I just say... and I mean this from my heart... I really sense how intimate a place you have! I mean, just from the introduction of showing your space, I sense a real feeling of contentment. Not only with your space (how fabulous the garage door stays open which invites others to come on over for a bit of a chat) but for the reason you are there in the first place. Walks on the beach trumps room for more "stuff" any day! One thing really caught my eye and that is the way you keep your tags. So cheery to look up and see them hanging from the chain. Marvelous job and good on you for following your dream of a more meaningful way to live. Cheers, from a fellow downsizer!!

  69. Ah friend...what a beautiful story about your mom. So touching. Your workspace is Amazing! I love the cd holder turned on its side and the chain with hooks! Brilliant! Ya know you have inspired me to add a little something to my scary pipe filled laundry! I could not figured out what to do with all the pipes but seeing your space has inspired me to hang!!! Loved this post! You were so blessed to have such creative women in your life!

  70. What a great thing to carve out a creative space in a working garage... and that story about your mother was wonderful. I think you've done a terrific job organizing and making the best use out of your space. Love it!

  71. I love your space!! How amazing that you got it so organized and made it special for you. I love to be stimulated in my space as well. I am so happy you have something to remember your Mom by in your space. I think that it is so special. My first space was between the furnace and oil tank in part of our basement. it was unfinished and cold but all the bedrooms were occupied by us and our four children. Now I have my own studio in a vacant bedroom but sometimes think of that little space and how much I pushed in there!! It isn't how big or beautiful it is how it works for each of us. COngratualtions on a space well appointed. I will be back to visit often.

  72. Your workroom may be modest but as it makes you happy that's all that really matters isn't it. I used this blog party to finally finish the reorganisation of my room that has been going on for a couple of months. It is good to have a deadline (though I was a day late!).
    From what I've seen of your cottage by the sea it looks lovely and worth the lack of space. I live nearish to the sea so I know the benefits of a seaside location.
    Thanks for sharing your room and happy crafting :-)

  73. Beautiful CAROL!

    Yes, I am back to posting.....not every week, but at least twice a month! I cannot stay away from you all! I always get excited as well when I see you have posted.

    I loved your comment about choosing what YOU want to do. To read a book, to go for a walk, to create...and God bless you my have been granted a full-life and the joys of enjoying all of this NOW. BRAVO! Read a book? YES! Sit out on a porch? WHY NOT? Bless another soul? YES! We have the choice.

    Excited to see what you cook up next from your cottage!!! Anita

  74. When I popped int your blog I thought - I know her! I think your space is wonderful! I sometimes think I would be better off with a smaller space and less stuff. I get soooo distracted with my stuff and my mess - I never have time to create! Cheers

  75. I love your workspace!! You and I are like-minded in that others might find an area like that "busy" but I find that is exactly what I need to feel inspired. The CD tower turned sideways is a great idea. My gosh, you see them all the time at the thrift and it never dawned on me to use one that way. I will be keeping that idea in the back of my mind.
    Thank you for sharing!

  76. I love that you decided to write this post. I have seen some of the other bloggers' space. They are all beautiful, but not inspiring at all for me who lives in a small cottage. I usually create on the dining-room table or sitting indian style on the living-room floor. I hope I can create a little space like yours in my one-car garage someday.

  77. I love it Carol! You have managed to turn a small space into an amazing place to create! I enjoy looking at all your things and the way you displayed them. I like the "busy" look's inspirational! I particularly like the chain with things hanging and think I might have to copy this idea! Love the story behind the touching!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  78. Hi Carol, I just love how spunky and resourceful you are. You have made a wonderful craft nook for yourself and it looks so efficient and organized. Your colorful style is inspiring--I love your house and how cheery it is with your ever-changing happy vignettes. Thanks for sharing the story behind your rug, too! Enjoy the BEACH, you lucky duck!

  79. Your place is incredibly UNIQUE and special to YOU. It's what I would call Creative Chaos and I say that fondly, as I can imagine only YOU would know where everything is. Wow! Definitely worth giving up a big room for walks on the Beach. Thanks for allowing us to visit your craft space today, such a lot to look at. Greetings from South Africa!

  80. You have definitely made great use of the space that you have!! You are so well organized and have a lot of great storage ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  81. That looks like an incredible space to work and be creative. I found the story about the little rug very moving.


  82. Hi Carol! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your use of space!!! I have downsized to where I am now, but it was not a happy move, and I just try to make the best of it, until I can find a better place. I HATE moving, so I want to be sure of where I'm going!.. In the meantime, your place sounds as if the move was well worth it, and that's really nice!.. I'm afraid I don't have any chicken wire on hand, but I liked the idea of draping chains, to hang/display items!.. And LOVE that red stool!!! Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed my visit here today! ~tina

  83. Hi Carol,

    I love the fact that you have stayed true to your love of primaries, even in your work space. But, this makes complete sense as you need to be comfortable and cozy while working, and your organization here is creatively crafted! I could 'work' in here all day....unless I was tempted for a walk on the beach!;)


  84. I think you work space is just awesome and the boards hanging over top make it really fun and quirky. You are lucky to have such a charming place. I'd trade big for a little beach cottage any time. xo Happy belated Pink Saturday

  85. I love this space, it looks like such a fun place to create. I'd also love to look into all your cubbies, it's like a little shop !

  86. I personally think you have a great creative space and would take walks on the beach and lovely sunsets any day of the week!
    Hugs and Happy Creating!
    Marilou of Lulus Lovlies

  87. How colorful your crafting space is, and organized. I need to really take time to coral all my supplies to one area instead of all over the house. You really got me with the rug. My whole family is very creative, my father paints, my brother can do just about anything you ask, my mother was a seamstress and she is who I credit most of my talents to. Thanks for stopping by. No there were not any new people added, I just am ready for the party too late. Alaina

  88. Well, fantastic! I haven't read any other comments, but I know you have made a lot of people happy. I would have to say that most of everybody doesn't have a fancy big decorated space to work in. I might love to. I don't know. But I DO know it would always be a mess. Your space is darling! Love the new knobs. And I love that it can be open to receive your people. But that would drive me nuts too!

  89. "most of everybody doesn't?" Oh well it's late... ;0)

  90. Your space is fantastic, Carol. And I think it's neat for the neighbors to stop-in and check on your progress. Sometimes artists get lonely. I'm going to the studio to paint this morning. :D

  91. it may be the garage, but it's a great space!!

  92. I love what you have done with your space. It works for you. I think it is great neighbors drop by to visit.

    Having lost my mom not too long ago the story of the rug you bought while with your mom was so special.

    (We've been to the beach in Alabama I'm playing catch up).

  93. Carol, I came to visit as a result of the Blogger's Create blog hop. I read a lot of your postings and I enjoyed your writing and your art. It must be great to live by the beach. I live in Alberta Canada where the river is close by but not the ocean and it's cold and wintery parts of the year. I will come back to visit. Nice get to know you a bit. Sylvia

  94. You've got a cheerful and well organized space. It's good to have most of the supplies in sight. I sometimes forget about the things I keep in drawers and boxes. Your cubbies are great and I love the metal bins. Happy creating!

  95. Aloha,
    You've created a special place for yourself and it looks great. I love the cubbies and cabinets, so organized.
    I chose not to join Karen's party this year, (my studio hasn't changed in the last 2 years), but I am having fun visiting everyone's creative work space.
    Thanks for sharing!

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