Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finally - an old ladder . . .

The weather has been strange for July - cool yet muggy - and I have been loathe to do much.

Yesterday, after 2 hours of tennis, I wanted to just sit and read, but I forced myself to get up and do something productive.

I painted my old coal bucket red.

I have been planning to paint it for about 3 weeks - lazy me!

I added some dried statice to the bucket and set it out to add a bit of red to this corner of the garden.

After that major accomplishment, I talked Steve into going to the nursery with me and we stopped at a new second hand store with a great name - ROTATIONS.

I found an old weathered ladder.

I know I am probably the last person in blogland to finally buy a ladder for decoration, but there were 2 main factors keeping me from buying a ladder.

#1- I am cheap

 #2 - cheap ladders are not common in my area - I saw one for $800.

I couldn't buy the ladder because we were in Steve's sports car, but this morning, I went and forked over $15 for a broken ladder.

Another reason I have never bought a ladder is that we have a small house and no place to showcase a fun old ladder.

This is the area between our house and the garage and it has the ugly structure to hold the water heater.

If it was up to me, we would build a 2 car garage (with a studio on top) and put the water heater in the garage.

But, it is up to the Coastal Commission who has declared that we cannot build a 2 car garage unless it is 20 feet back from the street which would mean building the garage in the entry.

So, I put up with the water heater and have disguised it with an old red baker's rack.

I want the baker's rack moved to the side of the house to hold gardening supplies and the ladder is the perfect solution for what to put in place of the rack.

I slapped on a little green paint here and there, added buckets, flowers and the same old birdhouses that had been on the baker's rack.

Once the area was spiffed up, I got Steve to help me put the baker's rack on the side of the house.

It made it to a side of the house, but not the side I originally planned.

When we walked past the dining room, we set it in the alcove and I knew then that I would have to find something else to hold my garden tools.

The baker's rack is now both useful and decorative holding things I use around the garden.

Since I began blogging, I have wanted:

a weathered ladder - got it

a weathered door - still waiting

a weathered window - got it

2 out of 3 isn't bad.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Glad you found your ladder. I like the pops of red that you've added to the ladder and the garden. Absolutely crazy about the blue trim on your house. Very French!

  2. Love your sporty red piece. It looks like an old coal hod. That was a good buy on the ladder-even if it isn't perfect Loving the blue trim on your home, too. xo Diana

  3. Hi Carol,
    Your ladder looks terrific. I cannot believe $800 for a ladder!
    You are not last in blog land. I do not have a ladder yet.
    I didn't even realize that they're all the rage!
    Now I know....

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  4. I love your new ladder! I think it is funny how you think you are the last person to buy a ladder as I had no idea old ladders were in vogue. But I like how it looks. I like the red coal pail too.

  5. 800 dollars for a ladder?
    Can you tell you live in California lol - ( I thought Montreal prices were bad )
    I inherited mine from my previous home - where the previous owner left it - and I thought it was disgusting till I started blogging LMHO
    Lucky you 15 dollars is a STEAL I guess!
    We'd better hold on to these - they may be worth millions one day :)

  6. Good things come to those that wait?? I guess that applies. I asked a guy that was tearing down an old house if I could have the front door and he said yes if you take it right now! Had a cute glass door knob. I was happy! Love the old ladder. I have one too and move it all over the place. One year it supported our pole beans in our veg garden. Mimi

  7. Your red coal bucket is a lovely finishing touch to the pretty corner of your garden. I love your ladder. We have a small wooden ladder we used for decorating. Seeing your pictures I have the urge to get out the paintbrush and transform it.
    Sarah x

  8. Love catching up with what your up to, I would love an old ladder too, but want mine for inside, for books etc.

    Annie x

  9. Good morning Carol! Oh, I hear ya about the door....I saw a great one the other day that I would love to put in my garden, against the neighbor's chain link fence to cover it. It's arched, old, has a speak-easy window and metal embellishments such as OLD hinges, a great handle and knob - all for $600! No thank you.

    But your ladder is fantastic. Weathered and not "perfect", I think it suits the cottage look you have become successful at achieving. Oh what a joy to visit you! Anita

  10. So darn cute, love how your ladder turned out all decorated.

  11. No one would ever know that ladder was broken because it came out super cute. This is such a wonderful and inspiring post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us today!


  12. First off, where can I find me a Steve? I would do LOTS more if that kind of patience existed around here! Secondly, that ladder reminds me of my dads ladder! he doesnt use it any more...although he probably tries when we arent around! I LOVE it against that wall. Looks like it was meant to be.

  13. Love what you did with it.
    $800 for a ladder? Gold?
    The weathered window is adorable too.
    I'm going after shutters.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I would like some shutters too, but I really don't have any place for them.

      Hope you find your shutters.

  14. My heart is singing, Carol! You actually put off a project for three weeks - that woke me up this morning - hahahaha!! You already know how lazy I am! Seriously, your newly painted coal bucket is fantastic. You really know how to use red and that is a real talent. Love the new ladder - wonder if my husband has an old one lying around in his storage house. I would look, but I try to stay out of that place - too many manly things in there that I have no clue what they are!!!

  15. Yay you found your ladder! I have a short one that came from my parents garage and I'm so happy to have it. I need to decorate it at the new place as soon as I figure out where to put it! Love the red coal bucket....great pop of color!


  16. The bucket looks great red. You are not the last one to buy a ladder. Hubby had an old one and I wanted it, but did not have time to tell him and he gave it to a neighbor. I could have kick myself for not telling him earlier. It was a tall one and I would love to have a small one.

  17. I'd love to have an old ladder, too ~ Great job on the re-arranging!

  18. Congrats on your ladder! How fun! I'm just like you...I wanted one but I'm cheap. Luckily, I came across an old wooden extension ladder at a yard sale for $5. Since it was an extension ladder, it was like two for the price of one. :-) I have one in my family room that's leaning against the wall holding throws and quilts for chilly evenings. The other half is in my craft studio holding sock blockers, a quilt, an old lace bedspread my grandmother made, dried flowers, etc. I love them! I haven't been lucky enough yet to find a cheap window or door though. But, part of the fun is in the search, right? ;-) Enjoy your new ladder! :-)

  19. I love the new look of your old much fun with all your pretty accessories. The perfect weathered door will come along when you're least expecting it.

  20. That's so funny, Carol! I wanted a cloche, a cubby, and an old ladder. I've got the ladder covering cracked plaster walls in the dining room, but I've yet to find a use for the other two!

    I love the touches of green paint you added to your ladder. :)

  21. The ladder is PERFECT for that spot. High five!

  22. Love your ladder! I have a similar one that belonged to my uncle. Do you have a Habitat for Humanity Re-store anywhere nearby? They frequently have awesome old doors and windows and they're very inexpensive.

  23. An old ladder is definitely on the list of my 'wants' too. I love the way you have displayed it and the baker's rack looks great in it's new home.
    And Carol, no-one could ever, ever call you lazy !!

  24. I love your ladder and your fun touches for your yard. Made me want to find fun things for my yard too. Everything turned out great!

  25. I think I need a ladder, what a good way to store things that you need to use but can never find.

  26. So glad you found your ladder! It looks so cute with all your decorations on it. Love how you decorated your space by your home! The red and blue is so very summery. Beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  27. First off.... two hours of tennis??? I'm impressed!! I know what you mean about having a list of things that would make your heart sing if they belonged to you. Good finds, so far! The door? They sure are pricey, aren't they? I know because they are on my list, too!! Can't wait to see if you finally spy just the right one at the right price!

  28. I brought my 5/6 (?) ladder home in a VW bug. I always buy first then hope it fits hah. Love all the color that you have around your home.

  29. 2 out of 3 is not bad not bad at all! I love your ladder...the green paint on the ladder is perfect as is your garden! I need more color on our patio after looking at yours! Such happiness in your space!!!

  30. The coal bucket looks great with the new paint job! Just the right pop of color in that spot. I really like the new "old" ladder too. It was perfect to replace the red bakers rack (which looks great in that spot). I love how you have the ladder decorated too...:)Two out of three isn't bad...but maybe you'll find the perfect old door some day!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  31. Lazy...YOU?! Ha! You're always busy doing something. I think you certainly deserve - and need - some time to just relax and read a book. Believe me, I'm preaching to the choir. I have a hard time relaxing, too, especially during the day. I always feel like I should be doing something.

    You're definitely not the last one in Blogland to get an old ladder. I still don't have one either. Like you, I won't pay much for one, so I have yet to come across one that's for a decent price. I love how you put yours up against the water heater and have it decorated. I know having a small house can sometimes be a challenge with figuring out where to put things, but you seem to have a great knack for making it all work!

  32. 2 out of 3? Lucky you! The ladder is great and I'm pretty sure you'll find an old door soon.

  33. I love that red coal.ash bucket! And I hope you've made time to relax and read after these lovely tasks ~ you certainly have created a charming space for that relaxing and reading. Enjoy!

  34. I love the red coal bucket. I have one just like it but it is still black. I love your new ladder too. I have one but have not found the right place for it. Glad you finally got yours.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  35. I love tinkering around in the yard!
    Your coal bucket look nice painted red... I'm enamored with shades of red lately. I'm not typically a 'red' kind of person.
    The ladder looks good next the water heater closet. I was going to say- your water heater closet looks (in these pictures) like an old schoolhouse locker. So it doesn't look like the eyesore you may think. Well...not in the photos!
    I like the idea of a door in the garden. I also have some shutters- they were my Charlie Brown Christmas tree last year...but Now they are my patriotic flags and No. I didn't get them hung in time for the 4th of July! (I'm a procrastinator, remember)
    You should start a thread on 3 things you wanted when you started blogging! that would be fun.
    For me it was:
    Board and Batten Walls- (have that in my living room)
    Vintage furniture- (have that ...Incompleted)
    Vintage Camper- (have that- also Incomplete)

    my life is a work in progress! LOL... Pat

  36. Now that is one spiffy coal bucket... red... you go girl! :D I really like that old baker's rack - now I'm kicking myself for giving mine away!!! Who knew?!

    I'm looking for one of those old ladders as well... I know where to find an old door since we have a salvage place about 45 minutes from our house. I haven't purchased my old door yet but at least I know where to look, mind you I have no idea what kind of prices they are, yet! :D Hopefully, not in the $800 range, YIKES!

    Since I've just started designing my cottage gardens (probably should call them barn gardens since I live in an old converted barn), I have only just begun my journey of looking for garden art... but gosh Pinterest has some lovely ideas!:D

    Well, just popped over to see what you were up to and to say thanks for popping over to my blog - isn't that video something?! I cried as well :D
    Hugs and enjoy the weekend,
    Beth P

  37. I was drawn to the photo of the red coal scuttle on someone's sidebar - I think it was Applestone Cottage - and then thoroughly enjoyed this post and the past few. The ladder is perfect - that extra height really adds something.

  38. Love the ladder and the coal bucket! I too wish I could have a weathered window. I would FIND a spot for it! I could probably get one for free from my grandmother's farm... in Quebec (east coast) I live in Alberta (west coast) It would be old AND part of my family. Sigh!

  39. LOVE the colors!!! It really is not noticeable. I expect funky things on older homes; it gives them their charm.

  40. I knew if I kept reading to the end I'd see your fabulous ladder styled to perfection!! Love how you slapped some green paint on it to make it look like it came that way...I thought it did until you spilled the beans. The red bread (?) tin and blue bucket make wonderful flower containers.
    Mary Alice

  41. Your ladder looks perfect there, and I love all the fun items you've displayed on it!! :)

  42. I've been looking for a ladder and haven't found one - so I'm probably the last person in blogland that doesn't have one :)

    It all looks great!

  43. yep, 2 out of 3 isn't bad...but 3 out of 3 would be perfect. Hang in there and enjoy the "new" ladder

  44. You go girl! I'm on the lookout for a ladder and a door. So many good ideas found in blog land for both of those that I just have to join in. :)

  45. Well I'm glad you found a ladder. I found one on Craigslist for $5. It's not as big as yours, but I use it for plants too. Good luck finding a reasonably priced door.

  46. I love ladders. I love your red and blue garden accents too. Gorgeous!

  47. Oh my friend, you WILL find a door! Good things come to those who wait. $850, wow that must've been 'some door'! Your ladder looks great with all of the fun things on the rungs. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I am a lover of old doors, windows, and ladders!

  48. Enjoying catching up with you a bit this morning...LOVE the ladder in the garden!
    Your whole garden looks amazing!
    I have been trying to collect a few of these for my display for our white show in April!

  49. Yay for you!! I can never resist an old ladder...dare I say I have several?? Looks great!!

  50. Wooden ladders are hard to come by even here. Everyone is using them to decorate I guess. Most of the ladders now are metal. I guess in time even those will be collectibles. LOL