Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Secret Garden

For a long time, I have wanted to show you the gardens of a friend's house.

Our homes were built in the late 1920s and very possibly by the same builder.

I have mentioned in other posts about the fact that our original front yard was on a sidewalk and the present front was the back alley.

Come with me to view the beautiful gardens at Linda's house  - remember that you are entering what would originally have been the back of the house.

Linda wanted to remove her tricycle, but I thought it epitomized life at the beach.

The day was perfect and the French doors were thrown open to the sun.

Now let's head to the back garden - originally the front yard when sidewalks ran down to the beach.

I can't tell if that is Loki or Tucker ready to take you on a tour of the "Secret Garden".

To the right is a feast for the eyes - clever garden statuary, an abundance of colorful flowers and brick pathways leading every which way.

A little birdhouse hangs from a spectacularly gnarled tree.

A deck with a wall of mirrors beckons you to sit awhile so you will notice the birdbath guarded by an oversized frog or the vintage watering can along the fence.

Straight ahead, you realize the gold ball in front of you is really the gold ball next to you being reflected back through a mirror hidden in the wall of greenery.

Eye candy abounds - frogs sing to one another in the flowers, a chipmunk scampers up the roof, a goose hides in a corner, mama duck leads her little ones along the deck and a little bunny guards a cast iron table.

Standing at the back, you see the view if the sidewalks still led down to the beach.

Can you just picture waking up each morning and looking out your bedoom window to the spectacular garden?

It's time to leave so we will head back into the house, but first we must stop to read a little garden poem painted onto a piece of slate.

Linda's garden definitely qualifies as a "heavenly paradise".

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Wow what a stunning garden - all the things I love in a garden. Little setting areas and places to see. Love the flowers and all the pretties.
    Your friends garden is breath taking.
    Many thanks for posting it!
    Have a wonderful week - want to see your garden also.


  2. Your friend's home and gardens are just charming! I'd never want to leave. :)

  3. Absolutely stunning. I love the cottage!


  4. Thank you for the tour, it is a wonderful hidden garden space.

  5. How gorgeous her garden is! And all near the see... sigh...
    Hugs and happy day! Wendy

  6. What a charming garden. I love the way Linda uses the statuary and art to enhance the garden rather than to BE the garden - lovely.
    Blessings, Linda

  7. I love this little garden! I think the most interesting thing in her garden was the use of mirrors hidden in amongst the vines and shrubs! Very clever ...eye trickery!
    In the larger mirrors it looked like the garden just kept going. :P

  8. What a gorgeous place to live!

  9. Oh Carol, your friend's secret garden is absolutely beautiful. What a dreamy little beach cottage, just like yours. Wishing you a wonderful day my friend.


  10. Your friends's garden is magical, and you were correct about the bicycle. The house looks like something one would see in Solvang. It's adorable.

  11. Your blog is LOVELY and I am adding you to my RSS and blog link on my blog! Come on over and join us for Rednesday. I just posted a bit early to make sure everything is running smoothly.

  12. WOW~~ what a gorgeous secret garden. I love every enchanting surprise with every turn. The ducks walking up the steps is such a great touch. From the bike on the patio, it is a dream spot. Thank you for the tour. Love it and so inspired~~ Hugs!

  13. Your neighbor has a wonderful garden and home. Her dog matches the sidewalk so perfectly that I wasn't sure he was made out of the same material and was a statue. Looks like he's havin' fun! I would too in a yard like that. :-)

  14. Well, yes. Paradise is the word. So full of charm. I'm always struck by how lush life is where you live. Glad you shared her place.

  15. That house is beautiful and the gardens simply amazing. So lush and green and colorful!

  16. Amazingly beautiful! So green, so fresh! Thanks for taking us there !

  17. A gorgeous garden indeed!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  18. I just adore hidden gardens! Linda's garden is wonderful. Love the flowers and the tricycle. Well, I really like it all. :)

  19. What a wonderful outdoor space! I love all the flowers and would so enjoy hanging out here any day! I love the architectural style of this older home too!

  20. So many details....so gorgeous! My favorite is the mirror in the garden....what an awesome idea! I could spend hours walking around in that gorgeous space....:) Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  21. Absolutely stunning! What a beautiful place to visit on a rainy, humid day in Ohio.

    Marie @ http://123craftcafe.com & http://asatisfiedspirit.com

  22. I could feel myself relaxing as I scrolled down the page of one gorgeous image after another. What a lovely place.

    Thanks for sharing it xox

  23. What a fun tour! Her house is so charming. It's nice knowing some of the history about it too.

  24. What an awesome garden.. Gardens !!!!!! Loved it all thanks for sharing with us ..

  25. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know...there is something to be said about not having grass! It creates so many opportunities to have all of those wonderful spaces in the garden with winding paths!!! LOVE!!!! I don't even know where to start!! I am loving those blue blooms against the house and the mirrors are so clever!! Here house is super cool!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration...there is nothing better than sharing beauty like this! Makes the world a happier place!!

  26. Ok - I'm going to go pin-crazy here!!!!!!!!!!
    And no, I can't imagine waking up that everyday - but I wish I could - paradise is an understatement - thanks so much for sharing!

  27. Hi Carol,

    There's something about California's cottage-y homes and gardens by the beach that I find so very quaint and sweet! Your talented friend has created a charming oasis of simple, floral luxury, unpretentious, and meant to be walked through and enjoyed! Thanks so much for sharing!


  28. I hate to be late, but so I am...

    I cannot tell you enough how I am loving your blog, and this scene is familiar; I am sure of it now that you are from where I lived. GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Anita

  29. Wonderful Garden! Thank Linda for sharing it.

  30. you are so lucky to live in such a wonderful place .
    And to have a neighbour with such an amazing garden .
    Overhere in Holland Miss Spring has not yet arrived
    Lots of rain and cold outside .
    I love your blog ! all the best from Holland

  31. Thank you for taking us on a tour of Linda's garden it was such a treat and her garden and house is so lovely. I love the tree and the shape of the patio as well as all the flowers and the other elements that make it so unique.
    Sarah x

  32. Just love the brick pathways and the gnarled tree grabbed my attention. Now, I want to go out and buy little ducks and rabbits to place about the yard. Like Francis says above, you live in a blessed part of the world that I enjoy seeing.

  33. Beautiful! So inspiring and it is all so inviting looking. I could just step into this area and ever so slowly, look at everything. So relaxing.
    CrossN' My Stitches

  34. Good Evening Carol, Your friend Linda's garden is so lovely. I would love to follow the path and take a stroll around the garden..... and hopefully a nice cold drink would wait for me on the terrace.
    The gnarled tree you showed us looks interesting. Is it supposed to look like that or has it just aged badly.
    Thank you to Linda, for such a lovely visit.
    Best Wishes

  35. What a beautiful garden... One day, when the cottage renovation leaves me some free time, I'll have a garden like that one (a girl can dream, right?).

  36. She has such a beautiful garden! Just love it!

  37. It like walking into another world.Its so beautiful.And I am glad you did not remove the tricycle.It is grand. Its just so lovely ...I would like to lay down in a small area a read a book.Then take a nap and dream.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  38. Hi Carol,
    This was really enjoyable to take the garden tour through your eyes. I look forward to viewing more of your creations. Thank you for sharing with Pierpont.
    aka Ceci's Grandma

  39. Hi Carol,
    Your garden is certainly a sanctuary of peacefulness and beauty. I also live in a late 1920's home in Pierpont where the front is the back and the back is the front. I love it! The side of the house with the most character (the original front) is privately mine!


  40. Oh crumbs, it's so so pretty - I need lots of time and money to go to the garden centre, I have so many ideas.

  41. Such a charming garden! A treat for the senses at every turn! And to be near the beach as well, how perfect!

  42. Thank you for sharing your little piece of Heaven.

  43. Your friend's garden is lovely, as is her home. French doors!

  44. thank you so much for sharing this lovely garden Carol. It's so inspiring to us folks who don't have a big area to plant in. Wow, so many creative touches, loved it! I'm just catching up with your blog--and having such a nice time :)
    Leslie (aka gwen moss)

  45. Wow. such an enviable space. I would never make it out of that garden. I could tinker around in there hour after hour. Thanks for the great pictures.