Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bucket Brigade

I'm a woman on a mission.

On Sunday I put in a good day's work in the garden.

My spring cleaning time is limited due to volleyball season, but I am determined to not fall behind.

Last night I tackled THE bathroom.

Our tiny cottage has just one bathroom.

We did a little remodeling about 6 years ago putting in a new toilet and a pedestal sink and retiling the shower.

We chose an ocean theme.

  I love the tile, but with the shower curtain closed, it is rarely seen.

Oh, well.  

At least we enjoy it when we shower.

When we bought the house there were no shelves in the bathroom and only a cabinet under the sink.

We put in this cabinet behind the sink.

KC found the shell knobs at Anthropologie.

We added these shelves next to the sink.

We bought the shelves over 30 years ago when we purchased our first house.

They have hung in some location in every house we have owned.

When we moved to our little cottage, we put them in the kitchen.

After our remodel, we moved them to the bathroom, but they were a tad too long.

I painted them white and had them cut them down to size.

Voila -  storage space in the bathroom.

Tonight, I looked at the shelves and realized that I had not moved things around on the shelves for about three years.

I can't believe I was that lazy and complacent about my decorating.

I went to this cupboard to find some items for the shelves.

When I move things around the house I store what isn't used in this cupboard.

 I would not want anyone to open these doors - no skeletons, just things stuffed in willy nilly.

Organizing and painting the cabinet is on the top of my summer "TO DO" list.

These buckets were sitting on a shelf in the cupboard.

The sea glass has been collected on our walks since we moved to the beach
the blocks are from an alphabet set Steve bought me for Christmas from the Sundance Catalog outlet.

I own two copies of the Beach Pails book - both gifts from friends who know how much I like beach pails.

To keep the bucket theme going, I went to the attic to find this vintage reproduction

and these little buckets. 

I bought two dozen of these buckets for a beach party we were hosting.

All I did was clean the bathroom and move a few things around.

I didn't spend any money, but it feels fresh and clean.

What will I change next?


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  1. Hi Carol, I'm a sand pail collector too....that is one collection I will never let go! I also display them in the bathroom. Your cottage bathroom looks very cute! Great Idea!
    xok Now going over to check out Shabby Creek Cottage!