Monday, April 16, 2012

All In A Day's Work

Last Sunday was a spectacular spring day - clear blue sky, no wind and nothing I had to accomplish.

After our morning beach walk, I headed to one of my favorite spots in our little cottage - the garden.

The piece has been hanging on the fence outside my bedroom, flowerless, for too many years.

Last weekend I got JP to suspend it from the eaves on the exterior wall of Steve's studio.

I have always felt like this section of the wall looked stark and cold.

I put in some plants, but I'm not sure if they will survive in such a shallow container.

I bought a little bird and heart at American Home and Garden to add a little something.

I'm happy with the way it turned out and hopeful that the plants will thrive.

With that task complete, I moved to the front of the house to tackle this baker's rack.

JP commented on his last visit that he wasn't impressed with my display of discarded beach toys.

It has been niggling at the back of my mind all week.

I can't have any plants or flowers because the dryer vent is just below the window so everything either dies or gets covered in lint.

Although it is off to the side of the front, it is seen by anyone who goes to the front door.

I gathered some old birdhouses from around the house and yard

and gave some new life to the old shelf.

I ate lunch in the garden and

decided I had done a pretty good day's work!


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  1. Your birdhouses are a cute solution! I need a shelf like that for gardening. I find it hard to keep up potted plants. It's every day watering for us here. But it's worth it to have a sweet little corner to hang out like yours!

  2. I LOVE how you've perked up the outside of your cottage. The little wire shelf with the flowers is so pretty. The added touch of the bird and heart ~ perfect. Couldn't help but notice your lovely wrought iron table and charming!
    Mary Alice

  3. OMG girl...I love your cottage! I love what you did to your "cold" sure looks WARM now!!! There is so much charm now with the iron table and chairs and the color of your French doors is to die for! Also I spy a beautiful yellow pie safe...keep showing us your "eye candy" and really appreciate your mention of American Home & Garden! We love customers like you!!!
    Have a wonderful week on your beautiful patio...the weather this week is amazing!!!

  4. Oh my, nothing about your cottage, either inside or out, looks 'cold'. What a lovely, welcoming space you live in. I feel like visiting with tea and scones... Keep up the fabulous decorating and dedicating, please. And your photos are wonderful. Love, love, love, love. love.

    So, what are you doing for the 'fourth'? lol


  5. Lovely changes. Love the bird houses!