Friday, February 3, 2012

The Beach Buoys

Every morning we begin our day with a walk on the beach.

Most mornings we have the beach almost to ourselves.

Because we our walking our dog, I always have bags in my pocket.

Along the way I pick up trash and on the rare occasion a discarded treasurer.

One one my favorite treasures to find is an escaped buoy.

They aren't this pretty when we find them stranded on the beach.

They are usually a faded orange or white and covered in seaweed.

A little TLC combined with sand paper and spray paint gives them a new life on Brunswick Lane.

Steve tries to create a different color combo and stripe on each buoy - always using my favorites -

Even the rope we use to hang the buoys is found on the beach.

We save little strips knowing that there will be another escapee before too long.

These wooden buoys are just Cost Plus finds.  

They were part of my summer mantle last year.

I found another spot for them because I loved the color and shape of each buoy.

I am fortunate to have a live-in artist to bring things to life for me.

Steve painted this after I saw a display on the fence of a little saltbox that I pass every day.

The display has been removed ( I think there are new owners) yet Steve kept it alive through his painting.  

I don't know if it is the shape, colors, or grouping of buoys, but to me they just scream


A neighbor with 'buoy' envy asked us where we buy all of our buoys.

He was surprised when we told him that we find all of our buoys on the beach.

He said he has never once seen a buoy on the beach.

I guess this is an example of the early bird gets the worm
or in our case,
the early walkers get the buoys.

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