Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beach Cottage ABCs

Several years ago I cut out a Cottage ABCs article from a magazine.

I came across the article recently and thought about my own ABCs...

A if for Adirondacks

A neighbor's front door

B is for baskets filled with books

Little handmade books

C is for checks

 My buffalo check chair

D is for dishes in red and yellow

Favorite red & yellow pieces

E is for Expedit from Ikea

An ever changing display

F is for fresh flowers

Petit fleurs

G is for glass

Glass jar full of ceramic letters

H is for hearts and hands

Hands from my collection

I is for inspiring quotes

I'm still working on creating myself!

J is for jars 

Jars filled with supplies 

K is for kayaks

Kayaks are perfect beach house accessories

L is for living simply

Live well with less!

M is for mixing fabrics

My window seat 

N is for numbers

Numbered magnets

O is for an open door policy

Open door...please drop in!

P is for polka dots

Favorite utensils

Q is for quilts

Favorite quilts

R is for reading books on decorating

Actually more looking than reading

S is for seashells

 Little shells tucked into vignettes.

T is for treasured keepsakes

My father's tobacco canister

U is for using things in ways they weren't designed

Little red ladder holding books

V is for vintage

Favorite vintage table cloths.

W is for windows

lovely mullioned windows

XYZ are for letters of the alphabet

Letters all over the house


  1. Love this post, what a great idea - I may have to borrow it sometime !?!
    I also love ALL your great photos, but especially the Ikea shelves, crammedfull of gorgeous things !

  2. The only problem with my shelves is remembering where I put things.

    I would love to read your ABCs.

  3. I love all these photos ... we have such similar taste .. fabulous! Jules x

  4. Love your alphabet. Really love all your decorating.