Monday, August 26, 2019

Barnhouse Chicks Market

My shopping habits for decor have changed over the last few years - I rarely shop new and instead visit thrift shops and order online from vendors who share on Instagram. 

But, my favorite place to find vintage decor is pop up shops.

Lorzel of Barnhouse Vintage Market, along with her well curated group of vendors, 

brings life to vacant mall stores for a few days by setting up pop up shops.

Last Saturday, with my list on my phone, I drove to Santa Barbara for the latest pop up - 3 different stores in La Cumbre Plaza Mall.

I came home with 4 items, but only 2 were on the list - 1 isn't pictured here.

The red chair is from the fall pop up last year and a friend found the green chairs at the winter pop up.

 I was really excited to find a blue chair at this pop up.

I had an old ice cream bucket on my list, but the colors and the worn patina on this wooden bucket won my heart.

I love the bucket and I have a feeling it will spend a lot of time on the table this fall.

This peek into the entry shows the third item I bought.

The well worn copper tea kettle has a hole in the bottom,

and my original plan was to use it to hold our wooden spoons, but it just looks so cute with flowers.

It wasn't on my list, but I love numbers and I fell in love with this piece.

It is metal and has a hole on the bottom where it might have screwed onto a pole - a bird bath, a sundial?

I'm happy with it sitting on our coffee table - made from an OLD crate from our family orange groves. 

I absolutely loved the texture of these pillows -

this was my favorite.

Rather than buy them, I came home and ordered 3 fabrics from French General and I'll make my own pillows - I have 4 fabrics here because I literally can't remember which 3 I ordered.

 I loved something on this table, but I was anxious to get to that sailboat piece and forgot to grab it.

It turns out that the vendor, European Frump, lives in town and I'll get them later this week.

I can't wait for the next Barnhouse Chicks Market.


  1. Good morning Carol! Everything is perfection but I especially love the ice cream bucket on your table. When you find a particular piece that works for you, it seems to bring everything together the way it seems it was meant to be and this dining room area lends itself to so much. But truly, I think you hit the mark with this one; the simplicity but rich texture of VINTAGE in your dining space is the best I've ever seen it. LOVE IT!

  2. What perfect finds. I like the sailboat piece, but the bucket is my favorite. It may be that you have that big bouquet of flowers in it and on the table, made it pop. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Good morning, Carol! What treasures you found. I love the bucket and the copper kettle. Your vintage items look so well in your home.

  4. It is always a treat to see a post from you. I know I say it over and over but I am in love with your home. I like everything about it and it is so much fun to see your tweaks and additions.....

  5. Looks like a great haul ~ congratulations!!!

  6. Hi Carol love the patina on this bucket. You couldn't never get that look. The tea kettle is another great find. Love copper anything.

    Miss you blogging regularly


  7. I really like all your finds. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. All these treasures found had your name on them. I love the worn bucket. That is a pretty awesome find. Love that tea kettle too. I love the sign and the chippy posts for the show. Those are pretty awesome.

  9. I've never heard of pop up markets around here. Maybe it just hasn't gotten here yet. Love your finds!

  10. You found the perfect things for your home! Those pop-up vintage shops are wonderful; I love going to them myself.

  11. Beautiful finds and I agree, I really prefer buying vintage or thrifting. New/ big stores don't excite me anymore.

  12. Carol.
    Don't you just LOVE when you find something that you have wanted and been searching for!! All of your new finds are all so charming and lovely!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting on my post about early retirement!! I appreciated your input!! I did start to make To Do Lists again but if it is a nice day and we have the opportunity to do something else and enjoy the day, we do take advantage of it!! I call them Carpe Diem moments!! Seize the Day!!

  13. I love the nice bucket on the table with the flowers. You found some really nice treasures. Enjoy!!

  14. Carol, that bucket on your table is priceless! Everything else is pretty special too. Hope you are enjoying the last of summer and thanks for stopping by..Happy Thursday..Judy

  15. What a lovely place!! Love it! A vintage dream :)
    The bucket is just my style...
    Have a sunny friday, take care.

  16. Such wonderful finds and such a great shopping venue. Wish we had those pop up shops around here. Great finds!

  17. Such fun treasures. I am enjoying you IG stories!

  18. Love the aged bucket on your table. That could be fashioned in many ways to make it a keeper there. Those gold glasses--grew up with them and green ones! Your finds are wonderful and I like how you've "styled" them.

  19. You have a great eye for treasures Carol. I want to go shopping with you! Thanks for sharing. I'm featuring your post this week on Tuesday Turn About.

  20. Carol, I love that ice cream bucket. What a find!!! It's perfect (the patina and size)...