Wednesday, April 17, 2019

This Little Piggy Went to Market

This little piggy didn't really go to market, but I did. 

I missed the last two markets Lorzel of @barnhousechicksmarket organized and I was determined to make it to the market last Saturday.

 I prepared a shopping list, before I headed out, but there were things I didn't find and of course items I wasn't looking for.

At $5 each, I could have gone crazy at this booth, but all I bought was a set of pillow shams, a table runner and a small tablecloth.

After taking a pic of my goodies, I spent the next couple of days playing house and finding spots for everything.

The flowers are from Trader Joe's and I love them in the bucket - that's the small tablecloth I found.

Sadly, the next morning I discovered that the bucket had a hole in it - I rearranged the flowers in a smaller container and swapped the tablecloth for the little runner I bought.

Do you see that rusty bucket holding gerbera daisies?

It's in the trash and was replaced with the leaky bucket.

I have always wanted a dough bowl, but I have only seen huge bowls that were just too big for our little cottage.

This small dough bowl is a perfect fit for our house - the little wooden pool balls add a pop of color.

The old hospital cart serves as a desk in the guest room 

and the small frog I found is perfect for holding pencils.

The stubby architectural piece is sitting on the cabinet in the entryway for now - not sure how I will use it, but I'll find a way.

I haven't found a spot for the soap dish or the green bottles - I should have picked up at least one more of the bottles.

I love the detail on pillow shams which are now on our bed

 and Steve is happy to see all the throw pillows go.

After being used as a prop for the bedroom pics, the galvanized container needs to find a home - it was such a good deal that I had to buy it.

If you have any ideas on how I might use it, please share.


  1. I love how you style your home and the flowers are always so amazing!

  2. I love everythig about every photo! I have a dough bowl like yours and I never know what to put in it! I guess I am just not thinking!

  3. I love all your found treasures. Love the dough bowl with the pool balls. It all looks great.

  4. You are a master at finding and using treasures. Beautiful post - as always!

  5. Hello there, Carol!

    Oh that bucket....I have the same problem with my old zinc buckets, but I went to Target the other day to get a clear vase - I couldn't find one but I did find a clear small bathroom trash can that works. I put my flowers in that then slip the entire thing into my zinc pail.

    Tis the season now, finally for us, to start decorating. No more snow (at least for now because we can still get it into late May) and the temps are rising. YAHOOO!

  6. Carol, The dough bowl is perfect for the coffee table. I oved seeing all the pretty peaceful pictures. I like the bedroom make over. Your garden area is heavenly. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. I love pretty linens, especially antique ones. And flower frogs are so useful. I use them in the art studio all the time to keep my used paintbrushes separated. Seeing your adorable cottage always makes me smile!

  8. Love your dough bowl! It's the perfect size for your little cottage by the sea. Love how you have decorated everything, as usual! :)

  9. So beautiful! And you make it look so easy. I admire your restraint with the vintage linens!

  10. Your finds are all great and the way you have displayed them is very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. What a fun day with lots of wonderful treasures found!

  12. I love all your found treasures and if I had to choose a favorite, the shams are in top place...beautiful...I, too, am always so glad to get all my pillows off my bed for the summer..and always swear I am not going back with so many come fall. I just hate taking them all off every night, finding a place to put them besides on the floor...I remember, as a kid,we just had a bedspread that was long and we pulled the end up over the sleeping pillows and that was a done deal. Think I may go that way again ...

  13. It's all so pretty, Carol, as always. Love your finds and no matter where you put them they will look stupendous. Goat Hill Market is next month in Santa Cruz. Hope I can make it and find something that I need!!!..Happy Easter..Judy

  14. Love old galvanized buckets... all of your pretty blues and yellow make your cottage so happy! That market looked like it had a treasure trove of goodies. What fun! Have a nice weekend... Marilyn

  15. Hi Carol, you found some beautiful pieces. The pillow shams are pretty. My hubby can't deal with many pillows either. Your cottage always makes me happy.

    Happy weekend


  16. Such pretty photos, Carol. I would have gone crazy at the booth with linens for 5.00 each! What a treasure trove. I love your zinc round tray with the blue flowers sitting on the bed. Happy Easter.

  17. Dear, dear Carol,

    On this quiet and lovely Easter, I'm so happy to see that you came to my blog. It is a wondrous thing to grow up and I LOVE what you said about the numberical excuse for all the wrinkles...we earn them, don't we! What a joy, truly, to have a soul, to be in existence to act, to work, to play, to yes, just sit and listen to the flowers. LOVE IT!!!!!! Happy day!

  18. So many beautiful things you have found for your lovely home.
    I like the little pig! Hope you are doing fine.

    Hugs, Ida

  19. What wonderful finds! I too have always wanted a dough bowl.

  20. What a haul, Carol! You have inspired me - I have a bucket similar to yours (hopefully without a hole in it), and I'm now going to fill it with Trader Joe's flowers!