Monday, March 18, 2019

Easter Pinterest Challenge

Through Instagram, I have met a fun bunch of bloggers who like to join together for blog hops and Pinterest challenges. 

This month we are doing an Easter Pinterest Challenge hosted by Cindy of County Road 407.

Our inspiration is a beautiful Easter table setting created by Instagrammer Lisa of @asimplystylednest.

I don't have a dough bowl, but my wooden heart shaped bowl makes a fun substitute.

I also have a bunch of chalk eggs that usually sit in my wire chicken basket in the spring.

 I had excelsior on hand along with a few Easter embellishments so I just needed to choose a bunny.

While looking for all my Easter decor in the attic, I came across this little green bunny and thought he might look cute in the centerpiece.

Then one day strolling down Main Street, I popped into a favorite shop and came across this character.

This little bunny hopped into my bag too.

Alas, they are hanging around waiting for me to decorate for Easter because another cutie stole my heart.

He is definitely not a bunny dressed formally in his waistcoat and bow tie.

Once Mr. Rabbit arrived, the fun began.

I gathered dishes, napkins, flatware, etc. to create the table setting - my Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet plates are the closest I could come to spring.

It will be just the two of us this year for Easter so it will be a simple table setting.

For a little Easter touch, rosemary from the garden is tucked into wire baskets and as luck would have it, the chocolate Easter eggs from See's Candy match the dishes perfectly.

Grapevine wreaths used as chargers add a rustic touch to the table.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge

and I hope you check out all the other blogs to see what everyone created from the inspiration photo.


  1. What a darling table. I love your rabbit. He's a cutie.

  2. Love the table and your bunnies you found to hop into your cart. The rosemary adds a wonderful touch and smell I'm sure. Your Pfaltzgraff is perfect.

    Enjoy your lovely weather.


  3. I love your table and that centerpiece! Mr. Rabbit is definitely the show stealer...he is adorable! Hugs!

  4. Oh rabbits and bunnies are so irresistible! I love your version of the inspiration centerpiece, Mr. Rabbit is so sweet with his pastel eggs...I'm quite taken with the kooky bunny on the shelf laying on his carrot, adorable!!

  5. You found so many cute rabbits. I love the one you used for your centerpiece. Your table looks beautiful!

  6. What a gorgeous table! I adore Mr. Rabbit and your wee wire baskets are charming.

  7. I love the grapevine wreath chargers, Carol! Your bunny collection is so whimsical; how fun to decorate your cute cottage with them for Easter!

  8. I love all your bunnies. You did a great job in decorating everything looks great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Carol, I am loving all your Easter decorations in your home. The bunny you used on your table is my favorite. I love your Easter table and the inspiration you gave us. Happy Monday!

  10. So clever and I adore all the bunnies. On another topic, how do you get the separate images in your header rather than just one?

  11. Isn't it fun to decorate for spring! I love the inspiration table, so full of fun delightful ideas for spring decorating! I love your darling metal chair, it is just so quaint and vintage, and so fun to decorate with! Have a lovely Monday :)

  12. I love each and every bunny! And your table centerpiece is adorable and perfectly spring. If I ever have an animal or statue or whateverin my centerpieces, whoever sits and sees the back says they are in the bad seat. They get to look at the butt. LOL. Thank you for joining in today!

  13. Hello Carol! Love all of your rabbits but especially your big gentleman, Mr. Bunny. He should come over and meet Monsieur Rabbit ~ I just know they would get along. ;) Your rabbit looks quite jaunty out there in the snapdragons and then so large in some photos and smaller in others. Are you quite sure he isn't related to that rabbit Mr. Carroll wrote about, something about "being late" and a girl named Alice??

    Hoppy to be with you on this fun blog hop! Love how all of our centerpieces turned out. <3

    Hugs and spring blessings,
    Barb :)

  14. I always love seeing your pretty home and all your beautiful things. I have those same Pistoulet plates!

  15. Carol,
    Your collection of bunnies is fabulous... so much personality in each one.

    Happy Spring,

  16. Carol, I LOVE how your bunny is so different than all the rest of the posts. It looks so 'stately'! Great twist on the challenge! Fun being part of this with you!

  17. Good morning Carol!!!!You know, I'm on spring break and I already had a ton of fun yesterday, just playing and painting and photographing. I hope to take the rest of the week to at least put away my winter décor and bring on the Easter goodies. You are a winner every time with the decorations!

  18. I just adore your home! It makes me so ready for outdoor living. I love the view out that breakfast window. Just beautiful!

  19. Beautiful! I love your collection. I need new bunnies.

  20. Oh, my...this is sooo adorable...I love all your bunnies and especially the MR. RABBIT...all dressed for your heart bowl, too...everything is just delightful

  21. oops...meant to add that I love that you use tablecloths...I am a tablecloth lover....

  22. Love to see your sweet and whimsy Easter decor at your beautiful cottage. Love your collection of bunnies.
    Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring Carol.

  23. My gosh your blog is so fun to read! You have such talent! The fun part was seeing your old pictures of Pierpont. My parents lived there and I grew up walking to Pierpont School. Dad had the little gas station on the corner.

    Your cottage is so darling and you have such an eye for happy vignettes. It's fun to have the time now to check out darling posts such as yours. I'm looking forward to more! xoMarta

  24. Carol I have been enjoying touring your happy cottage by the sea for many years now. You never stop amazing me. I love that you have so many ways of changing it up and that you are always painting your walls and furniture. I'm sure that your Steve has come home at times and wondered if he was in the right house, LOL. Another beautiful and inspiring post, thank you.

  25. Oh Carol your cottage is amazing in spring, I am already excited to see all you share throughout the season. I love your centerpiece and the windows open just make the scene magical. Your handsome rabbit is a show stopper along with your pretty heart dough bowl. I loved seeing all of your bunnies and eggs!

    Happy spring!

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