Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Up To The Challenge

This is the first time I have joined other bloggers to participate in a challenge.

We all looked at the same pic, a wreath shared by Christina of The DIY Mommy, and created our own version of the heart.

 I decided to make one of my easy wire wreaths.

Having just made this wreath for the guest room, dried roses were out,

but I remembered I had a few dried sunflowers from last summer.

It's a super easy wreath to make:

 1. Take wire - I don't know the size because it was what I had on hand

 2. Twist the wire into a circle

 3. Twist and turn leaving loops along the way - my wreath has 4 layers of wire

4. You can leave the wreath as a circle or simply push it into a heart

The next step was greenery - I looked around the garden and snipped leaves from a neighbor's tree that hangs over our fence.

Just like I twisted and turned the wire, I twisted and turned the leaves, adding more until I liked what I saw - the last step was to hot glue the faded old sunflowers onto the wreath.

I love styling vignettes and with the wreath finished, the fun began.

I didn't want this vignette to be strictly for Valentine's Day so I went with a simple message

and snipped flowers from the garden for a bouquet on the table.

On sunny days, door swung open, I sit on the window seat in the dining room and look out at this little spot - I just put the table and window on the porch in December and I love them their new home.

The next morning I decided that the table needed a little tweaking so I shopped my storage shelves and came up with a few heart items.

I snapped pics, liked what I saw, but . . .

I visited the tree to snip a bit of greenery for one little tweak

and with that I was done.

Now that you have seen my version of our Pinterest challenge,

 you need to visit my fellow bloggers to see what they have created.

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  1. Absolutely adorable and so creative! I'm determined to make one of these. Thanks for joining us. I love this!

  2. LOVE this! The entire vignette is adorable.

  3. Enjoyed this post. Your heart wreath is adorable. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Love the vignette and especially the wreath! I'm definitely getting out my wire today! Mariah

  5. Your wire heart makes my heart happy. Love the yellow! You certainly rose to the challenge. Happy Tuesday!

  6. What a fun challenge...and your new heart is adorable...I am working on one as we speak...no sunflowers around so not sure what I might use for this wintery one. Now I am off to ck out the others.

  7. Simply charming, Carol! Your wreath makes me smile! I need to try making one!

  8. Your wreath is so cute! I love your entry with the yellow touches. Very nice!

  9. I am loving this wreath and your tutorial on how you made this. Love how you adding all the touches to the table. You are very inspiring! I enjoyed working with you on this challenge!

  10. Carol, I love the simplicity of your Valentine wreath. I think we all have wire in our tool boxes. Such a sweet look and great options for many projects. Happy to be on the challenge with you.

  11. Adorable!! I still have the wreath you made me hanging on my closet door in my studio ~

  12. You're so creative, Carol. I'm going to soon be digging out my Valentine's Day decor, including the beautiful hearts you made for me. Love them!

  13. That is so sweet, Carol. What a fun challenge and you did a great job..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  14. I love them all - and I love that unique challenge too ♥

  15. Back by to say I have no idea about STORIES on IG....it has taken every thing I've got to get this far on IG. Someone remarked that I needed to do hashtags on ea post....dont know much about that, either...my girl did explain how to do it so that is my next challenge. Once I master that, I will ck out how to do Stories. Thanks for holding my hand and leading me thru IG land...you have been such help.

  16. How I wish I could participate in this....I JUST LOVE THAT WREATH! I'm off to finish some grading.

  17. So pretty, Carol! What did you use to write on the window?

  18. Loving your wire wreath. That is the cutest ever. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. So pretty, Carol! Light and airy -- feels like summer!

  20. This is so cute. Love the simple and natural feel to yours. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's creative take on this challenge.

  21. I have been making plans to make a heart something this weekend during our next snow storm/blizzard
    I have wire and plenty of embellishments to add to i, us see if I get it done?

    I like your flower heart, since I don't have real greenery I may copy yours with some greenery left over from christmas?

  22. I love what you did! Just darling and so bright and fun. You are so blessed to have flowers this time of year! It's dead as a doornail here (what in the heck does that mean anyway???)... ha ha.......... Don't even have trees with old dead leaves on them. But love your use of the wire, greens and sunflowers. Very pretty! Marilyn

  23. I love it Carol every bit. Yellow flowers are a wonderful thing to see this time of year. You made a beautiful vignette. Bravo


  24. I love your wire wreath. So creative and pretty. Love your old sewing machine table and the vignette you created. Love sunflowers and the color of yellow too. Have a great rest of the week.

  25. Carol your wire heart wreath is precious! I love the bit of sunshine you added to our challenge using the sunflowers and fresh greenery. I also love both of the other wreaths you shared.

    So happy to be participating in this fun challenge with you!

  26. Carol you are a woman after my own crafting heart. I love adding nature to my crafts though sadly I cannot get any right now in the dead of winter. Your heart is perfection! The rustic wire combined with the flowers and leaves make it a true gem!

  27. Such a sweet, delicate wreath, Carol! Thanks so much for sharing at Homestyle Saturday! Hope you see you again tomorrow!